Friday, April 9, 2010

Jacky Cheung: Jazz Version of 李香蘭

I saw this as I was checking Jacky's Friend Club FB page and it just brought back great memories! 

There's a reason why Jacky is and will always be the God of Songs!  His impromptu rendition of 李香蘭 (a song he has not sung in a long time) plus turning it into a jazz version was absolutely MARVELOUS.  I've actually fallen in love with this version of the song now!


Below comments by Kelvin Lam -- as posted on Jacky's Friend Club FB page:

最近每晚從收音機聽到宣傳學友4/30日演唱會之聲帶,主題為『經典變爵士』,並訪問一些歌手選出自己心目中希望學友將經典歌以Jazz演繹之作品。蘇永康選「寂寞的男人」,孫耀威選「Smile Again 瑪利亞」,Rubber Band @六號選「想和妳去吹吹風」,Eason 選「逃亡」。妳/你的心水選擇又是........

我的選擇是『李香蘭』,試看看學友演繹Jazz version 李香蘭一曲->

Source:  Youtube - iCable interview w/Jacky

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