Friday, April 22, 2011

HKFA 2011: Jacky Cheung's Tribute to Willie Chan

Just wanted to share this awesome clip of Jacky singing Frank Sinatra’s classic hit "My Way". This was from the HK Film Awards ceremony that took place last week. Due to the date of the awards ceremony conflicting with his concert date, Jacky did not attend the HKFA ceremony, even though he was nominated in the "Best Actor" category (no surprise here, as it was already a given that he would not attend). But, he did record this clip for the ceremony as a gift for his former manager and good friend Willie Chan, who received the Professional Achievement Award from the HKFA that night (well-deserved in my opinion).

As always, Jacky's performance is awesome and absolutely blows people away -- listening to him sing, it's so easy to become mesmerized and drawn in (which is definitely the feeling I got). This was definitely my favorite segment of the entire HKFA ceremony!

Thanks, Jacky, for showing everyone else how it’s supposed to be done!!!

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