Friday, March 4, 2011

Memories of Jacky’s Concert – Song List

As promised, here’s the list of songs that Jacky sang at his recent Las Vegas concert (the performance that I went to).

Again, this list was compiled based on my memory, so it’s very possible that I may have missed a song here or there – but at least the majority of it is here. Also, the songs are not in any particular order (it was too difficult for me to remember the songs in chronological order).

I tried to translate the songs into English (for the folks who can’t read Chinese), but since there isn’t an “official” way to translate the songs, some of them are literal translations and others are based on the meaning of the song title – so please don’t be surprised if the song name is translated differently elsewhere. My apologies in advance for any confusion!

**Note: If anyone reading this actually went to the Vegas concert on Sunday, February 6th and know of any songs that I may have inadvertently left out, please let me know! I’m pretty sure that I left out at least 1 song that Jacky sang during the “rock” part and also 1 song from the “Private Corner” segment (the song he sang that wasn’t his), but can’t remember the names of the songs.

Can’t wait for the DVD of the concert to come out next year!



花花公子 (Playboy)

小姐貴姓 (Miss, What’s Your Name?)

初吻 (First Kiss)

你的名字,我的姓氏 (Your Name, My Surname)

月半灣 (Half Moon Bay)

你是我今生唯一傳奇 (You Are the Legend of My Life)

一滴淚 (A Teardrop)

情願 (Willingness)

吻別 (Goodbye Kiss)

人在雨中 (In the Rain)

我應該 (I Should)

月巴女且 (Fei Jie / Lydia)

Double Trouble

三分拍 (Third Beat)

離開以後 (After You Left)

如果愛 (Perhaps Love)

Life is Like a Dream

餓狼傳說 (Born to Be Wild)

這個冬天不太冷 (This Winter is Not Too Cold)

頭髮亂了 (Tousled Hair)

每天愛你多一些 (Loving You More Each Day)

祇想一生跟你走 (Only Want to Leave With You)

分手總要在雨天 (Breaking Up In the Rain)

李香蘭 (Lee Heung Lan)

我真的受傷了 (I’m Really Hurt)

祝福 (Blessing)


  1. aww, there are some goooooood songs here! was the whole concert jazz-ed up or just the beginning? i totally prefer him singing the oldies in their original versions and not a funky/jazzy new version.

    i'm still extremely disappointed that he didn't come to the east coast :( hopefully there'll be a part 2 of the NA tour!

  2. @tvbaddict: Most of the "classic" songs were regular versions, except for Goodbye Kiss (rock version) and Blessing (Jazz version).

    Yea, it appears that those 'rumors' about him not going to East Coast or Canada may be true, as right now, there is still no info released about it...anyway, will continue to keep an eye on it.

  3. OMG! All of my favorite songs! Well, if not all, MOST? But yeah, I agree with you about collecting the DVD later. Another wait...It seems like we're always waiting. What happened to the Mandarin album? It seems forever...(or maybe I'm just impatient...LOL)

  4. @DTLCT: LOL...definitely alot of his classics, though I have too many favorite songs, so it would be hard for me to pick.

    I know...more waiting...yikes!

    Turns out the Mandarin one wasn't an album -- it was a single only....I think he released it just in time for his concert, since the song sort of keeps in the theme of his concert.