Friday, January 7, 2011

Weibo Fever #2: Jacky Sightings!

My idol Jacky Cheung does not have a Weibo account and he is never going to open one (so to all those Jacky imposters on Weibo: might as well quit while you're ahead because us true Jacky fans already know you are fakes!). Anyway, since Jacky isn't on Weibo, it is rare for me to see news about him on Weibo, but luckily, he has friends who keep us dedicated fans up to date...LOL!

Just wanted to share some "Jacky Sightings" from Weibo this week. Both posts are from Vani Wong’s weibo – she is a DJ for Commercial Radio (Chik Chak 903 station) and has been a good friend of Jacky’s for almost 2 decades. In fact, she refers to Jacky as “big brother”.

Jan 5th: Vani’s Weibo
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忽然收到學友哥的短訊,除問候我之外還用了「完全」、「還可以」幾個字去形容上海站巡迴演唱會的演出,那我大可放心了! 若非演出成功和滿意,心情不錯,他是不會主動發短訊給我的,阿哥永遠都這樣

Translation (by me): All of a sudden received big brother Jacky’s text message, in addition to seeing how I was doing, he also used the words ‘complete’ and ‘not bad’ to describe his performance at his Shanghai concert – on hearing this, I feel very relieved! [hehe] If he wasn’t satisfied with his performance or felt that it was somewhat of a success – and therefore in a good mood – he would not send me a text message like that on his own accord. Big brother (Jacky) is forever like that!

Jan 4th: Vani’s weibo
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大愛歌神Bling Bling Look!聽學友哥唱歌真幸福

Translation (by me): Big love – God of Songs Bling Bling Look! Listening to big brother Jacky singing is truly a blessing! [love]

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  1. Yay! more updates of the concert! And glad to know that he was happy at about it thus far!