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Oriental Daily Interview with Felix Wong [Part 3]: Upset over relationship rumors, Felix Wong breaks glass mirror: “I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time!”

Here’s part 3 of Oriental Daily’s interview with Felix Wong.

My only comment about the article at this time is: the piece about TVB using rumors between co-stars as a promotional tactic is actually nothing new....in fact, it happens all the time! This is why I’m always suspicious of relationship rumors that come out between certain artists around the time when a series is being filmed or aired – because a lot of times, the relationship thing is just a way for TV stations to ‘hype’ their series. After all, don’t forget that one of the ‘golden commandments’ in the entertainment industry is: “It’s better to be ‘in the news’, even for something negative, than not to be talked about at all!”


Oriental Daily Interview with Felix Wong [Part 3]:    Upset over relationship rumors, Felix Wong breaks glass mirror:  “I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time!”

Source:  Oriental Daily

Translation:  llwy12

With the nickname ‘Flame Shooting Wah’ , Felix Wong is known for having somewhat of a temper, however each time he ‘shoots flames’ [aka ‘bursts out in anger’], it’s usually for good reason!

Back when rumors surfaced between him and co-star Ada Choi (蔡少芬) during the filming of Justice Pao《包青天》[1995], Felix was so upset that he broke a glass mirror in a fit of anger – looking back now, he feels he reacted too impulsively. Therefore, in 2001, when rumors circulated between his wife – former actress turned insurance agent Leung Kit Wah (梁潔華) – and one of her colleagues, he decided to forego an impulsive reaction and instead supported his wife with a vote of confidence.

*** Felix speaks:

Back during the Acting Class days, one of our instructors playfully told the class: “A student of ours was courting one of the senior classmates during practice time!” The ‘student’ he was referring to was me of course and the classmate being ‘courted’ was my wife Leung Kit Wah -- I guess this can be considered my first love relationship. When we first started dating, we actually didn’t have time to see each other often – outside of work, we pretty much maintained our relationship by talking on the phone. It wasn’t until after I finished filming Legend of the Condor Heroes《射鵰英雄傳》(1983) that we finally had the time to go on vacation together.

Was not moved by advances of female fans

Back during the height of popularity, of course there were many females around me, but my wife was never worried because even if she wasn’t present by my side, she had a lot of ‘spies’ keeping an eye on me and ‘reporting’ back to her if anything was amiss. Even if that wasn’t the case, I didn’t have time to pay attention to any potential ‘advances’ from female fans anyway, since all I constantly thought about was when I’d get the chance to take a break [from work] and rest.

In my many years in the industry, the only time I had relationship ‘rumors’ was back during the filming of the series Justice Pao with Ada Choi. I knew it was the company’s [TVB] promotional tactic at the time, but because the ‘rumors’ weren’t true and I felt like I was being framed, it was hard for me to accept. Actually the rumors at the time were pretty serious -- because I was so upset, I hit a glass mirror in a fit of anger, not only breaking the glass, but also hurting my hand in the process! I ended up having to get 2 stitches at the hospital. Looking back on the matter now, I feel I reacted too impulsively – I didn’t think clearly at the time! Even our co-star Tik Lung (狄龍), whom we were filming with at the time, couldn’t help reprimanding my rash behavior – he told me: “See, now you hurt yourself! It’s not worth it!”

Rumors deepened their marriage relationship

Later on, the rumors with Ada eventually subsided, but from that time on, I was afraid to have any type of interaction with her during filming because I didn’t want people to use that for promotion again. Fortunately, the rumor situation didn’t affect my relationship with my wife – in fact, it caused our marriage to deepen because it made us realize the importance of trusting in each other. Even later on, when there were rumors between my wife and her colleague, our relationship still did not waver and eventually, the rumors went away on their own.

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