Tuesday, April 3, 2012

News Article: Jacky Cheung pays tribute to Leslie Cheung during concert; encourages fans and friends to donate to charity

Another great article about Jacky!

Jacky's 'love' for his good friend and 'brother' Leslie is obvious, especially given how Jacky rarely changes the lineup of his show (usually he only does it during the Encore segments) because he wants to ensure the integrity and quality of the show (pretty much the way he rehearsed the show is the way it's usually performed). For Jacky to change things and perform Leslie's song as a tribute to him, goes to who how much Leslie meant to him!

Also, once again, Jacky's philanthropy shines through in his gesture of having his fans and friends buy 'fortune bags' to donate to charity in lieu of giving him flowers and such (he did the same thing last year when he performed in HK -- he had people donate bags of rice instead). As usual, Jacky goes about his philanthropic ways without fanfare and without flaunting....he absolutely proves that charity comes from the heart. What a great model for us to follow!

I've said this before and I'll say it again: I'm absolutely PROUD to be a Jacky fan!!! :-)


Jacky Cheung pays tribute to Leslie Cheung during concert; encourages fans and friends to donate to charity

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily

Translation: llwy12

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The day before yesterday, Jacky Cheung completed the 127th show of his ‘1/2 Century World Tour Concert’ in Hefei, China. Since the day of the concert (4/1) was also the 9 year anniversary of his good friend Leslie Cheung’s death, Jacky discussed with the music coordinators to specially add the song 《風繼續吹》[‘The Wind Continues to Blow’] to the lineup. With a slightly quivering voice, Jacky told the audience: “I hope to sing a song for a special friend of mine – a friend whom I will love and miss forever!” As Jacky performed Leslie’s classic hit, the entire audience of more than 20,000 people sang along with him.

In the next couple weeks, Jacky will be touring in various cities in Mainland China as well as Malaysia and in May, he will return to Hong Kong for the final 8 shows of his concert tour, which will be held at the Asia Expo Center. By the end of the tour, Jacky will have performed a total of 144 shows on his concert tour, which breaks all records for number of shows by a HK singer. Jacky’s manager and concert producer Florence Chan expressed that the tickets for the last 8 shows are all sold out – she also revealed that as a special treat for fans, the finale shows will feature some visual effects that were not seen at previous shows, including a specially designed glass stage as well as a 360 degree revolving LED wall.

Just like with his previous concert last year in HK [where he asked his fans to donate bags of rice for charity in place of buying flowers], Jacky once again asked his fans and friends not to send him any flower arrangements – instead, he encouraged them to each buy a $250 HKD worth ‘fortune bag’ 「友福袋」consisting of oil, rice, sugar, various canned and boxed goods, as well as other articles for daily use. After the HK shows, concert organizers will work with local charities as well Jacky’s fan club to have the bags distributed to elderly seniors in the community who live alone.


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學友之後要到內地及大馬開騷,5月中返港假亞洲博覽館舉行終結站的8場演出,換言之於世界各地共舉行144場,打破香港歌手紀錄。製作人陳淑芬表示,香港的8場演出已爆滿,香港演唱會特別設計玻璃舞台,配合360度環迴LED Wall,增強視覺效果。



  1. I've always liked Mr. Jacky Cheung, as both music performer and actor specially in co-star role/s with Gor Gor. Now that by chance i came across this article, I will even admire, appreciate and most of all, respect Mr. Jacky Cheung all the more. Please add one more PROUD Fan to this superstar who has such a big heart for friends as well as strangers.

  2. @Ylan Laus: Thanks for your comments and welcome! It’s always nice to encounter people who are able to appreciate Jacky’s artistic talent as well as his admirable, down to earth personality. Jacky is definitely one of those ‘superstars’ who doesn’t look or act like a ‘superstar’ (I call him the ‘non-celebrity’) because of the way he treats people with genuine, sincere dignity, respect, humility, compassion, etc. – something that’s very rare in the entertainment industry (where the ‘norm’ is to be arrogant and step on others in order to survive). This is way so many people (both in the industry and outside of it) have so much respect and admiration for him! I’m definitely PROUD to be a Jacky fan as well! :0)