Thursday, April 12, 2012

Weibo Fever # 10: TVB’s ‘classic’ on-screen couples: 1994 to 2003

I found this clip on Weibo (Sina) and loved it so much that I absolutely have to share it.

Earlier, TVB had done a ‘classic TVB couples’ poll where they took 1 couple from each of the 44 years that it has been in existence and had audiences vote to come up with a Top 10. Though there were some couples that were truly classics, there were others that I totally was like WTH?? And unfortunately, there were a lot of truly ‘classic’ couples who were missing from the poll (some so blatantly missing that it ticks me off just thinking about it)!

Anyway, enough with my rant….after watching this particular video clip made by a netizen and posted on Weibo, I definitely feel so much better, as this clip includes a lot of ‘classic’ couples that should have rightfully been in that poll but were not. Now of course, since this clip only covers couples from series from around 1994 to 2003, it’s not all-inclusive, but at least it has many of the ones I would consider ‘classic’!

Also, watching this video clip brought back so many memories, especially since I recognize almost every single series featured in this clip (many of the series are amongst my favorites from the 90s and early 2000s).

Hope you enjoy this clip as much as I did!

P.S.: How many series do you recognize? Better yet, how many of these ‘classic’ couples are amongst your favorites as well?


Source: Sina Weibo (credit as listed in picture below)

Link to Video clip here

**Note: I've been trying for hours and couldn't get the video to embed in blogger for some I included a link to the video instead. Sorry for the inconvenience!**


  1. my gawd, i've watched every single tvb series that was featured in this montage. i must not have had much of a life from 1994-2003! but it's a nice clip with great music.

    out of all the featured couples, the most memorable for me were nadia/ekin (my absolute fave on screen couple from the age of 9 or 10), bobby/esther, kennix/michael, marco/joyce (only cos they got together in real life), and maybe bowie/flora (i like them together, just not their series). the rest were pretty forgettable, or were only paired up once or twice.

    haven't seen the classic tvb couples poll yet. any idea where i can look it up? can't find anything on google.

  2. @bebeC:'re not the only one! But I guess part of it too was that most of the series in that clip were pretty popular, so it's hard not to have seen most of them. I personally was a little surprised that they were able to squeeze so many couples into a 7 minute clip. And yes, the music was nice too (haha...not only did I recognize each of the series in the clip, I recognized all of the songs too -- wow, I really need to get a life...LOL!).

    Anyway, I agree with the couples you listed, as most of those are ones I would have chosen as well (though I also liked the Gallen / Jessica pairing in GF and the Chilam/Nnadia pairing in CBWH...and I actually did like the Lawrence / Ada pairing in HH and FOJ, I just didn't like the storyline surrounding their characters). I'm actually surprised that whoever put this together didn't use any clips or pairings from "Secret of the Heart", as that was also a 'major' series with quite a few awesome pairings.

    As for the TVB version -- it might still be on's website, though that poll was over 2 months ago, so maybe not. I'll look for some info on it when I get a chance and let you know (the reason why I know about it is because I subscribe to TVB Weekly magazine and for like several weeks straight, there was stuff about it, plus the list of nominees as well as artists' picks and the final Top 10 results). I didn't like that poll much though because there were some very blatantly obvious 'snubs' in the nominees (i.e.: Deric Wan and Maggie Siu, Ekin and Nnadia, Michael and Kenix, Bowie and Flora, Eddie and Margie....and going back to the 80s, how could they not have included Felix Wong and Barbara Yung or even Michael Miu and Barbara?).

  3. @bebeC: Oh and one more thing...with the TVB poll, in addition to some of the obvious snubs, they also included some 'head-scratchers' in there in terms of nominees (I mean, out of all the series for that year, they picked THOSE couples over the true 'classic' ones? Really?) For example, Liu Wai Hung and Carina Lau? Liu Wai Hung and Esther Kwan? And they had Chilam and Athena in there for the Condor Heroes remake, yet they didn't have Felix and Barbara from the more popular 80s one?

    There were some other weird ones in there as well, but I don't remember them right now.

  4. LOVED THIS SO MUCHHHHHHHHHH! this was my childhood :) we'll never ever get anything else like this in the future again.

    1. @tvbaddict: Thanks for commenting!

      I definitely enjoyed this as well! Though I wouldn't count every single couple in the clip amongst my favorites (and it would have been cool if the clip included the 80s and early 90s as well), there were enough good ones in there to put a smile on my face just remembering the memories it brought back! :-)

  5. Thanks, llwy12!
    I did like the Chilam/Nadia pairing myself initially (more so than Chilam/Jessica) but after they broke up in the middle of the series, it didn't feel the same for me anymore. Lawrence/Ada were okay too, but I didn't enjoy either HH or FOJ5, so I was never really that into them. They were very well suited physically though!
    Now you mentioned it, how can SoTH not be in the clip?? There were so many epic couples in there! I especially loved Gallen/Eileen. They were so cute together.

    And re TVB couples poll. Liu Wai Hung and Carina Lau? WTH? I didn't watch this particular series but it sounds like a joke. And while I did love Chilam and Athena in LotCH1994, I can't believe they passed over Felix and Barbara. They were like the legendary couple of the 80s, and the series itself was so well received! Madness!

    1. @bebeC: I actually felt the same way you did about the Chilam/Nnadia pairing in CBWH (I absolutely hated the Chilam/Jessica pairing in the series) -- I liked them initially because I felt they matched well physically and personality-wise (plus their love story was touching initially), but then when they break up over such a stupid reason, I got so ticked off that it sort of overshadowed my initial enjoyment of their relationship (I also disliked the way Nnadia's character was written).

      Regarding SOTH, yes, too many epic couples -- interestingly enough, in addition to the Gallen / Eileen pairing you mentioned, I also liked the Andy Dai / Ada Choi pairing too (haha...interesting that we like the pariings that weren't the 'main' ones...).

      Ok, I was able to find the link from's website that lists all of the nominees from their Season of Love "Ten Best Couples of All Time" poll...I've included it below...still trying to find the one that has the final 10 though...

      Btw, I will actually be doing a separate post about the poll itself, you may want to stay tuned for that...should be up some time next week..