Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jacky and Anita Memories...

I was just re-watching some videos and came across this one, which I had seen many times's a clip from Anita Mui's last concert that took place a month or so before she died. This particular scene is from the opening show of her concert and Jacky was her first guest.

The beginning part of the clip was cut out, but basically Anita introduces Jacky by saying that her first guest is actually one of her relatives, but also a very close friend of hers. Not only that, he is her "teacher" because she has learned (and is still learning) from him how to be a good person. By this time, the audience of course knows who she is talking about and when the music to the song "Blessing" starts up, everyone starts screaming.

Ever the gentleman, Jacky holds Anita's hand as she starts off the first verse of the song. Then Jacky sings and they launch into a duet of the song. Anita's voice is a little weak because of her illness, but she still does an excellent job (of course, Jacky is great as always)...during the middle musical solo part, Anita and Jacky hug and Anita puts her arms around Jacky's neck for a minute, as if not wanting to let go. Jacky pats her on the back as if consoling her. This part makes me so sad because it's as if they are saying their goodbyes right now -- and it really touches me how great a relationship they have. Then, right before the start of the next verse, Anita gestures to Jacky and says to the audience: "My brother-in-law!" and "More applause please!"

They continue with the song (and it sounds just as beautiful as a duet as it does as a single). When they finish the song, there is alot of applause from the audience of course, but what moves me the most is what Jacky says after the song.

Anita says: "Mr. Cheung, since you're here, you know we won't let you leave that easily."

Jacky says (to Anita and audience): "Actually, what I want to say is I really agree with what the person said earlier: seeing Anita perform is already enough." (The audience screams)

Anita says: "Aww, don't be're just saying that."

Jacky says: "No, no, no, I'm serious. I hope to finish my piece as soon as possible so I can go back down and watch the show."

The audience is cheering and Anita starts to say that she is going to turn the stage over to Jacky, but before she does so, he says one more thing -- "Our [the guests/himself] appearance on the show is so that Anita can come back out on stage even more beautiful." ( always, Jacky's first concern is for others, never himself....)

The clip ends here, but it is already enough to show the awesome relationship that Jacky and Anita have. Watching this clip is actually very emotional for me because 1) I grew up listening to Anita's music and she is like a household name for those of us born in HK, and 2) knowing her relationship with Jacky (his wife May is Anita's sworn sister -- not related by blood, but just as close as real sisters), 3) as a long time Jacky fan, I can tell that Jacky also feels a bit sad during this segment (though he tries not to show it for Anita's sake). Plus the song they chose was very sad (though the lyrics were extremely appropriate)-- I can feel the genuine love and emotion in the performance....the thought that kept running through my head was "what once was, can never be again....if only...."


  1. Thanks for sharing your memory and also the clip. It is indeed very emotional. I couldn't really find an appropriate way to convey the message. But I agree with you in regards to the memory. Another great post.

  2. Thanks, DTLCT. This one was more "spur of the moment"....I don't think I could have conveyed my feelings any other way either....this is definitely one of my favorite posts so far...