Monday, April 5, 2010

Inaugural Post

Welcome to LL's Musings (my blog)!

Yes, after much thought, I have decided to start a blog....mostly because I like to write and need a place to house my thoughts...not sure how well I will do in terms of keeping up with posting stuff, as sometimes I get busy and forget...

The purpose of this blog is basically to talk about random things -- whether it's TV, movies, music, books, or just whatever...and of course there will be plenty of information about Jacky in this blog, since I'm such a huge fan...

Ok, I guess this is it for a first post...more to come soon (hopefully)....


  1. Jia you! Will forward to more of your randomness!

  2. Thanks, DTLCT. Yay, first 'customer' -- I mean 'follower' Thanks for the support!