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Memories of HK Entertainment’s Golden Age: “TV Screen Idols” Magazine (螢幕偶像) – POST #2

As promised in an earlier post, I will be sharing various articles from my collection of “TV Screen Idols” magazine (the now-defunct publication that used to be extremely popular back in the 80s and 90s). With the variety of articles in the magazines, it is indeed difficult deciding which ones to share. Whenever I can, I’ll try to translate entire articles, but when that’s not possible due to time constraints (since many of the articles are very long), then I’ll probably just do a summary (sort of like what I do for the book reviews).

Anyway, here’s the first article that I’ll be posting related to the magazine – I decided to translate this one in its entirety because it consists of the artist’s own words.

The below article is part of a Special Feature that was in one of the “Golden Chinese New Year” editions of the magazine. It was published back on February 3rd, 1986 (over 25 years ago). In that particular section of the magazine, the editors had a few of the entertainment industry’s most popular artists (in music, movies, and television) share their thoughts on whatever they wanted with readers – each of the artists wrote up something and submitted it to the editors to publish as a “In the Artists’ Own Words” feature in this special issue.

The artists chosen for this segment wrote about various topics and in different styles – some artists chose to write a thank you letter to fans (Anita Mui), others chose to recap various milestones in their careers (Leslie Cheung and David Lui Fong), while others took the opportunity to clarify rumors that had been circulating (Andy Lau) or decided to write about topics close to their hearts (Sheren Tang, Margie Tsang, Chow Yun Fat). I would have to say that the most ‘creative’ of the writings by far was Alex Man’s – it reminded me of one of those poems written by those ancient scholars (obviously it was a bit difficult to understand upon first read…LOL).

For this post, I decided to translate Margie Tsang’s (曾華倩) ‘Words from the Heart’.

Here are my thoughts regarding the article:

.—Keep in mind that the below was written by Margie back in 1986 when she was in her early 20s (and not long after she entered the TV industry). Around that time period, she had already filmed about 5 TV series and a couple movies.

.—1986 was the year that Margie broke up with her famous ex Tony Leung for the second time, after having reunited with him for less than a year (though some sources state that they had already broken up in late 1985). Whatever the case, I can’t help but wonder whether Margie’s relationship with Tony somehow played a role in Margie thinking the way she did back then.

.—Interestingly enough, Margie became a ‘housewife’ herself when she married businessman Lam Siu Kei in 1996 and gave birth to a son in 1999. Unfortunately though, Margie and her husband divorced in 2002 due to ‘incompatible personalities’. Since then, there have not been any confirmed reports of a new romance.

.—The below was written 25 years ago…now that Margie has gone through some of the experiences that she described in the article, I wonder if she would still think the same way today? We may never know, but it’s definitely interesting ‘food for thought’….


“Envious of Young Housewives”

Written by: Margie Tsang

Article originally published on February 3, 1986 in “HK TV Screen Idols” Magazine – Year of the Tiger Golden Edition (金裝螢幕偶像)

Translated by: llwy12

I once heard someone assess me in the following way: too cold and uncommunicative.

Perhaps so. But, there are also times when I feel like being chatty, enthusiastic, and wild.

I constantly feel that my personality is a bit contradictory: one moment I’m this way and another moment I’m that way. Sometimes, I feel like doing certain things, but then afterwards, I get fed up with it – even when I set my mind to it and feel determined to do it, that determination usually does not last long.

This personality of mine has caused me much unhappiness.

I envy those young housewives whose simple, main focus every day is in maintaining their family and toiling for their husbands and children. After dropping their children off at school in the mornings, they [the housewives] go and buy groceries, then after returning home, begin a day full of household chores – clean here, sweep there, and in no time, the house is spotless. When the children return home from school, they keep watch and make sure the children’s homework is done, also giving advice when questions come up. In the evening, they start to cook in the kitchen, preparing a delicious feast for the entire family to enjoy.

I also envy those women who are able to maintain an ordinary life, working an ordinary job. Every day, they start work at a certain time, have a consistent lunch schedule, and after returning home from work, they can go out and watch a movie with their boyfriends. Even though this would be their routine day in and day out, they are very happy with it and very satisfied with life.

How I wish I could be a person who is willing to be ordinary, not wishing for things and not fantasizing. Too much fantasizing, too many beautiful dreams cause sadness when these dreams can’t be fulfilled and I must face reality.

Of course, there are all different types of people in the world; some are more suitable to do this job while others may be better suited for that job – as long as each person does their best and does their part well. Perhaps I’m just too indecisive, wanting to do this and that, starting one thing without first completing another – in the end, I’m not able to gain success in either and just have a bunch of loose ends on my hands.

I thought about it for a long time and, honestly speaking, perhaps what I truly envy isn’t the position of ‘housewife’ or ‘office clerk’ itself, but rather, the ‘concept’ of such simplicity and focus. They are able to put all their effort into doing their jobs well, yet still enjoy it in the process.

If only I am also able to experience that level of comfort and find that sense of belonging in the TV industry, where I can concentrate my efforts fully on doing the job well while at the same time find joy and contentment in it.

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