Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jacky's Hong Kong Concert Begins!!!!

Since the Hong Kong leg of Jacky's concert just started yesterday, figured I would post up the latest news about it. Based on what I've read, all I can say is -- the HK fans are EXTREMELY lucky!!! (Hey, I want to be 'up close' to Jacky too!!)

Anyways, here are a few articles regarding Jacky's' concert that I translated today.  Enjoy!


Jacky Cheung kicks off Hong Kong leg of concert

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by:  llwy12

Picture credits as listed

God of Songs Jacky Cheung will kick off the 20 show Hong Kong leg of his 1/2 Century Concert tonight at the HK Coliseum. All 190,000 tickets for the 20 shows have been long sold out. Due to each show being close to 3 hours long, Jacky’s concert organizer and manager Florence Chan encourages all fans / audiences to arrive early so that the show can start on time at 8:15pm sharp.

In efforts to give fans the best experience possible, the concert organizers rebuilt a brand new stage for the concert that is completely different from the one used during Jacky's World Tour in China and the U.S. -- one made especially for the HK Coliseum. The effect is that Jacky will be able to get more 'up close' with the audience -- in fact, during one particular segment, Jacky will be sitting right in front of the fans, with virtually 'zero' distance between them, which is sure to make many Jacky fans very happy!

Earlier in the week, Jacky encouraged fans and concert-goers not to give him flowers this time, but rather donate rice instead to help feed the poor and also protect the environment. Mrs. Chan expressed that the responses from the fans have been overwhelming, so they decided that after Jacky's 5th show on the 18th, they will arrange a handover ceremony backstage for the donations.


Jacky's Opening Night Concert at HK Colisum; Chow Yun Fat and ex-wife Candice Yu attend same concert, no chance of meeting

Source:  Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by:  llwy12

Picture credits as listed

Jacky Cheung’s long anticipated “1/2 Century Concert Tour” finally made its way back to Hong Kong last night, with the first of 20 shows kicking off to a full house at the HK Coliseum.

Jacky’s opening night concert attracted both ordinary citizens and celebrities alike -- including a rare appearance by actor Chow Yun Fat (Fat Gor) and his wife Jasmine. Coincidentally, Chow Yun Fat’s ex-wife Candice Yu was also in attendance at the concert -- a few minutes after Candice arrived, Fat Gor and his wife arrived, which caused a bit of a stir among the audience. However, since their seats were separated by about a dozen rows, there was no chance of the ex-couple bumping into each other or possibly finding themselves in an uncomfortable situation.

Even though concert organizers encouraged fans and concert-goers to arrive on-time, unfortunately there were still a lot of people who arrived late, causing the start of the show to be delayed by 10 minutes. For opening night, all 9000 plus seats of the HKC were filled to capacity and fans anxiously awaited as Jacky finally appeared on stage, dressed in a white outfit, starting the night with a tap dance routine that awed audiences.

After that, Jacky changed into a red outfit complete with an artist’s beret and launched into his classic hit <> as the big screen on-stage ran a mini-movie musical starring Jacky himself along with actress Shu Qi. In the movie, Jacky and Shu Qi act out the various stages of a love relationship, from the first meeting, to dating, marriage, separation, and reconciling. On stage, Jacky performed various musical hits to accompany the movie and also re-enacted parts of the story with a female dancer. During one segment, Jacky and the dancer sat atop a bench raised 20 feet above the stage -- even though there were no safety harnesses and the bench kept swaying softly side to side, Jacky did not appear nervous at all and sang many of his classic hits without missing a beat!

Jacky’s wife May Lo and their 2 daughters were not present at last night’s concert, however Jacky indicated that they had already seen the concert when he performed in Shanghai. When asked what his daughters thought of his performances, Jacky expressed that their response was positive: “The most important benefit is that they truly understand what I do. They also know more of my songs now and occasionally, they would have special requests for me to sing certain songs. My younger daughter likes the song <> because of the fast tempo.”

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  1. With regards to Candice Yu - oh such a gorgeous looking lady! I have seen a few of her old dramas but the one that sticks in my mind was called "Di Day Yun Ching" - sorry don't know what translation it is in English. She played a village wife opposite Lau Chi Wing and he went off to work in the city or something and sort of fell in love with Lee Ying. I think it was an ATV drama (not TVB). The theme song was song by one of my favourite singers, Chelsia Chan. I can't remember the ending but really liked that series.