Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jacky Cheung holds his 100th concert show in Zhongshan (China)

Yay, more Jacky news!! :-)

Actually, there has been news about Jacky's concert throughout the past few months, but since there is so much information, I haven't had time to translate all the articles -- therefore, I've been picking and choosing a few articles here and there.

The particular article below is definitely worth posting due to the milestone of Jacky completing the 100th show of his concert (congrats to Jacky and team!).

Also, the final leg of the tour has been confirmed for May 18, 2012.



Article originally posted December 4, 2011

Source: Mingpao

Translated by: llwy12

The 100th show of Jacky Cheung’s ½ Century World Tour Concert took place in Zhongshan, China the day before yesterday. After the performance, Jacky’s concert manager Florence Chan arranged for a celebration event marking the concert milestone. During the event, Jacky led Mrs. Chan and her husband Chan Lau Chuan in an ice-breaking ceremony; at the same time, they also held a drawing with prizes as a means of thanking the concert team for their hard work.

In a few days, Jacky will be heading to Malaysia, where he will hold 4 shows on his concert tour, then after that, he will take a short break to be with his family. At the end of the month (December), he will ring in the 2012 New Year with his fans in Macau, as he will perform 4 shows at the Venetian Resort over there. Originally, only 3 shows were scheduled for Macau, however due to all tickets being quickly sold out, an extra show was added for the 29th [TN: the 4 shows for Macau will run from December 29, 2011 to January 1, 2012]. The number of shows in both Malaysia and Macau breaks the records for number of concert shows held in those countries.

Florence Chan indicated that Jacky’s previous concert tour [in 2007] held a total of 105 shows – this time around, by the time the Macau shows are completed, the concert tour will have already exceed 108 shows. In addition, Jacky has chosen the date of May 18, 2012 for the final show of his ½ Century tour, which will take place in Hong Kong, at the AsiaWorld Expo Center. Mrs. Chan stated that due to the limitations of the HK Coliseum, the rotating stage that was specially designed for Jacky’s concert could not be utilized during the tour’s previous HK stop [back in April 2011] – therefore, with the final concert show at a different venue, Mrs. Chan hopes that HK audiences and fans will be able to experience the special effects this time around. As of right now, the HK finale is scheduled for 5 shows and priority ticket sales for those shows will begin December 13th.


Chinese Version

張學友百場演出 唱到中山







  1. May I know the final show at HK on May, when it will open ticketing to public? I know there have open for credit card holder on 13/12, but I'm from oversea and don't have those card, how can I buy the ticket? can I buy online? Please advise. Thanks

  2. @Anonymous: I believe the tickets are on pre-sale already. You can try the below link and see if it helps:

    Another good way to get tickets is to go through Jacky's Friend Club (they have a page on FB, but I can't access it from this location, so can't paste the link). However, not sure if they only help members buy tickets or if they take orders from non-members as well.