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Mingpao Weekly: Interview with Felix Wong (黃日華)

This particular article is actually old (from December 2010). The interview was done around the time "Gun Metal Grey" was airing. I had actually translated this article for AF back during that time, but for some reason, didn't think to post it on my blog -- since I've been in a nostalgic mood recently and have been chatting about the 5 Tigers with others on their blogs, I figured I would post this as a 'treat' for me and for my fellow 80s HK entertainment fanatics (LOL)!

Enjoy!!  :-)


Mingpao Interview: Felix Wong does not chase after fame and fortune, chases after soccer balls

Original article published 12/12/2010
Source: Mingpao (reposted on TVB Channel)

Translated by llwy12

Picture credits as listed

Felix Wong – a 30 year veteran in the HK entertainment industry -- graduated from TVB’s Acting Class in 1980 and almost immediately took on the role of leading actor in TV series. He’s known for being a bit ‘explosive’ at times when it comes to his work, but that is because he takes his work seriously and has high expectations – in other words, Felix is merely trying to do his job well. Felix does not fight for any awards and actually feels that earning too much money is troublesome, so in terms of chasing after fame and fortune, there’s no need to include him – he is perfectly happy living a quiet, leisurely life doing what he loves best: ‘chasing balls’ on the soccer field. So then, what is it that has motivated Felix to film so many classic and memorable television series all these years? Felix replies: “Since I promised to do the job, I have to do it well! Actually, I don’t like this career (being an actor) at all and do not have an ‘acting addiction’ – to me, this is purely a ‘job’, but I still have to do it well!”

Even though he has been doing this ‘job’ for 30 years, Felix never mentions anything about having a passion for acting; instead, he claims that he only ‘loves’ soccer.

Felix: “After graduating from high school, I tried enrolling in the army, but was not successful, so I applied for TVB’s Acting Class. My personality is not a good fit for the entertainment industry, as I dislike being hypocritical and am not the type to ‘network’ or be sociable – I feel that trying to force myself to change in order to accommodate someone else is extremely painful. Even when my work became very difficult and exhausting, I never thought about giving up – I guess this is one of the attributes of those born in the 60s: willingness to endure hardship. I also don’t like changing to new environments, so if I had not entered the entertainment industry, I would probably be a soccer player. Luckily though, I was not drafted to any soccer teams back then because the career of a professional soccer player only lasts about 10 years, so it would have been hard for me to make the type of living that I did in order to have a good life now. I never did too well in school, however those from my generation who did do well in school may not have the same type of leisurely and carefree lifestyle that I have now either. In my opinion, those who are easily satisfied are the happiest.”

More Money = More Troubles

In the past 10 years, Felix has not ‘worked’ a whole lot and gave up on many opportunities to earn money. Why? Because he chose to allow himself to ‘slow down’.

Felix: “I worked very hard in the 1980s because at that time, I had a mortgage to pay; it wasn’t until I had accumulated a decent amount of savings and no longer had to worry about being burdened financially that I was able to choose for myself the life that I wanted to live. The amount of money that I earn from filming series in mainland China is several times greater than what I earn in Hong Kong, plus the filming schedule is already determined at the time the contract is signed, so it’s not as exhausting, however it would require me to be away from home for 4 to 6 months in the year, which won’t work for me. Filming in HK is more exhausting and difficult, but at least I’m able to go home to rest – that’s why I rejected a lot of opportunities to film series in mainland China. Even if it’s live stage performances in China, I try not to do too many either – though if I were willing to accept those job offers, I could have bought several houses already! Actually, my thought is that more money equals more troubles. A person needs to be able to pick up and let go – if the more you are willing to give up physically, the more you’ll eventually gain.” Though the opportunities to earn money are right in front of Felix, he doesn’t bother to pursue them. Even Felix’s assistant admits that when he arranges jobs for Felix, the primary ‘requirement’ is to ensure that the work does not affect his ‘Happy Wednesdays’, as that is the day that he has soccer practice with the HK Celebrity Soccer Team.

Teaches younger generation to build a solid foundation

Earlier, when Felix agreed to film the series 'Gun Metal Grey', he had to sacrifice his ‘Happy Wednesdays’ – now that the series has finished airing, Felix expresses that after not filming a TVB series for 9 years, this was a new experience for him.

Felix: “The artists I collaborated with in this series are all very hard-working and really threw themselves into their roles – it was a very happy experience. I didn’t put myself on a pedestal when interacting with the newer artists, but rather I chose to act as a role model for them by fully preparing my scenes before entering the studio. A newbie once asked for my opinion, saying that he has been in the industry for a year already but still has not encountered many opportunities for growth. I told him to look at artists such as Wayne Lai and Evergreen Mak – they worked for 20 plus years before they encountered such an opportunity. In this industry, a lot depends on fate as well as luck – there are even more older generation artists who never get such an opportunity in their entire lifetimes. Before trying to ‘stand out’ and be above everyone else, it’s necessary to first perform one’s own duties well; once that solid foundation is built, then the opportunities will come. I was one of the lucky few, as I entered the television industry during its golden era, so I was already playing the lead role in my very first series, 'The Lonely Hunter'. I was also most fortunate to encounter many seniors (older generation artists) who were willing to teach me.”

He continues: “In the past, filming series was really about working as a team and even though everyone spent most of the energy hard at work, emphasis was on team spirit. This time, when I returned to TVB, I felt that things have become more ‘systematic’ and no one dares to overstep their bounds. True, the company is physically ‘bigger’, but there is less of that family-like feel – luckily, I had already prepared myself emotionally for the ‘change’ in the work environment, so it was a matter of getting used to it. If TVB asked me to film another series, I’m willing to think about it – if it could be a comedy, that would be great, but most important is to be able to work with a group of colleagues who take their work seriously. My only ‘requirement’ would be to make sure I get good lighting so that I can look younger on screen and the audience can’t see the bags under my eyes…haha!”

Award ‘in the bag’ but ‘fell’ out

Felix’s performance in 'Gun Metal Grey' brought him a TV King nomination, but in the end, he lost out. Does he regret not winning any awards?

Felix: “The awards ceremony is merely a game and I already made it clear that I would not participate. The fact that the series itself garnered good feedback and word of mouth, I am already very happy; I don’t need awards. I’ve never been ‘lucky’ in terms of winning awards and I’ve already accepted this fact – I once had a good chance of winning an award, to the point of it being ‘in the bag’, but in the end, it ‘fell’ out. Back in 1997, during the first year of the anniversary awards, I was nominated for my role as Kiu Fung in 'The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 1997', the performance was not bad and the fighting scenes were done well – at the time, I thought that I had a pretty big chance at winning TV King, but in the end, I lost to Gallen Lo. It was the same with movies – I was nominated for Best Supporting Actor twice, but the first time I lost by one point to Anthony Wong and the second time, because I did not attend the Asian Film Festival, a Korean actor won instead. If you win an award, you still have to work and if you don’t win one, you’ll still get job opportunities – awards only bring fleeting happiness. If I was asked to film a series / movie for the purposes of winning an award, I definitely wouldn’t do it, as I don’t want the added pressure.”

Enjoy life and it will last longer

Slow down, enjoy life, and it will last longer. These are words of wisdom from Felix Wong.

Felix: “The amount of working I did in the first 20 years of my career is equivalent to 40 years worth of work for someone else, so I should be allowed to rest now, right? This industry is very weird – when I’m working hard, people advise me that I should slow down and rest, but then when I’m ‘resting’, people are endlessly asking me when I will be going back to work. Looks like the best thing to do is knead me together with Andy Lau, then redistribute, as he is quite the opposite – I’m constantly advising him to rest, but he always tells me it’s not exhausting and he likes working.”

Other than his Wednesday soccer practices and occasionally performing in mainland China, how else does Felix keep himself busy?

“Haha! I’m very busy! I ‘hang out’ at home playing video games, watching TV, gardening…also, there are 2 new ‘members’ of the family now, 2 dogs that I have to take care of. I also need to take my daughter to school and take care of some matters related to the Celebrity Soccer Team. Who says that I have a lot of free time? I’m also constantly re-watching my old series – recently, I re-watched 'The Lonely Hunter' as well as 'Legend of the Condor Heroes'. In doing so, I realized that back then, I didn’t know how to act at all! When I watch my performances from back then, I can’t help but laugh at myself!”

'The Lonely Hunter', 'Legend of the Condor Heroes', and 'Soldier of Fortune' are all classic TV series from the 80s, however many of those born in the 90s and after have never seen these series (including Felix’s daughter Zi-Ching). Asked for recommendations, Felix suggests re-watching 'Racking Peak', 'Looking Back in Anger', and 'Secret of the Heart', all series that he really likes. As for series from the 80s, he says that 'Soldier of Fortune' is definitely worth re-watching.

Felix is currently 49 years old – next year, he’ll be at the ‘half century’ mark (50 years old).

Felix: “Next year, I am going to change my name to『半百人』(‘half century person’) or『50人』(’50 person’). I don’t worry about age, as many people who are 50 or 60 years old are still quite healthy and energetic in today’s world. A fan once commented that ‘Felix Wong certainly looks like he has aged!’. Of course, it’s normal for me to look like I’ve aged, as I’m certainly not young anymore, unless I go get plastic surgery, then maybe I can still keep my face looking youthful. Hey, come to think about it…in the past, I never felt that I needed plastic surgery, but in recent years, I’ve been more accepting of it…perhaps I should go get surgery done for the bags under my eyes! Hahaha!!”

Good husband, good father

Felix Wong and former TVB actress Annie Leung married in 1988. Annie was Felix’s ‘first love’ – they dated for 8 years before getting married, so this year, they celebrate 30 years together. All these years, they’ve stood together to face life’s ups and downs and even to this day, Felix has never wavered in his determination to be a good husband and a good father.

Felix’s 20-year old daughter Zi-Ching is the beloved ‘pearl in his palm’ – he plays the part of chauffeur every day driving her to and from school. Ever the benevolent father, Felix even accompanied his daughter last year to meet her idol, Taiwanese boy band Lollipop-F – his great love for his daughter is obvious! As for his relationship with his wife Annie, some of HK’s gossip mags have used words such as ‘boring’, ‘dull’, and ‘each have their own fun’ to describe it.

Felix: “I love soccer and she loves Cantonese opera, so I guess you could say that we do have ‘our own fun’. However, recently, when we had personal gatherings with the GMG cast and crew, she participated as well. As for our marriage, it’s actually not ‘boring’ or ‘dull’ at all, rather, it has ascended to the highest level – being able to understand each other’s thoughts completely and having mutual respect and concern for each other, it has actually made our marriage even stronger. In the past 10 years, as I’ve reduced my workload, I’ve truly been able to enjoy our romance more; plus our daughter is grown up now and is dating, so my wife and I have more one-on-one time together. In the past, I would be working non-stop and any little free time I had would be spent sleeping. But now, I have the time to do the ‘ordinary’ activities that I never got a chance to do before, such as taking a stroll down the street with my wife, going to see a movie, going on vacations, etc. For me, being able to spend that time with my wife doing ‘ordinary’ things, it’s definitely a joy.”

Asked which places Felix likes to take his wife to for a nice dinner, he replied that there are a few places in Tsim Sha Tsui and Kowloon Tong that they go to often. Another ‘hot spot’ for them is the ‘BB Happy Restaurant, a small eatery in the Tai Po district – in fact, when asked where he wanted to do this interview, he picked this particular restaurant. As soon as he sat down at the restaurant, the owner already filled the table with all his favorite dishes and drinks (he didn’t even need to look at the menu)!

Three famous songs

Felix Wong and fellow actor Eddie Cheung are good friends and the 2 of them often perform in mainland China together in one of their famous ‘Fai Wong’ concerts [TN: ‘Fai’ is Eddie’s Chinese name Cheung Siu Fai and ‘Wong’ is of course Felix’s surname]. Every year, they do 20 to 30 shows and sometimes, they even travel outside of HK and China for their shows.

Felix: “It’s a pretty good living. We came up with the 'Fai Wong’ concerts thanks to Liza Wang – one time, she asked me why I don’t try going back to mainland China to perform onstage? I told her that my singing is really bad, but she said not to worry, as the fans won’t mind since I’m not a professional singer – she advised me to learn a few songs very well, then when I get on stage, perform the songs and play a couple games with the fans, and that’s it. So I learned to sing 2 of the themesongs from 'Legend of the Condor Heroes' as well as Liza’s classic song ‘Chinese People’; Eddie also has his own ‘specialty’ songs. For the past 6 years, no matter which event, we pretty much only perform these few songs, however the reaction from the audiences has always been very strong. Finally, I am able to experience the satisfaction that singers get when they receive applause and praise from the audiences.”

Though Felix and Eddie travel to mainland China often, Felix indicates that their wives don’t have to worry, as they don’t participate in any social events over there – in fact, they rarely go outside of their own hotel rooms.

Felix: When we’re performing in mainland China, the only 2 places that we go to are the performance location and the hotel – we refuse all parties and other social events, as it is easy to get in trouble when artists go to KTV places or bars. When we’re not performing, both Eddie and I choose to stay in our hotel rooms and do our own things – Eddie likes to have a cigar and some red wine, while I like listening to music and ‘playing’ Weibo. One time, it was really funny because we traveled to a very underdeveloped city in China and even though we stayed at one of the city’s best hotels, the condition was not too great and there were a lot of flies in the room. The hotel attendant gave me a fly swatter, so that day, my assistant and I played ‘swat the flies’ all day in my room!”

Addicted to Weibo

Felix is an admitted ‘Weibo fanatic’…in addition to ‘bursting out’ at TVB earlier on his Weibo, he also uses the platform to share the latest information about his life and career with more than 70,000 fans.

Felix: “I never thought that Weibo would be so far-reaching! With the ‘outburst’ situation, I was simply expressing what I felt was unfair from an audience’s perspective, didn’t realize the situation would spiral as big as it did. I’m a firm believer that if there’s sufficient evidence to back up a particular situation, it will gain attention and support. When I first started on Weibo, I thought it was merely a promotional platform for artists to interact with their fans, but turns out that it is a good communication tool – in the entertainment industry, artists don’t see each other often and even when we do get together face to face, it’s not always easy to open our mouths to express support for a certain person or situation. With Weibo, it brings us closer together and breaks down some of that awkwardness from a face to face encounter.”

Felix’s daughter is also on Weibo and is also one of his ‘Weibo fans’, however the 2 of them do not interact on-line. She said that she has already ‘followed’ him on Weibo, however Felix admits that he actually does not know his daughter’s Weibo screenname.


Chinese Version

黃日華不追名利愛追波 微博玩上癮






「我最搏命搵錢是80年代,因為當時要供樓,直至有積蓄沒有經濟負擔,我可以選擇自己的生活。內地拍戲掙錢是香港的數倍,而且工時是簽約規定,故不辛苦,但要我離開香港4個月、半年便不可以。在香港拍戲更辛苦,但起碼可以回家休息,所以我推掉很多內地劇集。就算接內地登台的次數也不想太多,要是肯多接工作便多買幾層樓了。其實愈多錢便愈多麻煩。做人要拿得起放得低,有捨才有得。」有錢唔掙,華哥的助手為他接工作以不影響他的Happy Wednesday為原則,逢周三是明星足球隊練波的日子。















「明年我會改藝名做 『半百人』或『50人』。我唔介意年紀多大,這年代50、60歲還是壯年。有影迷話歲月催人,黃日華老了!我年紀大了是正常的,除非我整容才保住年輕的樣子。話時話,以前我覺得不需要整容,近年已漸漸接受整容這件事,會考慮整一整眼袋……哈哈哈!」
















  1. Thank you for sharing! Felix is so down to earth and I especially love his candor. He did so much for TVB and worked his butt off. Isn't it funny that he sits at home and re-watches old series just like we do? :)

    He is so right about TVB losing that family-like feeling. There was a more creative and collaborative environment back then and you could see it in the results on-screen. I started to notice a change later on and all of a sudden TVB’s political games weren't quite so subtle anymore. And from what I read on your blog, it's gotten even worse.

    Not sure if I want to watch GMG or not. It's tempting.

  2. @retrotvb: No problem! This is definitely one of the interviews that I thoroughly enjoyed reading as well!

    Actually, it's because Felix worked so hard during his time with TVB that he absolutely deserves the leisurely life he lives now. I'm very happy for him! But yea, it is kind of funny though that he re-watches old series just like us (makes me feel proud to have something in common with him...LOL)!

    Absolutely agree regarding the 'family' thing -- that's why I've grown to dislike TVB over the years...unfortunately, the 'problems' seem to be obvious to everyone except TVB themselves.

    Hm...I would definitely recommend GMG -- the cast really does do a good job...but the reason why I would watch it and support it (besides the Felix / Michael factor) is because the series was extremely neglected by TVB (to the point that there was barely a mention of it at last year's anniversary gala -- and GMG is supposed to be an 'anniversary series'). TVB pretty much 'used' GMG as a last minute replacement in the anniversary series timeslot because they wanted their favored series Can't Buy Me Love (which stars TVB's favorite sons and daughters) to have a better shot at awards at the Anniversary awards they pretty much 'sacrificed' GMG. Oh, and of course Felix's outburst at TVB for neglecting and disrespecting the series -- makes me want to support GMG even more just to 'spite' TVB!

  3. Thanks for this one! I always mean to comment earlier but somehow that got tied up with reading other articles on your blog and retrotvb's, commenting and working on some new posts. And yes, it is very good to have a stable Internet connection back. Very much so.

    Felix really was overworked during that time, so you gotta hand it to the man - serious work ethic. And this is what I mean, every newbie is looking for a shortcut, when actors like Wayne Lai have been under the radar for over 20 years. So that's kinda rude to actors like him.

    And that little bit about Felix watching his own series is so LOL. Good for him. I'm trying to watch 'Soldier of Fortune' when it re-airs on TV, so the recommendation really fits (though this article is from last year).

    Yeah. They've really lost the familial-like relationships that they once used to have. But I think this problem also extends to other parts of the entertainment industry. Music being one of the main ones - I guess there are no real connections between any of the artists when performing on stage, anymore. No chemistry, either.

    And yes. I would only recommend 2 series from last year: one being 'No Regrets' and GMG. CBML is just a mess - and I really thought the clapping sequence was just plain stupid. And someone had to say it. And when someone like Felix speaks out, it definitely puts the 'new TVB' (Stephen Chan, Virginia Lok etc.) in a new light.

  4. @The Archival Queen: Thanks! Glad to see that your internet connection is back! Yay!

    Exactly -- I guess that's partly why I like the veteran (80s/early 90s) artists so much - most of them truly worked their way up and so are a lot more humble than today's artists who don't work nearly as hard.

    Haha...yup, I had to laugh at Felix watching his own series as well, though I'm not surprised because I know he does watch TVB series and shows -- and his recommendations are awesome! LOL!

    I agree with you regarding the music industry thing -- (sighs)...I actually have alot to say about this subject, so I'll hold off and probably save it for later.

    Omg, I couldn't stand CBML -- I sort of watched it when it came on TV (though not really cuz I missed a whole bunch of episodes, but I don't care and not bothering to re-watch)....from the bit that I did watch, it was boring and lame! And I absolutely agree -- it takes the veterans like Felix to really speak the "truth" (and not worry about the repercussions!). He's a hero in my book!

  5. Regarding Soldier of Fortune - I really, really love this series and have watched it over 20 times as I recorded it when it was aired last year. I loved Felix with Patricia Chong as they were such a good pair together. I also liked his character - a typical 1980s drama hero. Saying that I did feel abit sorry for the villain - Kent Tong. He did love Patricia at first but then Felix came along and she fell for him. It was rather cruel of her but there again, she had to do what the director wanted. I thought she was very pretty and a pity that shd didn't do many series. I wonder what happened to her. Oh, I saw her in another drama with Felix - sorry I can't read much Chinese so I don't know the name of it. It was set around 1930s and they were from poor families but because of circumstances got separated and he joined a gang of mountain thieves headed by So Hung Shuen and Lau Dan. That was great also.

    From Peaches

  6. I'd like to talk about the Lonely Hunter. I thought Felix was very good looking and being his first leading role did an excellent job. I did not think he and Dodo had much chemistry however and thought that she looked a bit older than him. It was great that Michael Mui was in it - another of my favourites. I liked the bit when he was so scared of Felix and that he thought he was going to be killed. He obviously seemed new and green as it was probably one of his earlier roles. I also liked Chan Man Yee - another list B actress who I feel also a bit under rated. I think she did play the lead role once but can't think the name of the series.

  7. @Peaches: I actually don't remember a whole lot about The Lonely Hunter because I watched it years ago and haven't re-watched it recently. But I do remember some of the main characters and things that happen.

    I agree regarding Felix doing an excellent job in this series -- it shows that he was a natural born actor, as he was able to do such a great job in his first lead role. (I still remember Carina Lau saying that she actually had a crush on Felix when she same him in this series and it was because she wanted to meet him that she joined the Acting Class...cute and funny! Haha!)

    Anyway, I also agree with you about Felix and Dodo not having much chemistry in this series...I remember thinking the same thing when I was watching it (I wasn't too excited over their relationship in the series.

    Haha..yes, I do remember that part with Michael. It's interesting that Michael's character goes from timid/shy to cold-blood (good to evil) whereas Felix's character has the opposite development (from "bad" to good)....funny -- it's like the exact opposite to Gun Metal Grey!

    I actually wouldn't consider Money Chan (Chan Man Yee) a "B" list actress -- I consider her A list because she has done lead roles in many series -- in fact, I would consider her one of the earlier 'fa dans' of the 80s. I liked almost all of the actors and actresses from the 80s and she was definitely one of the best "sut lik pai" actresses TVB had. Of course, her husband (Liu Kai Chi) is also one of my all time favorite supporting actors (and one of the nicest, humblest, most down to earth people anyone will ever meet!).

  8. @Peaches: Regarding Soldier of Fortune...

    I've seen the series a few times myself, but not as much as you did -- it's a good series definitely, but I wasn't as passionate about it.

    I'm ok with the Felix / Patricia pairing in this series, but I have to admit that I sort of got annoyed with Patricia's character in the beginning, especially how she always acted so stuck up and would look down about Felix's character just because he was poor. Patricia was a good actress though...

    I believe the series you are referring to (the 1930s setting one with Felix and Patricia) is "The Ordeal Before the Revolution" (賊公阿牛). It's been a LONG time since I've seen that series (like 20+ years), so I don't remember much about it -- I guess I'll have to go dig up that series someday and watch it again.

    Felix and Patricia were actually in several other series as well (I guess TVB liked to pair them up back in the day). They were also in "The Young Wanderer" from 1985 (with Carina Lau -- but I don't remember much about this series at all) and also "The Sword Stained with Royal Blood", which was the 80s version of the classic Jin Yong novel -- this is a GREAT series and is one of my all time favorite Jin Yong adaptations (well, pretty much all of the 80s versions of the Jin Yong wuxia series were awesome and among my list of favorites)!

  9. @llwy12, thanks for your comments and views. Yes, now that you mentioned it, the series with Patricia and Felix was definitely called Ordeal Before the Revolution. My,my, how do you know the translation so well? There are lots of dramas I have seen but don't know the names of in English and I can't write Chinese characters which is a bit of a nuisance. The one you mentioned with Carina Lau I have seen already. The scene I remembered was Carina telling Patricia how pretty she was and then Patricia returned the compliment but apart from that, I can't remember much about it. I find dramas set in the 1930s or modern day far easier to understand as they speak just plain Cantonese. Dramas set, in the say, Ming Dynasty or whatever would be a bit difficult for me as they sometimes use old Chinese and unless you've had a Chinese education, it would be quite difficult to understand. That is why I had a hard time understanding "Realm of Conscience" by Tavia and Charmaine Sheh. I actually watched it in Hong Kong whilst I was there on holiday at the time.

    From Peaches

  10. @llwy12 : I love the Condor Heroes drama = all three chapters. That Barbara Yung was really beautiful in it and she acted so well and had real chemistry with Felix. If someone was to ask me which chapter I liked best, it would be hard to say because it was like a beginning, a middle and an ending and you can't really judge until you have seen all three. I loved all those theme songs by Jenny Yan Nei with Roman Tam. Both of them had such powerful voices. Whoever picked them to sing those songs couldn't have found a better pair than those two.

  11. @Peaches: No problem! I'm happy to discuss HK entertainment related stuff!

    Actually, I'm not too into the English translations -- I'm actually not too keen about stuff that is translated because I've always been of the belief that things get lost in translation -- that's why I worked so hard to learn both Cantonese and Mandarin so I can watch the series in their original languages. The reason why I know the English names to the series is because I either own the series on video tape / VCD / DVD and so am able to look up the name or if it's an older series or one I don't know / haven't seen, I do the research on the internet to find out the name.

    I also love the Condor Heroes series -- definitely classics that can never be replaced!

  12. @llwy12: Glad you like the Condor Heroes also. Did you watch the drama with Andy Lau and Chan Yuk Lin? I think it was called Return of the Condor Heroes but not 100 percent sure. There was a black and white film made in the late 1950s by Patrick Tse and he played the same character as Andy Lau. Nam Hung played the same role as Chan Yuk Lin. She was his "see fu" and he was a kid when she found him and taught him how to fight. I can't remember the story but I actually saw the film (ha ha really showing my age now!!) but have never seen the tv drama with Andy Lau. Must admit I am not a fan of his but like Chan Yuk Lin very much. If it gets shown again on The Premium Drama channel I shall definitely watch it. How many Chinese channels do you have - I assume you reside in the US. I live in UK by the way and here we can get a package of 5 TVB Channels. If you only pay for just one TVB channel then you just get "Jade". The reason I was willing to get the whole package of 5 channels is because The Premium Channel has mainly all the old stuff. I don't think they have that package for Canadian residents.

  13. @llwy12: Now into "Racing Peak". Oh, I was very disappointed with this one and even with dear Felix in it as well as Ada Choi did not make me change my mind. I didn't think the storyline was good, did not like Amy Chan's character as she seemed to scream all the time. Some series you can sit there glued to the TV and not want to even move. With this one, you just want to finish it quickly. If I had to give a star rating up to 5 Stars, I would probably give this just a 1 star only because Felix was in it. A real downer!!

  14. @Peaches: Yes, definitely watched Return of the Condor Heroes -- that was a classic and in my opinion, the BEST version of Return of Condor Heroes ever made. Everyone did an excellent job in the series and I also liked the fact that they had the same veteran actors play some of the older characters -- which is great because then you really feel that the story is a continuation of previous installment (Legend of the Condor Heroes), which is what it is supposed to do.

    Yes, I live in the U.S. and I also have the Jade Channel package, but I don't think it's the same one that you have (U.K. probably has a different package). I actually like the channels I have because all the channels combined show a pretty good mix of old and new series (plus the ones in the middle) -- and the variety shows are a good mix as well, so I'm satisfied.

    Regarding "Racking Peak" -- I was also disappointed with the series because I also found the storyline a bit confusing -- I actually love the cast (Felix, Kenneth Tsang, Ada, Amy Chan, Fiona Leung, etc.), but the storyline was way too confusing for me -- plus I dislike horse racing so that piece already was a 'downer' for me...the ending was really weird as well...all in all, there were some good parts to the series, but it's not one that I would re-watch over and over again like the other Felix series.

  15. @llwy12: Regarding Return of the Condor Heroes, am I right in saying that Andy Lau (Yeung Kor) was the son of Michael Mui's character in Condor Heroes? I never really got the chance to watch it but glanced a few scenes when I was at a friend's house. There was a big eagle towards the end, what was that about? Also Andy aged a lot, did he die an old man?

  16. @Peaches: Yes, Andy Lau's character (Yeung Guo) is the son of Michael Miu's character (Yeung Hong). He doesn't die at the end of the series -- it's hard to explain either have to watch the series or read the novel to truly understand the storyline. I highly recommend Andy's version of Return of the Condor Heroes because it is definitely a classic worth watching. It's basically a continuation of the Legend of the Condor Heroes and except for the main characters of Kwok Jing and Wong Yung, everyone else who was in the "Legend" series plays the same part in "Return". Andy's version (the 80s version) is the best adaptation of Return of Condor Heroes that I've seen and is right up there with the 80s version of Legend of the Condor Heroes as being one of the most memorable Jin Yong adaptations in TV history.

  17. @llwy12: Do you know what's happened to Eddie Cheung? I really liked him in "The Turbulent Decade" together with Eddie Kwan, Carina Lau, Jaime Chik. As you said before it is very difficult to find even old dramas with so many good stars in it. That was absolutely brilliant . I saw Eddie in a police drama with, I think an actress called Po Ling or something like that. I vaguely remember it was pretty good. She was one rank higher up than him and so it made their relationship difficult. I think he fell in love with someone else in the end. I think that actress was in "Greed of Man". Wonder whether you have seen this or not.

  18. @Peaches: Eddie Cheung is still active in the industry, except he's more active in movies nowadays than in television (though, like many of the veteran HK artists, he also has a career in the Mainland somewhat). Unfortunately though, he's pretty been relegated to supporting roles this past decade, both in TV and movies, which sort of sucks. But Eddie doesn't seem to mind because like his buddy Felix, he is enjoying life and doing some of the things that he enjoys the most (i.e. playing soccer, doing his 'Fai Wong' concerts with Felix, etc.). Also, he's married and has 2 children -- a boy and a girl.

    I actually don't recall that particular series you mentioned (the police drama) -- but it may come to mind later on. And yes, I have seen "Greed of Man"....

  19. @llwy12 : I just know this very useful blogspot and I am very glad to read this post of yours on April 29, 2011 10:06 AM as you said "I actually wouldn't consider Money Chan (Chan Man Yee) a "B" list actress -- I consider her A list because she has done lead roles in many series -- in fact, I would consider her one of the earlier 'fa dans' of the 80s. I liked almost all of the actors and actresses from the 80s and she was definitely one of the best "sut lik pai" actresses TVB had. Of course, her husband (Liu Kai Chi) is also one of my all time favorite supporting actors (and one of the nicest, humblest, most down to earth people anyone will ever meet!)."

    The reason I say this because you are very right. I am from Vietnam, since I were 8 years old I had been watching many Hong Kong series, and there was one series and one character that have been haunting me even until now, that was The unyielding Master Lim and the character of Ms.Chan Man Yee (Lim's wife). When I were older I wacth this series again, the love for the character even more and more, I needed to know who is that female actress, that was why I know Ms.Chan Man Yee. As you know Because Ms.Chan Man Yee stepped out of HK entertainment in 1994 (so early:() so I don't have much chance to watch more of her and that was why the information about her in Vietnam is way rare.

    What I am trying to say is Ms.Chan Man Yee was definitely an excellent actress. Through English and Chinese website I know more about her real life, the more I know the more I admire her.

    I just wish I can read more about her and Uncle Chi Liu, about TVB 8th class and their love story:)

    Thank you so much for your useful and informative blog. Best regard.

  20. @loanr: Thanks for visiting my blog and also for your comments! I will definitely write more about Uncle Chi and Man Yee when I get the chance, as they are also 2 of my favorite artists from the 80s as well. I also like both of them on a personal level as well -- especially Uncle Chi.

    Hope that you will stay tuned for more updates! :-)

  21. @llwy12: Thank you so much for your promise:). In the mean time I will read your articles because they are so new to me and I have a lot to learn:)

    Best regards and keep up the good job.

  22. Hi IIwy12: I can't wait to read about Uncle Chi and Ms.Chan Man Yee:)