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Oriental Daily Interview Series -- Part 1: Sandra Ng

I normally don't like to post up articles in this section, but these were just way too good to pass up! Plus I've been trying to re-start my 'Acting Class' posts for awhile now, just haven't had time to really get stuff finalized....so until I get those posts up and running, hope you enjoy this series of articles!
Margie Tsang (TVB 'fa dan' from the 80s) recently did a 4 part series of interviews for Oriental Daily with her classmates from TVB's 12th Acting Class (1984). These interviews were featured in the weekend edition of Oriental Daily starting on 1/30/2011 and recently ended on 2/26/2011. The 4 classmates she interviewed were Sandra Ng, Sean Lau, Michael Tao, and Lawrence Ng.

Below are translated versions of the interviews as well as the original interviews in Cantonese (I decided to post both versions because I personally like to read things in their original language, since something usually gets lost in translation, no matter how well the translation is done).


Part 1: Interview with Sandra Ng

Original article published 1/30/2011
Source: Oriental Daily

Translated by: llwy12

Picture credits as listed

Margie’s ‘chok’ voice seduces men; Sandra sees her ‘in the flesh’

As a result of actress Kiki Sheung’s wedding, a group of classmates from TVB’ 12th Acting Class who had been ‘separated’ for years got the chance to finally ‘reunite’. 28 years after they graduated, each one is a successful star – among them are Best Actor and Actress winners such as Sandra Ng, Sean Lau, and Carina Lau; as for Margie Tsang, Michael Tao, and Lawrence Ng, each has seen success in their careers and are well-known lead actors/actresses today.

Amongst the classmates, Margie and Sandra had the closest relationship – so close that they became ‘sworn sisters’ and have maintained their closeness throughout the years. Even though both women are mothers now, when they got together for this interview, they did not ‘mince’ words, still chatting up a storm and revealing each other’s secrets, almost as though they were still back in their ‘schoolgirl’ days! During the interview, Sandra reveals Margie’s ‘dating tricks’ and Margie ‘takes revenge’ by calling Sandra ‘lascivious sister’!

M = Margie Tsang
G = Sandra Ng

M: Classmate Ng, we’ve been able to keep a good relationship from Acting Class days until now – not bad, huh?

G: Wow….Acting Class….that was before the ‘war’…I forgot already!

M: Doesn’t matter! We’re not fooling anyone anyways….just fooling ourselves!

G: Has it really been 28 years already? So that means I’m 28 years old now!

M: At that time, the 2 of us were the closest – I ‘played’ with you the most often!

G: I remember having sleepovers at your house – your bed was too small, so I had to sleep on the floor!

M: Oh! Gosh, I was such a bad host! Hahahaha! [pretends to be embarrased]

G: Exactly! Hey, I was a ‘guest’, after all! I also remember that you had a blue phone near your bed and you would talk on the phone constantly. There was no such thing as ‘call waiting’ back then and you would keep talking and talking, even until you’re out of breath, you would still talk into the phone with that ‘chok’ voice of yours, trying to be ‘sweet’! Who was on the other line? You tell me! Hahahaha!!

M: Hey….come on, let’s not talk about that! What do you mean ‘who was on the other line’? [actually referring to then boyfriend Tony Leung]

G: What? I thought the purpose of this interview was to reveal your secrets? [displays a smug expression on her face]

M: [changes subject] Let’s talk about you instead – a ‘lascivious’ sister!

G: I have to clarify that I am not ‘lascivious’ – I am just very interested in the mysteries of the human body, that’s all! For instance, why is it that classmate Carina [Lau]’s chest is so big, yet classmate Margie’s is so small? Maybe at that time, we were not ‘fully developed’ yet, but then why are Suzhou ladies’ chests so much bigger? Do they have better drinking water in Suzhou? [TN: Carina Lau is from Suzhou, China] Yes, that’s probably the reason – we’re ‘malnourished’! [Margie pretends to be upset that Sandra dragged her into this]

M: Ha! Whenever I go over to your house to play, you always tell me not to lock the door when I’m showering, but I’m afraid your family members may accidentally burst in, so I make sure to pull the curtain closed…to my surprise, you ‘showed up’ behind me one time, and then….

G: [displays a ‘no big deal’ expression] Seeing me there all of a sudden, you were so happy, huh? Hey, I was just curious!

M: Well, since you went to an all-girls school, I understand that you are more ‘open’, but I went to a co-ed school, so I’m more modest – you made me so embarrassed, seeing me ‘in the flesh’ like that!

G: Do you remember that time during Chinese New Year’s eve when we bathed in pomelo leaves and bought red underwear? I found out later that turned out to be a bad move, since [geomancer] Peter So said that I should avoid red! Come to think of it, I really do like asking my classmates to shower at my house…guess I really am a ‘stamp collector’….hahahaha! [TN: Sandra is referring to the ‘stamp collecting’ (集郵)episode from her “Club Sparkle” talk show the year before that got her into some ‘trouble’]


G: Acting class was so strict back then – classmates (from the same class) were not allowed to date! Not like we had time to do anything anyways….out of the entire class, you were the one who started dating early on…(referring again to Tony Leung)

M: Look who’s talking! [implies that Sandra was dating too]

G: No, I hadn’t graduated yet..he (referring to then boyfriend Alex To) came along later…aiye, I don’t remember anymore! Let’s go back to you instead!

M: We loved hanging out at discos back then, especially since having ‘Ladies Nights’ was so popular! I remember we used to hang out until 2 or 3am in the morning, sometimes partying until the lights came on!

G: Teacher Lau [Fong Gong] (Acting class instuctor at the time) knew that we were out playing and when he questioned us, he would call us into the room separately, never letting us ‘coordinate’ our stories with each other!

M: Luckily there weren’t any paparazzi at that time….

G: Even you felt we were being too crazy, huh? Hahaha….

M: Not me! Don’t know about you though!


G: We all had so many opportunities back then and each of us took different paths, so there was no jealousy there -- plus, right after graduating from acting class, none of us had much acting skill anyway…pretty much we were all just a blank sheet of paper! I remember the first role I played when I graduated was that of a prostitute, then I was someone’s mistress and even had bed scenes – I was so scared and didn’t really know what was going on! After 2 or 3 years, I was recruited to be in EYT [TN: TVB’s flagship variety program that ended in the 90s] and we ended up going on different paths…even though I made new friends, the 2 of us continued to keep in touch – hey, we would even know whenever either one of us didn’t have to work on a particular day!

M: Well, I was a little bit envious of some of the others – back then, I would always be waiting in the classroom and if there were shows that needed a young girl to help out, I would volunteer!

G: You had such a ‘baby face’ back then, should have just been a child star! Hey, you ended up being a ‘fa dan’ (lead actress), so not too bad! But I feel that your biggest accomplishment was becoming a loving mother! I know you sacrificed a lot….and you’re such a patient person. I really can’t compare – if there was a contest and 10 points represents ‘the perfect mother’, I would only get 5 points, but you would definitely get 10 points!

M: You’re just being humble! Do you remember one time when I was busying taking care of my son, you called and wanted me to go out, but I said No….you immediately didn’t like it and said that since the heavens gave us children, the heavens will take care of them for us?

G: That’s why I say that you have so much more patience than me! The most tiring thing isn’t providing food and shelter for our children, but rather playing with them. After I had my daughter, whenever I had to film a movie, I would isolate myself for 2 or 3 weeks to prepare and tell my family not to disturb me – surprisingly, my daughter was ok with it….maybe because she attends an international school, so is more independent!

I’m also curious….if your son were to bring a girlfriend home, what would your reaction be? Would she have to ‘pass’ your inspection?

M: That’s still a long ways off, since my son is only 12 years old. But pretty much, we treat each other like friends rather than mother/son – that’s how things work nowadays. So only a daughter for you? Will you try to go for another one?

G: Considering it….but let’s leave it up to fate…if need be, can always adopt! Actually, we sort of ‘adopted’ each other’s child anyway…you’re my daughter’s godmother and I’m your son’s godmother – so pretty much we both have a son and daughter then, I’m already very satisfied! In this generation, what else could we ask for? Haha….


Margie and Sandra definitely have a close relationship – after Margie had her son and Sandra had her daughter, they ‘adopted’ each other’s child and are like family.

As the 2 ‘godmothers’ gathered for the interview, Margie’s son wasn’t present, but Sandra’s daughter Chan Tze-Ze did come to visit her mom on the set. Dressed in her favorite purple outfit and wearing a purple bow in her hair, the little girl looked extremely cute! Margie was very excited to see her goddaughter and spent a lot of time playing with her, taking pictures, and giving her presents… Tze-Ze returned the ‘favor’ by making funny faces for the camera – what a busy day for the little 4 year old!


Chinese version:



曾 = 曾華倩 吳 = 吳君如









吳:咪係囉!過門都係客嘛!我仲記得你床頭有個藍色電話,成日就煲電話粥,以前冇call waiting,你呀,講到死唔斷氣,chok起把聲話「點呀……」好攞膽!把聲chok到懶sweet咁!嗰個邊個?你話呢!哈哈哈哈!











吳:我哋訓練班好嚴,唔畀搞男女關係,都係Locker room啫,做到咩出嚟吖,班上最早拍拖係你囉……(又指梁朝偉)



曾:我哋好鍾意出去蒲Disco,尤其嗰時好興Ladies Night,我哋成日都蒲到兩、三點,有時玩到個場開燈!















文:影視組 攝:沈健程 場地:the mira HONGKONG

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