Sunday, April 25, 2010

My 'TVB Rant' #2: Why I Can’t Stand TVB’s Politics – Part 2

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no one is perfect and everyone has their faults / weaknesses. There is nothing "bad" about this, as it just proves that we are all human.

This same truth applies to businesses and organizations as well. It makes sense, since businesses and organizations are run by humans, whom we have already determined are imperfect and make mistakes. It's okay to make mistakes, as long as we admit them, learn from them, and don't let the same mistakes happen again.

What is so difficult to grasp about the above concept? Well, plenty, it seems -- especially with a powerhouse organization like TVB. Maybe it's the "power" that they feel they have over the entire HK entertainment industry due to the virtual "monopoly" they possess in the television world (their closest competitor ATV is in shambles due to the revolving door in their management ranks) and the "usual" high ratings that all their series get due to lack of competition -- so basically, TVB can put out crappy series (like they have been doing the past 7 years at least, with a few exceptions) and still "own" majority of the market.

You would think that with a company that has been in "business" for so long (42 years), TVB should understand the above concept (admitting mistakes, learning from them, preventing them from repeating). Ironically, TVB has never been one to admit to their shortcomings.

With all the TVB-related "happenings" the last couple months (royalties dispute, favoritism in awards ceremonies, Stephen Chan's corruption scandal, etc.), it has really brought to light some of the inherent "issues" and "problems" that plague TVB -- though, in typical TVB fashion, they would never admit to any of this.

Below is my list of "untruths" that TVB has told (via its various spokes people) in the past few months. This is purely my opinion based on what I have read in various news articles / interviews / statements, etc.

13 "untruths" that TVB has told
**Note: This list is NOT all-inclusive – there are many other instances as well. The below are just a few examples**

1) There are no parties / cliques / groups at TVB

2) There is no favoritism at TVB

3) They always promote based on talent, not favoritism

4) They always promote those who are "most deserving"

5) Upper management has never accepted expensive gifts from its employees

6) They welcome differences in opinion

7) Artists from the Big 4 record companies (i.e.: Eason Chan, Hacken Lee, Hins Cheung, etc.) would not have won at last year's JSG awards even if they were in the running because their "points" would not be "high enough" to overtake Raymond Lam

8) Their Anniversary Awards are always fair and rewards the "most deserving"

9) Their awards shows (TV, music, etc.) are never rigged

10) Asked about whether their artists were being interrogated by ICAC when the Stephen Chan corruption scandal broke out, TVB's response was basically "no comment" and there has been "no effect" on their artists or production.

11) TVB did not “ban” Ekin when they refused to let him promote his movie on their network – it was all a “misunderstanding”

12) They did not purposefully “cut out” references to ATV in last year’s HK Film Awards broadcast – it was a “mistake” by the person doing the editing and he was acting on his own accord based on what he “assumed” was best for the company.

13)  The reason why they changed the lineup to their programming last Sunday night was not because they wanted to compete against the HK Film Awards on ATV, but because they "wanted the audience to be able to watch the finale for the series 'Fistful of Stances' earlier in the night."


  1. Yay! You delivered with part 2. Their reasoning sounds extremely lame. YET there are still people who believes them.

  2. lol, I love number 2 the most

  3. WasabiX -- haha! #1 to 4 actually -- those are classic TVB! In my opinion, the "lamest" one is #12 -- poor editing guy!

    DTLCT --'s sad that majority of the people believe them...guess they are quite a powerhouse...

  4. lol llwy12 you know what? I actually believe their #12 excuse. I assumed that due to TVB's pettiness their "employees" automatically assume they need to do certain things. Thinking back it's quite obvious if the high ups didn't give a command the lower editing team wouldn't do certain things.