Friday, March 25, 2011

Weibo Fever #4: Some More Jacky Sightings!

Just wanted to share some more Jacky posts from Vani’s weibo (to find out who Vani is, check out my earlier post here). She visited Jacky in Suzhou where he held his concert last week.

Note: All pictures credited as listed.

March 18th @ 14:39: Vani’s Weibo


Translation (by me): Because of big brother Jacky, this is my first time in Suzhou. [Yay!]


March 18th @ 15:50: Vani’s Weibo

Translation: Big brother Jacky at rehearsal


March 18th @ 17:22: Vani’s Weibo

學友個唱 從頭到腳都Bling Bling

Translation: Jacky’s concert: ‘Bling Bling’ from head to toe!


March 18th @ 17:36: Vani’s Weibo

歌神演出前要小睡 浴袍很舒適

Translation: Before the God of Songs performs, he needs to take a nap first (shhh). The robe is very comfortable.


March 18th @ 19:55: Vani’s Weibo

阿哥出場了! 他不是不高興,而是剛咬了一口蘋果,不許笑

Translation: Time for big brother Jacky to go on stage! (Yay!) He isn’t unhappy – he just took a bite of an apple, so is not able to smile.


March 19th @ 13:51: Vani’s Weibo


Translation: I’m in HK right now writing about my feelings upon visiting Jacky in Suzhou. All afternoon yesterday, I was backstage keeping big brother Jacky company when all of a sudden there was a huge crashing sound. I saw that the outfit (made of crystal) that Jacky wears near the end of the concert had fallen on the ground, so I figured I’d pick it up for him – to my surprise, I could barely lift the suit! Later on, I found out that the wooden hanger used to hang the outfit could not bear the weight of the suit and had broken into 2 pieces! Watching big brother Jacky put on the outfit that, to me, felt like it weighed a thousand pounds, then seeing him dance and sing 10 songs while wearing it – my eyes became wet with tears….he doesn’t have to go through all that, but he wanted to give his fans the best performance possible!


My comments: First of all, thank you to Vani for the exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at Jacky’s concert in Suzhou! I definitely enjoyed all of these posts!

As a die-hard Jacky fan, the last post about Jacky’s outfit really moved me – in fact, I felt tears well up in my eyes too when I read the last sentence! It reminded me of Jacky’s 2007 concert when he had to cancel a few performances during the Hong Kong leg of his concert (VERY RARE occurrence) due to illness as well as the one time in 2005 when he had to cut short one of his “Snow Wolf Lake” performances in China because his voice had cracked during one of the songs and he knew he was not feeling well. In both instances, he was very upset at himself for having to put his fans (and the regular audience who bought tickets to watch his performances) through all that – but because he wanted to be fair to his fans and give us the best performance possible, he decided to cancel the performances rather than do a mediocre job (plus he has high standards / expectations for himself).

Jacky is a true professional, but not only that – he’s also the rare type of artist who is genuinely concerned about his fans and the impact that his performance has on us (his fans). As he said during his concert, he enjoys performing for people who like to hear him sing – well, I just want to say that we (his true fans) appreciate everything he does and his efforts will never go wasted with us! I am proud to be a fan of an artist who cares so much about us and would go such great lengths for us! Support you forever, Jacky!!!

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