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Julian (Chilam) Cheung's 2011 Concert (張智霖我係外星人演唱會)

Julian (Chilam) Cheung promises wife Anita they will take wedding pictures at 60 years old - AsianFanatics Forum

I translated this article for AF and really enjoyed it, so figured I'd share it here on my blog.  Both Mingpao and Oriental Daily had a few really good articles recapping Chilam's concert!  I can't wait for this concert to be released on DVD -- definitely buying it for sure!


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Julian (Chilam) Cheung promises wife Anita they will take wedding pictures at 60 years old

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The final show of Chilam Cheung’s 2011 concert ended the day before yesterday at the HK Coliseum amidst an aura of family love, friendship, and tears.

During the final show, Chilam once again declared his love for his wife Anita Yuen onstage, but this time, he was prepared with tissues, just in case. In a moving speech directed towards his wife, Chilam talks about how he had a bit of a rebellious streak and didn’t want to let the Media run his life, so back when he and Anita married, they did so secretly, without much ceremony. In a shaky voice, Chilam stated: “We didn’t even take wedding photos! I definitely owe her – I promise that when we are 60 years old, we will take the wedding pictures together!” When Anita heard this, she was so touched that she was in tears. Then, Chilam started to sing the song《未響妻》for his wife, however he was so emotional and in tears that he couldn’t complete it and had to re-start all over again. Chilam then said: “Recently, there have been reports that my wife has been feeling ill…it is true – she has a thyroid gland ailment, yet every day, she still accompanies me jogging in preparation for my concert. Whether in sickness or health, facing life or death, I want to be with you forever!” This once again caused Anita to cry.

For finale night, Chilam invited his best friend Aaron Kwok onstage and together, they performed Aaron’s hit “Never Ending Love” and each showed off their dance moves. With regard to his buddy Aaron, Chilam states: “I met Aaron when I filmed my first movie and since then have known him for 15 years – during 13 of those years, I would see him more often than I’d see my wife!” Before coming on the stage, Aaron took the opportunity to play a joke on his buddy, telling him to get into his ‘dance’ pose, then telling him to be careful not to tear his pants – Chilam self-consciously checked his pants for a tear, causing the audience to burst out in laughter.

Chilam’s other musical guest was Cecilia Cheung, with whom he had collaborated on an MV years ago. The two sang the song “Thanks For Caring”, holding hands and hugging during the performance. It’s been years since Cecilia performed at the HK Coliseum, so she was visibly nervous and went off-key at certain parts. Chilam praised her performance, saying that she had already practiced over 100 times during rehearsal and did a good job.

During the encore, Chilam invited his rumored ex-girlfriend Maple Hui on stage to perform their classic duet “Modern Love Story”. Maple praised Chilam and said that even though they had not seen each other for 19 years, he is still as handsome now as he was 20 years ago. While they performed, Maple’s husband Jimmy Wong (Shu Kei) used his cellphone to take pictures, while Chilam’s wife Anita stood by the stage in support of her husband.

The highlight of the show however, was the guest of honor – Chilam’s 4 year old son Morton! After Chilam’s duet with Maple, a clip of Morton singing George Lam’s classic “Need You Every Minute” was suddenly played and Morton was brought onto the stage, carrying a Buzz Lightyear doll in his arms. Chilam took his son into his arms and father / son shared a sweet kiss on the lips. Then Chilam asked his son a few questions:

Chilam: “Are you sleepy?”
Morton: “Yes”
Chilam: “Do you know where you are?”
Morton: “At concert”
Chilam: “Do you miss Daddy?”
Morton: “…..”

Chilam pretended to be ‘mad’ and sent his son off stage, but making sure to tell the audience: “That’s my son! If you see him, don’t hit him!”

The concert ended with Chilam singing 《祝君好》 (the themesong to “Return of the Cuckoo”), once again becoming emotional and shedding tears as he went offstage.


  1. Wow thanks for the recap! That part where he talked about Anita sounds so emotional. I'm not surprised, he's always been a very sensitive sweet guy. I know I'm going to lose it when I watch that part on video.

    Haha Chilam dancing with Aaron sounds like fun. Chilam is not a good dancer at all.

    Don't care for Cecilia Cheung so not really seeing the point of having her as a guest. You know Jacky was Chilam's guest at his previous concert? Would have rather seen Jacky again (or anyone else really).

    OMG Maple and Chilam together brings back a lot of memories.

    Morton is so big now. Where does the time go?

  2. @retrotvb: Sorry it took me a while to respond...

    No problem regarding the recap! I definitely enjoyed reading the articles about Chilam's concert and knowing that you are a fan of Chilam's (or at least a former fan), figured I would post this to share with you.

    I actually saw the part where Chilam declares his love for Anita (fanvids on YT as well as Entertainment news segments) and it was definitely so sweet -- seeing Anita cry like that and Chilam himself being on the verge of tears...I almost lost it myself!

    I loved the part about Chilam and Aaron -- I laughed so hard (the chemistry between these 2 is awesome)...glad to see that the 2 of them are such good friends that Aaron can play a joke on Chilam like that without worrying that he may take it the wrong way! :-)

    I don't care for Cecilia Chung either (in fact, I don't really like her), so I sort of 'breezed' through her piece.

    Jacky was Chilam's guest? You mean at his previous concert years ago? Oooh, didn't know that actually...I thought that their last collaboration together was in 2008 when both Chilam and Anita participated in the tribute concert to Leslie (in which Jacky was the artistic director).

    Absolutely agree regarding Maple and Chilam --their onstage reunion was definitely a highlight for me!

    Oooh, I just LOVE Morton to death! He is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE and cute!!!! Loved how he "crashed" his daddy's concert and sort of 'upstaged' Chilam! Haha...

  3. It was at that 903 concert. Chilam sang Blue Rain at an amateur singing contest, before he hooked up with Maple. So years later, this was Jacky's awesome way of supporting Chilam. Here's the clip - sorry, gotta cut and paste:

    Their duet didn't make it onto the VCD release, probably due to conflict of record companies and rights? Too bad...he could have sold more copies with all the Jacky fans buying it!

  4. Meant to comment earlier but I've been around as you know :D

    But yes, of course - thanks for the recap. I've always thought that Anita and Chilam were a good match because they're both kinda funny and silly. My kind of people :D

    I don't really care much for Cecilia as a singer either...though I have to admit she did a pretty damn good job doing her part in Stephen Chow's "King of Comedy".

    And Morton is about half the size of Chilam now O_o He's got his father's cuteness.

    Like I said back in my blog post, it's the baby faces that make Chilam and Maple look so young for their age, even now (jealousy setting in). But I just love reunions :D

    Dancing King Aaron and Chilam. Lol.

    Haha, just watch the linksy with Jacky in it. I totally LOL at Jacky.

  5. @retrotvb: Awww, thanks so much for the link! I love it! Jacky was SO CUTE!!! That little dance he did (which got a few chuckles from the audience) was so adorable...haha!

    Can't believe that cut didn't make it onto the disc version -- you know I would have bought it for sure just because of Jacky! What were they thinking?

  6. @The Archival Queen: No problem -- thanks for responding!

    Yup...Anita and Chilam are definitely on my "Favorite Couples" list -- I've always loved their chemistry. It's interesting that they have such different personalities, yet they are so absolutely compatible -- definitely love them!

    Awww, Morton is just so darn ADORABLE!!! He definitely inherited his parents' genes in the area of GOOD LOOKS.

    I actually saw the interview that reporters did with Chilam after his concert and actually, his son "crashing" his concert was a surprise for him -- since he has been 'preparing' for his concert, he actually had not seen Morton for a little over 1 month (hence his question to his son on whether he missed his daddy). Chilam said that his son did a good job considering he's not used to being in the spotlight like that....

    Definitely agree regarding the 'baby face' thing -- both Chilam and Maple look almost exactly the same as they did 20 years ago!

    Haha...yes, Aaron and Chilam dancing together was just hilarious (and the little 'joke' that Aaron played on Chilam had me laughing like crazy).

    LOL...yup, I saw the link as well -- as I said above...JACKY IS SOOO CUTE!!! Hahahaha...