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News Article: Jacky Cheung’s ½ Century Concert Tour may return to Guangzhou and other cities; fans wait in anticipation

Here’s the article about Jacky’s concert tour that tvbaddict was referring to which mentioned Atlantic City (see Cbox for conversation history).

Just a few things that I wanted to mention regarding this article:

.—Not sure about the source of this article, as it appears that it was written by someone in Guangzhou, since it refers specifically to Guangzhou fans.

.-- The way in which this article was written appears to be more of a plea on behalf of fans to persuade Jacky to return to Guangzhou to perform. From my perspective, there really isn’t any useful information in this article and since it doesn’t appear to be a professional article written by a known Media outlet, I wouldn’t vouch for the validity of any of the content in the article.

.-- Whoever wrote this article got some facts wrong. The article lists Atlantic City (U.S.) as one of the cities that Jacky performed at for his ½ Century Tour, but in reality, he never performed there this year. So far, the only North American cities scheduled on Jacky’s Concert tour are Las Vegas (U.S.), Toronto (Canada), and Vancouver (Canada).

.-- This article was published a few days ago, however it looks like the information contained in it is already outdated. Jacky’s concert team already announced that he will be returning to Guangzhou for 2 shows in February 2012.


Jacky Cheung’s ½ Century Concert Tour may return to Guangzhou and other cities; fans wait in anticipation

Article originally published on December 26, 2011

Source: ent.huanqiu.com

Translated by: llwy12

2011 – a year associated with a name that pierces our ears like thunder: Jacky Cheung. With his world tour concert, he continues to create miracles that extend not only throughout the regions and cities of Mainland China, but also reach as far as the United States and Australia as well as many regions in the Asia Pacific. With over 100 shows completed so far, millions of fans all over the world have been graced with Jacky’s heavenly voice and extraordinary live performances.

Jacky’s ½ Century Concert Tour was originally slated for only 50 shows. Unexpectedly yet not surprisingly, as soon as the concert tour launched on the last day of December 2010, it touched off huge waves around the world. The number of cities requesting to be added to the tour has been unceasing and as a result, the performance itinerary continues to change almost daily!

In almost every city / region where Jacky has performed, fans and local organizers alike have continued to request for added shows: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Chongqing, Guiyang, Hong Kong, Taipei….even in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Toronto, Singapore, Malaysia….with so many fans out there who still have not been able to successfully secure tickets for Jacky’s concert – many of whom have waited years to , the demand for additional shows has been tremendous. In almost every instance, Jacky and his team have tried to accommodate as many fans as possible by adding additional shows after each sold-out opening performance.

Guangzhou fans got the chance to experience Jacky’s ½ Century Concert back in January 2011 when he performed at the Guangzhou International Sports Arena, however there is a bit of regret in that many fans did not get to attend -- they are hoping that they will get the same chance as fans from other cities to enjoy such a grand production.

Recently, it has been reported that Jacky will be returning to various cities to perform once again for his fans via additional shows. Fun Entertainment Company’s Miss Choi revealed that in March 2012, it is confirmed that Jacky’s Concert tour will be returning to Shanghai, China for a few shows [TN: The concert originally kicked off in Shanghai back in December 2010]. As soon as this news came out, many local organizers in Guangzhou have been actively trying to persuade Jacky’s concert team to return to their city. According to workers affiliated with local entertainment companies, on behalf of the fans, they will try their best to persuade Jacky and his team to return to Guangzhou for additional shows.


Chinese version:

张学友1/2世纪演唱会或再次回归 广州歌迷翘首期盼



  已经演出过的城市、歌迷、主办方不断请求再度加演:北京、上海、广州、南昌、重庆、贵阳、香港、台北……乃至拉斯维加斯、大西洋城、多伦多、新加坡、马来西亚…… 那些没有及时抢票成功的歌迷们要求加场演出的市场呼声愈加高涨,为了满足强大的市场需求,圆歌迷们多年至臻的“学友梦”,屡次在首场演出爆棚之后立即加场再度返回加演以飨观众。



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