Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jacky's Trip to Taiwan....

Jacky was in Taiwan recently to appear as a musical guest for his best friend Harlem Yu's concert at the Taipei Arena.  While he was there, he also took the opportunity to do a mini news segment for Taiwan's TTV evening news.

I just love Jacky's awesome chemistry with Harlem!  They've been best friends for close to 20 years and when they get together for any type of performance, they get really crazy -- it's so cute!  These 2 have alot in common -- not only were they born in the same year and month (July 1961), they also share alot of other similar's no wonder that they are such good friends and have such great chemistry!

Harlem said that whenever he has a concert, Jacky is always the 'usual' guest -- and whenever Jacky has his concert in Taiwan, Harlem 'guests' for him....I love watching them together because they are so comfortable with one another and have so much fun together.

I am also looking forward to the news segment for TTV that Jacky does -- this is his very first try at actually anchoring the evening news (though of course he only does a small segment).  The funny thing is that he is asked to anchor the news segment that talks about himself -- it was so cute how in the beginning he kept messing up (one time, he said "them" instead of "him" when referring to himself -- LOL!!!!), but then after that, he got it perfect (the anchor praised him for doing so well).  Love it!!!

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Harlem's concert - news footage:

Source:  Era News

Promo for Jacky anchoring news segment on TTV:

Source:  Youtube / TTV News


  1. If I did not know better, I thought they were twins! LOL! Same here! I live under a rock before but when I learned that Jacky and Harlem are best friends, I realize why Harlem gets super excited when others sing Jacky songs on his show, Bai Wan Da Ge Xing.

  2. LOL! Yes, absolutely love the chemistry these 2 have. It's so natural! It's funny because years ago, when Jacky went to Taiwan and appeared on a bunch of variety shows, Harlem was always mentioned -- in an interview, Harlem once jokingly referred to Jacky as his "mistress" -- and then they started holding hands and acting all lovey was so funny, I was rolling on the floor with laughter! And not to mention all of their "craziness" when they perform together (which we get a "glimpse" of in the above clip)...

  3. llwy12 thanks I knew Jacky and Harlem are close friends I didn't know they were best friends. I just know they're close cause on Be My Guest interview Stephen mentioned something about them having gay rumors before? O.o Of course I know it's not true but I really wonder how those rumors surfaced <.< What similarities do Harlem and Jacky have? I just feel like in terms of status and vocal range and singing ability both are at the top!