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My 'TVB Rant' # 19: TVB's Top Onscreen Couples of All Time Poll -- My Thoughts on the Final Top 10 Results

This post is actually a follow up to my earlier post about TVB's poll of the 'so-called' top onscreen couples from the past 40 years. In that particular post, I already 'vented' about how RIDICULOUS many of the 'picks' were and how STUPID it was to leave out many of the truly 'classic' couples from the past 4 decades.

Well, if you thought I sounded pissed in that post (believe me, it was already toned down...the very first time I saw the nominee list, I almost hit the roof!), wait until you see the 'final results' of the couples who ended up making it into the Top 10. The nominee list was already a JOKE to begin with, but the Top Ten results list was way worse!!

I know I'll probably be called a 'conspiracy theorist' again when I say this, but quite frankly, I don't give a care.....I honestly think that the reason why TVB put this stupid poll together was not to 'pay tribute' to the many 'classic' couples that have graced our television screens in the past 4 decades, but rather, their primary intention was to PROMOTE their current artists (aka their biological sons/daughters as well as their 'favorites'). Why do I think that? Several reasons:

1) TVB knows full well (as do most of us) that most of the people who would likely be voting in the poll would be younger generation folks (i.e. the after 90s crowd), most of whom have not watched (and probably never will) the older series from the 70s, 80s, and even the 90s -- most of them are only familiar with the current TVB series and current 'popular' artists [though in a sense, it's a little bit hard to blame the audiences entirely because it's hard not to 'pay attention' to the current artists given TVB's 24/7 'in your face' promotion of them]. This would actually explain why TVB made such ridiculous choices in terms of the nominees (cuz they knew that people wouldn't vote for them anyway, since majority of today's audiences haven't watched the series and don't even know who they are!).

2) How else would you explain why 8 of the 10 'classic couples' who made it to the final Top Ten were from the "after 2000s" era (which is a joke in and of itself because how could a couple who has only been around for 5 years or less be considered 'classic'?) and out of those (8), 6 of the couples consist of biological children and/or are 'favorites' of TVB management? (I'm actually quite serious here -- if someone is able to provide a logical explanation in support of TVB here, I'm willing to listen!)

Just as an example of how 'un-classic' most of the Top 10 couples were -- despite having watched each of the series, I honestly could not remember all the names of the characters that each of the artists played in each of the series (except for maybe like 3 or 4 of the series on the list, which I was able to write down purely from memory) -- I actually had to go look them up in order to make sure I had the right names!   In my opinion, if those couples were TRULY 'classic' -- which also means 'memorable' in my book -- the average audience should at least be able to remember the character names!

Ok, so without further adieu, here are the final Top Ten results from TVB's poll (I'm actually NOT going to comment specifically on the couples / artists in the poll persay because I don't feel like dealing with the wrath of certain artists' fans right now -- all I'm going to say is that pretty much only TWO of the couples from the below list would have made it into MY LIST of the Top 10 'classic' couples!).

** Note: The rankings DO matter in this poll -- the way the couples are listed is based on who 'supposedly' got the most votes from the audiences.

TVB's Top Ten Onscreen Couples -- Final Results


1st place:  Bosco Wong (Ling Mao Chun) and Myolie Wu (Tin Lik) from "Wars of the In-laws" (2005)

2nd place: Wayne Lai (Chai Gau) and Sheren Tang (Hong Bo Kei) from "Rosy Business" (2009)

3rd place: Moses Chan (Kam Duo Luk) and Charmaine Sheh (Chao Yang) from "Can't Buy Me Love" (2010)

4th place: Raymond Lam (Kam Wing Ho) and Linda Chung (Yu So Sum) from "Moonlight Resonance" (2008)

5th place: Kevin Cheng (Law Lik Nga) and Myolie Wu (Wong Si Fu) from "Ghetto Justice" (2011)

6th place: Kevin Cheng (Sum Lang) and Niki Chow (Ko Yat Si) from "Under the Canopy of Love" (2006)

7th place: Andy Lau (Yang Guo) and Idy Chan (Siu Lung Nu) from "The Return of the Condor Heroes" (1983)

8th place: Roger Kwok (Ding Sheung Wong) and Jessica Hsuan (Ling Choi Fung) from "Square Pegs" (2002)

9th place: Moses Chan (Tong Chi On) and Linda Chung (Seung Joi Sum) from "Heart of Greed" (2007)

10th place: Chow Yun Fat (Hui Mun Keung) and Angie Chiu (Feng Ching Ching) from "The Bund" (1980)


  1. Who are your 2 classic couples? Chow Yun Fat & Andy:)?

    Bosco & Myolie do have chemistry as they are also dating in real life but being number 1 is a no no..I find them a cute not classic couple. Ray & Linda look compatible & I also feel they are a cute couple. Same with Kevin & Nicky.

    Wayne & Sharon can act very well but I feel their relationship as best friends more.

    I don't like Moses as an actor so whoever he pairs with I also don't feel any chemistry. I prefer Linda with Steven more than Moses.

    Jessica matches better with Gallen, Bobby, Louis or Michael Tao. Whereas I like Roger with Margie better.

    1. @Bogae's fan:

      Well, I sort of have 2 Top 10 lists....if I had to choose a Top 10 from TVB's list of nominees, then yes CYF / Angie and Andy / Idy would be on my list, but if I were to choose a Top 10 on my own not based on this list, then possibly neither or only 1 couple would be on there....

      I agree that Bosco and Myolie are cute, but I definitely wouldn't consider them 'classic' and definitely don't feel that they deserved the #1 spot. I actually feel that the vote was swayed a little bit because their relationship is such a 'hot topic' right now (stuff about them has been saturating the entertainment news the past year or two), so it's natural that people would vote for them. I can't stand Raymond or Linda, plus I'm sick and tired of the unending 'rumors' about them -- also contrary to popular opinion, I actually don't feel much chemistry between the 2 of them, so to me, for them to be on the top ten list irks me. And yes, Kevin and Niki are 'cute' together and actually match quite well from a physical standpoint, but they are too 'new' as a couple for one and two they definitely don't qualify as 'classic (plus I'm not fond of either artist and didn't feel anything watching any of the series they collaborated in, so since they didn't leave any type of impression on me, I wouldn't include them on the list).

      I love Wayne and Sheren, but I also wouldn't consider them as 'classic', since they were only in 2 series together and weren't really paired together in either one (well, in "No Regrets" they were, but that wasn't until the very very end, like the last 10 minutes or so). To me, it's sort of ridiculous that they made the top 10 for "Rosy Business", since they were not paired together in that series at all (as you said, they were just best friends in that series, never lovers).

      I'm not too keen on Moses either, both as an actor and as a person (especially after seeing all the recent stuff that unfolded between him and Bernice and Aimee....his actions were deplorable). Plus I didn't really like HOG or MR all that much anyway (all the family drama and constant arguing / fighting ended up being too overboard after awhile), so I didn't really have an affinity for any of the couples in either series....

      As for Roger and Jessica -- you're right, they don't really match as a couple. Now if this were a poll about 'favorite character', then yes I would definitely choose Roger's Ah Wong as a favorite (but not Jessica's Choi Feng though because to be honest, I didn't see much of a difference between her character in this series and all the other characters she played....they're all pretty much the same, no breakthrough), but if we're talking about 'classic onscreen couples', then no, Roger and Jessica wouldn't make it on the list because to me, they're not 'memorable' as a couple.

    2. I want to share my own all time top 3 classic couples with you & readers of this site:) I feel they match physically, good acting, has wonderful chemistry and like their stories in the serial plus the serial as well.

      Needless to say Deric & Maggie get top spot in BOGAE. I ship them all the way from their 1st meeting in UK to HK then to jail then to UK then to HK then back to UK:P I didn't choose Looking Back in Anger because I don't like Deric's character in the serial plus the ending. As for Conscience, I don't like that serial so I cannot remember anything much.

      Second is, Michael Miu & Barbara in Fearless Duo. I like this bickering couple inspite of their childishness at the beginning. I also like them in The New Adventure of Chau Lau Heung but the story isn't as focus on their romance as Fearless. Unfortunately I don't like The Foundation because of their storyline as well as the drama storyline.

      Lastly is my Jing Gor Gor & Yung Yee in Legend of the Condor Heroes trilogy. I may be bias & sentimental but nobody can measure up to them in any remakes. FYI, I've seen bits & pieces of all the remakes. However I do feel Barbara has the best chemistry with Michael Miu.

    3. @BOGAE fan: Definitely agree with your choices! All 3 of those couples are actually on my own Top 10 list as well (though not in the same order).

      Coincidentally, both Deric/Maggie in BOGAE and Michael/Barbara in TFD were 2 couples where the storyline involving them actually moved me to tears (especially the endings of both series). And even though Felix and Barbara in LOTCH didn't move me to tears, their chemistry in the series was awesome. I agree that their portrayals of Kwok Jing and Wong Yung will forever be the most 'classic' and no matter how many remakes there are, no one else will ever come close!

    4. Hihi, then you should do your own top ten & tell us why you consider them classics:) Who cares about TVB top ten? They'll only sell us their current top ten money making couples:P

      I was in a hurry to go for lunch just now. I still have my all time 12 favourite couples to share but I don't know how to rank them so they are sort of equal. I might only like the couples but not the series they acted in or their storylines in the series. Also I might like them because of a number of series.

      Tony & Margie in Police Cadet 2. Since they were also dating in real life, their on screen chemistry is also awesome. I don't really ship Tony with Maggie Cheung in Part 1 & I didn't pay attention to Part 3 once Margie died. Also love them in Yangs' Saga despite the sad ending.

      Eddie Cheung & Margie. I like this pairing for a few series eventhough some of the series are not that popular. I like them in Everybody Loves Somebody, my favourite long running sitcom. I also ship them in Turbulent Decade eventhough their love story is quite short. I watch that drama solely for them because I don't like Jamie or Carina's characters in that drama. I also like them in The Black Sabre.

      Roger Kwok & Margie. They are not really a classic couple but nonetheless i fancy this pairing. I don't really like Saga of the Lost Kingdom as a drama but I ship this couple in it. I also like them in Being Rich acting with my relative LWH. LOL

      Chilam & Kenix in Rememberance. Beside being a Deric's fan, I am also a Chilam's fan:) Although this drama isn't famous, I love the storyline, the period setting & our OTP's interactions. I can still remember Tuen Fei & Nam Sing's heart breaking love story in this war torn era drama.

      Chilam & Charmine. I do not like Return of the Cuckoo as a drama despite shipping the OTP because my Chor gor gor didn't get the girl, boo hoo hoo... I think I only like Chilam in the drama haha.. I prefer them in Point of No Return as the bickering couple at the beginning. After the death of Damian Lau, the story kind of gone south. All in all I feel Charmine has the best chemistry with Chilam compared to Moses:P

      Michael & Kenix. I was quite neutral on them in DIF1 because they didn't become a couple till mid to end of the drama. However DIF2 & DIF2 build up their relationship till whenever I think of a police partnership drama pairing, I can only think of them. Also like them in Love Bond.

      to be continued.......

  2. @BOGAE fan: Actually, I already tried going down that route with my 80s/90s golden couples poll last year, but unfortunately, I didn't really pick that up again because there are too many couples that I would consider classic (most of which are not in TVB's poll) and it would be too agonizing for me to limit myself to only 10 pretty much at this point, the closest that we're going to get to a Top 10 classic couples list from me is whatever I've listed in my post about the snubs from TVB's poll.

    Thanks for sharing your list of favorite couples. I know there are still more that you haven't listed yet, but just to comment on the ones that you did list....

    .-- Tony / Margie: Yup, I would absolutely list them as a 'classic' couple in my book -- and not just because they dated in real life either (though they were definitely adorable as a real-life couple). I really did enjoy their chemistry in Police Cadet 85 as well as in The Yang's Saga (their relationship in the latter was short-lived, by still very sweet nonetheless).

    .-- Eddie / Margie: Obviously, I love this couple too, as I stated in my post earlier -- I liked their pairing in practically every series they were in together (where they were paired together that is). Even though Margie pairing with Eddie may not be as 'well-known' as Margie pairing with Tony, I actually feel that the Eddie/Margie pairing is way more endearing in terms of onscreen chemistry. On the subject of their pairing in The Turbulent Decade -- did you know that some of the cast of that series still keep in touch, even now? Eddie and Margie follow each other on Weibo and occasionally comment on each other's posts (plus fans of the Eddie/Margie pairing would occasionally upload old pictures of the two of them when they used to film together in the 80s). Eddie also keeps in touch with Jamie Chik and also Eddie Kwan quite often via Weibo as well.

    .-- Roger / Margie : (Looks like we have similar tastes in that we like practically all the Margie pairings...hahaha). I like this pairing too, though not as much as Tony/Margie and Eddie/Margie. They were definitely sweet in "Being Rich" (which just finished re-airing here in the U.S. not too long ago) and with Roger's 'baby-face' looks, especially back in the 80s, he and Margie made a cute couple. Unfortunately though, TVB 'ruined' my image of this couple decades later when they made Margie and Roger into siblings in "D.I.E." -- to make things worse, they made Margie the OLDER sister and Roger the YOUNGER brother!! Argh!!!

  3. @BOGAE fan: (part 2-- continued from previously)...

    .-- Chilam / Kenix: OMG, love this couple in Remembrance (that was one of my favorite series from the 90s). Not sure if you read the review I did on the series, but I mentioned alot in there about the Chilam/Kenix relationship and why I was so smitten by this couple. I loved their chemistry in this series and the way their love story was written was just so heartwrenching (I remember hating Jenny Chau's character Yuet Bak so much in this series because of her annoying 'neediness' that caused Chilam's Hong Fei to marry her despite still loving Kenix's Nam Sing)....even though I've watched Remembrance at least 10 times already (if not more), I still cry like crazy during the ending reunion scene (when Hong Fei and Nam Sing reunite and hug each other)....awwww.....(ok, I should probably stop talking about this series because the more I do, the more I want to go re-watch the series again...LOL).

    .-- Chilam / Charmaine: When it comes to TV series, I'm sort of a Chilam fan too (well, technically I don't like using the word 'fan' -- it's more like he's one of my favorite actors from the 90s). Return of the Cuckoo isn't one of my favorite series either, but I like it better than most of the other series that were made in the 'after 2000s' era (mostly because I like majority of the cast except Nancy and Charmaine pretty much). I've never been a fan of Nancy's series (her acting is way too OTT for my liking) and I never really liked Charmaine much either because I always felt she lacked emotion (though she's gotten better in recent years as her acting matured) -- plus I got sick and tired of seeing her play the same types of roles over and over and over again (ok, part of this is actually TVB's fault for casting her in similar roles). I was ok with the two of them in Point of No Return, but I pretty much watched that series because of Damian and Angie....after Damian's character died, the series wasn't really worth watching anymore....

    .-- Michael / Kenix: I already talked about them in my post, so not going to rehash all that again. But definitely they should be amongst the classic couples list because they were one of THE defining onscreen couples of the 1990s era.

  4. I can't read chinese so I don't know much news except from asianfanatics & jaynestar. This means I don't have a weibo a/c as i'll definitely be lost in it haha...Yah I heard you can follow the artists & get lots of updates in weibo. Sometime they may even reply your msg. Oh, how i wish i can read chinese:(

    Did you watch Cook Away with Lady May, a kind of cooking program Margie & May (who used to be in a manager in TVB) hosted? She invited Roger as a guest & did comment about being cast as his older sister in DIE:) She said she looks forward to being Roger's mum in future serial haha...Come on TV Bad, Margie isn't that old in age & look. She should pair up with Roger instead of Sonija. Then I'll like this drama more LOL. If Sharon who I think about the same age as Margie can lead a drama, why can't Margie?

    Yes, yes, i read your well-written review on Remembrance. I think not many people know or remember this drama so when I saw your review I was estatic:) Actually I didn't watch this drama when it was 1st released. I watched it much later when I ran out of drama to watch. I didn't have much expectation. But once i started, i can't stop & marathon through it haha...At that time, I was so scared they'll not have a HEA ending:) Actually I think this pairing is well-received in the mainland bcos Kenix & Chilam filmed a similar period drama in china. Did you watch it? Like you I also lack patient:P I find china drama very draggy so don't have the mood to sit through it. If I hit the fast fwd button too much, will shorten the life of my dvd or computer:)

    1. @BOGAE fan: Oh, you can't read Chinese? That's too bad -- you're definitely missing out on alot if you're someone like me who hates reading translated stuff (cuz something always gets lost translation, no matter how good a job someone does in translating). Unfortunately, there aren't very many 'good' English language sites out there that have TVB-related material (especially older stuff...most of the sites out there focus mostly on the current TVB artists and series).

      And Weibo is definitely an AWESOME experience. I've never been a fan of Twitter, but I absolutely love Weibo because of all the interaction that we get with the celebrities (which is a joy for die-hard HK entertainment fans like me). Plus alot of the stuff on weibo is 'untranslate-able' because alot of it consists of jokes and stuff between artists that don't sound the same translated in English. It's also a thrill to actually get a reply from a celebrity (I've gotten a few of those before)...

      Yes, I've watched Cook Away Lady May (in fact, have most of the eps on DVD) -- I love how May and Margie invite many guests from the 'old' TVB as well as other veterans from both movie and TV industry (i.e. Michael Hui, John Shum, Richard Ng, Roger Kwok, Francis Ng, Carina Lau, etc.) because it gives me a chance to see some familiar faces again!

      Regarding Roger and Margie -- the thing that sucked is that Roger is actually older than Margie (by one year, but still...), yet she plays his older sister? To be honest, Sonjia actually looked more like Roger's older sister than Margie did!

      Haha...thanks. I figured you had probably read the review I said in my review, I watched Remembrance years later as well -- I happened to buy it on DVD (cuz I buy like every single series on DVD when it comes out). And yes, I know about the Chilam/Kenix Mainland series, though I haven't watched it (yet)...I'm not fond of Mainland series for the same reason as you....but I'm willing to give that particular series a try in the future, just to see the Chilam/Kenix 'magic' again...

    2. Yaloh, I've to rely on your blog & your translations in asianfanatic to get older tvb stuff. Lost in translations is better than nothing. At least better than when I've to ask my dad to read out entertainment section of the newspaper. LOL. Who replied your weibo msgs before? Have you met any celebrities in person? Sharing is caring, heehee...

      Wah, you are truly a TVB superfan, buying DVDs & having cable tv. I only watch cable tv when i am at home. If the program is ok only, I'll multi-task like now, writing about my good old tvb favourite couples.

      Ekin & Nnadia: I first saw them as a couple in Beside the Seaside Beside the Sea. The drama is old fashion & quite boring but I like this prim & proper couple. Then I like them even more in The Zu Mountain Saga, one of my favourite fantasy drama. I start to love them in Mark of Triumph. This is a better drama than the nonsense Queens of Diamonds & Hearts. Instinct cements my love for them. I can still remember Ekin trying to put the ring on Nnadia's finger b4 she died, so sad..However I don't like their last drama together Knot to Treasure because of the stupid storyline. All in all they made 5 series as a couple, which is the most in tvb?

      Louis & Jessica: I don't really like the serials they were a couple. But i like Louis & feel he matches best with Jessica among his tvb dramas. Man's Best Friend is an average drama only. DIF4 is where i like them the best. I can still remember the big big girl in the big big world song haha....My only complain is the ending & the usage of the DIF franchise when everthing is different. Their last collaboration, A Step into the Past was promising but became a train wreck in the end. I dislike how Jessica's character developed.

      Jessica & Gallen: Although Gallen acted as the baddie in Cold Blood Warm Heart, I do like his pairing with Jessica eventhough I don't really like Jessica's character in the drama especially the way she treated my poor Chilam. Yet, I don't ship her with Chilam. Another drama I like them as a couple is Golden Faith. I am bias because that drama also got Deric & was filmed in Australia where I live:P FYI, I am not really a fan of Jessica because I feel that she can only act the tough, independent & opinionated woman role well which is who she is. Yet I like my female protaganist with such characteristics than being weepy & weak.

      to be continued.......

    3. @BOGAE fan: Here's the first part of my response (had to separate into parts since darn Blogger has a limitation to the number of characters it accepts....argh...)...

      It's always nice to meet another person who appreciates the 'old' TVB while at the same time can talk to some of the current stuff as well -- it's definitely rare in my opinion because it seems most people who are fans of the 'old' TVB don't keep up with the current stuff (which I don't blame them for at all since the quality of TVB has been going down for the past decade already and the popularity of series from other countries continue to rise) and most who are immersed in the 'current' TVB don't want to bother themselves with the 'old' stuff (since for most people, it was prior to their generation anyway).

      In terms of who I've received responses from on Weibo...well, most of the responses were from awhile back ago, since many of the celebrities nowadays don't respond to fans/followers' comments anymore, primarily because in the last year or so, as Weibo has become more popular, there are more and more CRAZY people who utilize Weibo to send nasty messages to celebrities they don't like, even causing some of the celebrities to shut down their accounts out of anger and frustration (which is dumb if you ask me....the fans should be grateful that the celebrities are willing to interact with them on a personal level, why go and ruin it? Some fans are really pyscho!). Anyway, some of the 'celebrities' I've received responses from in the past include Christine Ng, Joyce Cheng, Andrew Lam, Candy Law, etc. (there are a few more that I listed in one of my Weibo Fever posts from awhile back ago).

    4. @BOGAE fan:part Part 2...

      As for meeting celebrities in person -- well, I'm one of those people who doesn't have much luck in this's kind of ironic because I live in LA, but yet have never met any Hollywood celebrities (though honestly, I'm not really into American entertainment, so doesn't really matter to me). As for HK celebrities -- well, I've come close a few times but have never actually "met" any of them in person ("met" meaning shake their hand, get their autograph, take a picture with them, etc.). I remember bumping into writer / producer / host / DJ / actor / all around Media person Kam Kwok Leung (Dodo's ex-boyfriend) on the Airport Express a few years back when I was in HK visiting relatives (I think he had just gotten back from a trip) --he was on the phone the entire time (it was like a 15 minute ride), so I never approached him or anything (not that I would have anyway....hahaha).

      LOL...not sure if I would call myself a 'fan' of TVB because I don't just like former TVB's probably more appropriate to say that I'm a 'fan' of HK entertainment in, just to clarify, I'm definitely NOT a fan of the current TVB (can't stand the current TVB and its stupid Management team)....I guess the best 'description' of my relationship with TVB is that I'm a 'long-time supporter' of TVB (counting my family, we've been 'supporting' them for close to 4 decades) and since I 'grew up' during TVB's golden era (late 70s, 80s, and early 90s), I will always have a certain sentimentality toward the 'old' TVB....But yes, I would agree that I probably have more TVB-related 'stuff' in my home than most people do (mostly stuff I've collected over the years, including video tapes, VCDs, DVDs, books, magazines, etc.). That's why I said in my earlier comment that I would never shut down this blog sit because I still have so much stuff that I still want to share (though finding the time to do so is a challenge....LOL). probably know by now, but I'm a huge multi-tasker as well -- it's very rare for me to just sit there and watch a series without doing anything else (unless the series is very very very good and I get so caught up in it that I forget about everything else -- which honestly has only happened a few times in the past decade....). I'm usually doing 3-4 things at once, like (kind of) watching what's on TV (though I don't really pay much attention unless it's something interesting or something I like), working on my laptop, reading a magazine or book, talking to my mom, etc.....

    5. @BOGAE fan:part part 3....

      Ok, so regarding the couples you listed....

      Ekin / Nnadia -- Yup, agree with you in terms of how they evolved as an onscreen couple (though for me, their performances in Instinct stand out for me the most). I didn't like Knot to Treasure either (that series was so stupid....such a waste of talent, especially with the good cast it had!). Believe it or not, I still have yet to watch the Zu Mountain Saga (yes, I know how popular that series is, but unfortunately, the 'fantasy' genre just isn't really my thing.....I do plan to watch it someday though, just not in a rush to do so). Yup, Ekin and Nnadia made 5 series together as a couple (I actually think it's more than that though if you count the cameo appearances they had in the sitcom "Be My Guest") -- but that's actually not the most, since Michael Tao and Kenix Kwok were also paired together in 5 series as well (the DIF trilogy, Love Bond, and Shine on You).

      Louis / Jessica -- to be honest, I'm not a fan of either artist, though I do agree that they match well together as a couple. I don't know why, but I just never felt anything for them as a couple (probably cuz I'm not fond of either artist) so that's why for me personally, I wouldn't include them on my 'classic couples' list. I was ok with them in DIF 4, but I disliked the way the storyline evolved (the ending absolutely sucked) I liked Sunny Chan in that series more (though hated his pairings in there)....

      Gallen / Jessica -- I actually prefer Jessica with Gallen more than Louis to be honest because I've always felt that Jessica and Gallen have a special chemistry that makes their pairing so attractive to watch. I also liked their pairing in CBWH, though I absolutely hated Jessica's character (not just because of what she did to Chilam, but also because her character was just so badly written -- I hate weak, wishy-washy, pathetic female characters!)....and just like you, I didn't like her with Chilam either (I was actually 'horrified' when they got together in the series...LOL). I loved the Gallen / Jessica pairing in Golden Faith as well (though part of it was because I really liked Gallen's character in the series)...and of course, DERIC!!! (GF was actually one of the better series that Deric was in when he returned to TVB...the other good one was "Good versus Evil".....the rest of the series were kind of forgettable unfortunately).

    6. I will like to share with you my meeting the HK celebrities experiences:) I think more than 20 yrs ago, I saw Ha Yu in the airport on his way to Taiwan. He has got a wig in his luggage. Wonder if he is bald or it is just a prop, LOL. I took a photo with Leon Lai & got his autograph during his Songbird day:P He looks pale. Not sure it is the make up or his natural self. I also met the cool/cold Tony Leung so no photo but got autograph but i lost it, LOL.

      I met a few HK celebrities at close range at some tvb events with my mum but no photo or autograph as I've passed the age for that LOL. Maggie Siu & Canti Lau are as friendly & good looking in persons & on tv. I met Shirley Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Nancy Wu, Wayne Lai & Raymond Lam in the annual TVB carnival in Aust. I actually saw them at very close range, can even see the pores on their faces hahah...Shirley put on thick make up. Yoyo doesn't look as good in person as on tv. Nancy looks good in person. Wayne is very humourous & Ray is really good looking haha...But i can't tell if his nose is real or plastic:P My mum even met Moses Chan & Travia Yeung when I was away on holidays. She said Moses is ugly hahaha....

      I have seen a few others but won't mention them becos I didn't get to see them up close & personal. My only regret is that I didn't get to meet Deric & Chilam in persons, haha...My friend wants to give me Chilam's mum address in Sydney but I politely declined because I am not a stalker, LOL

    7. In response to your comments, I agree that the quality of tvb series & artists have deteriorated due to mgt favouritism, nepotism & incompentent, cough cough namely Miss 620 & Tommy Leung. FYI, I can't stand his daughter Toby's acting. She has no talent, skill, look or charisma. At least those Miss HK with no talent or skill have either look or charisma to make them more palatable.

      TVB treated Deric badly when he returned to film for them giving him crappy scripts, wasting his talent. Eventhough I like Golden Faith & Deric's character in it, I still feel his story is underdeveloped & his screentime limited. All his other roles are sort of forgetable. Did you watch any of his taiwan & china drama? I saw his interview when I was in China last year. He can speak mandarin quite well & his acting is still spot on as the interviewer made him improvise in front of the studio audience.

      Inspite of my complains & dissatisfaction with TVB, my family & I still watch tvb like eating rice, out of habit & sentimentality during dinner time. Nowadays, I do watch quality, interesting & innovative korea, china & taiwan dramas. In summary, the behaviour of some of today fans are similar to TVB's serial quality - poor:P If you post some constructive criticisms of their idols, they'll react like you've murdered their parents, LOL

    8. My last three classic couples are a hard call:)

      Felix Wong & Carina Lau: Who can forget the classic drama Looking Back in Anger with Danny Chan's equally good theme song? I still have a bottle of lucky stars in my room so needless to say how classic this couple is:) FYI, I want to believe the pair of legs in the ending belong to Carina LOL. Unfortunately I cannot remember much of their 2 other collaborations The Young Wanderer & The Tough Fight. Can you?

      Lawrence Ng & Ada Choi: I've to confess I watched Healing Hands until Ada's death because of this couple. I still swoon listening to Willam So's ballad while Ada attempts to hold Lawrence's hand, LOL. I also like them in Fate Twisters with Jenny Shing. I can't remember much of this couple in File of Justice. Actually I also like Ada's pairing with Steven Ma in Where the Legend Begins & On the Track & Off but I don't really fancy these 2 dramas that much so Lawrence wins, haha..

      My last but not least last couple is Leon & Jacqueline. Although they didn't really get together until the end in A Friend in Need, The Challenge of Life more than make up for it. Who can forget this good girl & kind of bad boy love story on a motorbike? Because of them, I watched this in the middle of the night as my parents won't let me watch it before my final exam, LOL. I know many like Leon's pairing with Kathy Chow in Cherished Moments & Breaking Point better but I beg to differ because I don't like Kathy's characters in both drama plus Looking Back in Anger. I've to mention I also like Sean Lau & Vivian Chow's pairing in The Greed of Man as the stingy girl & eccentric guy. But in the end I chose Beauty (Leon) over the Beast (Sean), haha..Don't get me wrong, i do like Sean as an actor but I've to choose Leon as I used to be his fangirl, LOL.

      I like Tung Boon Sin & Milk Candy and Drs YueTao as my 2012 favourite couples but it is still early days to go on my all time favourite list as their dramas are current so of course I remember everything about them & they are not pair up in another drama. As you'll notice I didn't mention any pairings pre 80s eg Dodo & Chow Yuen Fatt because I was too young to understand what on screen chemisty means, LOL. I do like some of the post 2000 pairings like Bosco & Myolie, Raymond & Michelle Yip, Ray & Linda, Ray & Travia, Steven & Linda, Kenneth Ma & Ella Koon, Nicky & Kelvin etc but not enough to put them on my all time list.

      In conclusion, if I didn't put some couples on my list, it doesn't mean I don't like them but for various reasons eg the script, the characters, the acting, not enough collaboration etc they are not memorable enough to make the cut. At the same time, some couples are not on my list because I absolutely dislike them which shall remain nameless, LOL

    9. @BOGAE fan: Sorry for the delayed response….been busy and just getting around to it now…. :0)

      Omg, I feel the exact same way with regard to Toby Leung’s acting…never liked her and never will. People keep saying that her acting has improved, but I’m sorry, I’ve seen some of her recent series and she is as annoying as ever and her acting still gives me goosebumps! Nowadays, if I happen to watch anything with her in it (which is not often, since I don’t even watch TVB series completely anymore), I pretty much forward through her scenes.

      Yup, it’s pretty obvious that TVB treated Deric badly when he returned – and of course, that whole relationship scandal thing didn’t help his career at all (though can’t really blame TVB for that one I guess). I’ve watched 1 or 2 of his dramas from Mainland China (can’t remember which ones) and he definitely still had it in him…but like we were discussing earlier, it’s hard for me to get into Mainland dramas because they’re so slow it seems. And yes, I agree that Deric’s Mandarin is excellent (I’ve watched a few of his interviews in Mandarin as well), which is probably why he’s still able to have such a successful career in Mainland right now. Wish him all the best!

      LOL…loved your last comment about the fans because that’s exactly how I feel as well (in fact, I might have even posted the exact same comment somewhere in a forum awhile back ago…hahaha). The sad thing is, even if you praise their idols, if it’s not stuff they want to hear or they feel like you are actually ‘mocking’ their idol by saying good stuff about them (yup, weird huh?), they will react the same way…LOL..

    10. Regarding the remaining couples on your list….

      Felix and Carina – I know exactly what you mean…LOL! I mean, how many couples (and overall series for that matter) are you able to recall that had such a huge trendsetting effect on such a huge population? I remember reading that back then, every shop in HK was out of lucky star paper (it’s true – couldn’t find a single piece of that stuff in all of HK!) And almost every single person I know of who watched that series started getting into the whole lucky star thing afterwards (even those not in HK). I actually have 2 bottles of lucky stars myself still (and yes, I folded every single star in both of those jars…LOL). I actually don’t remember much about their other 2 collaborations either despite having watched both series – so obviously, there was less of an impact from those collaborations.

      Lawrence and Ada – Interestingly enough, I actually liked Lawrence and Ada in both Fate Twisters and Files of Justice way more than in Healing Hands (I know, I’m probably one of the few). Lawrence and Ada’s chemistry in Fate Twisters was way better than in HH in my opinion (maybe because of their interesting personalities in that series?). I especially liked their FOJ pairing so much that I remember I actually got teary-eyed when Lawrence’s character died in FOJ and Ada ended up with Bobby (I love Bobby and he’s one of my all-time favorite actors, but that was one series where I really didn’t feel they belonged together and didn’t want them to be together…) .

      Leon and Jacqueline – definitely couldn’t agree with you more! Absolutely loved Leon and Jacqueline in The Challenge of Life (I think I mentioned this already, right?) and even though their love story was a little bit clichéd at times, it was still a very poignant one that worked well…plus the chemistry between these two was absolutely awesome! And like I’ve said before, I may like Leon and Kathy as a couple (at least back then), but I also was not entirely fond of Kathy’s characters in a few of the series (especially the one in Looking Back in Anger). In terms of Sean vs Leon – well, I would pick Sean as an actor over Leon anyday (that’s the Sean fan in me talking…hahaha) but in terms of ‘golden couples’, I actually think that Leon wins in my book merely because he had better pairings in most of the series he was in. Sean and Vivian were good in Greed of Man (and that series was hugely depressing but overall extremely well made), but I just never really got into them as a couple (probably because I’ve never been fond of Vivian Chow?)….in my mind, the most ‘classic’ pairing for Sean (I’m talking onscreen here, not in real life) will always be his pairing with Carina Lau in Police Cadet ’84 – absolutely loved them in that series (I preferred them as a pairing in that series over Tony and Maggie actually…).

      As for the newer couples – well, no point in commenting on those, since it’s pretty obvious from my blog posts which ones I liked (which aren’t very many at all).

  5. Lol I have to agree that some of the rankings and results are puzzling, but actually Boscolie and KN placings are logical given their fanbase. I don't have feelings for both couples. Bosco is fine as a budding actor but I still can't accept Myolie haha. I don't care even if she has the 'TVB Best Actress' title. Kevin I found ok since I saw his mainland series, and Niki is acceptable just because of her fresh appearance, still undecided about her acting.

    I would choose Louis and Jessica pairing in DIF4. I watched it when I was a kid and still remember their chemistry :)

    1. @zzxyz: Yup, that's exactly the point -- I'm sure TVB already knew as well that most audiences would vote for Boscolie (due to their popular these past 2 years especially) and also at least one (if not both) of the KC pairings....that could be another reason why they did such a bad job in putting together the nominations list (since they could already anticipate the results).

      I still can't stand Myolie, with or without the award (plus we all know for a fact that TVB's awards don't mean anything). Bosco is ok, but I would much rather watch Kenneth Ma to be honest.

      As for Kevin...well, let's just say that I'm still not fond of him, but I can definitely see that his acting has improved over the past 2 years, plus the way he has handled many of the 'controversies' that surrounded him in recent years has certainly given him some 'brownie points' in my book. I guess you could say that he has slowly gone from my 'dislike' list to my 'tolerable' list, but for now, that's pretty much where he will stay (in terms of my 'lists' that is....). Niki is 'tolerable' as well, though I wouldn't purposefully 'choose' to watch her series...

      Regarding Louis and Jessica...please see my reply above to BOGAE fan's comment...