Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New blog series: Entertainment news updates

I wanted to put up this quick message to let everyone know that I've decided to try something new with my blog this year. Those of you who've been long-time followers of my blog probably know that nowadays, I don't update my blog as often as I used to. The main reason why I don't update as much anymore is because I'm usually super-busy trying to juggle work and personal life and everything else in between so time management is a huge issue for me (more often than not, I find myself needing more than 24 hours in a day, lol). The secondary reason (which goes hand-in-hand with the first one technically) is because I'm very very "particular" (I usually use the word "anal" but that word sounds kind of rude) about my writing, especially when it comes to translations, as I'm somewhat of a perfectionist in this area and am quite obsessed with choosing my words carefully so as not to mislead or offend. I also tend to be very long-winded and do not have the gift like others do of being "short and sweet" when it comes to writing, which is why, as I'm sure you've noticed, most of my blog posts are long, wordy, and probably contain more detail than you care to read about. In this context, despite the fact that I'm a writer and I love to write, when it comes to this blog, writing up posts is actually very draining for me and with everything I've had (and still have) going on, it's been hard to keep up. As a result, I haven't been updating this blog as frequently as I would like, even though I continue to read and follow entertainment news (almost religiously) on a daily basis and often come across quite a bit of interesting news stuff I want to share, but don't have time to write up long posts about them.

So back to my first sentence about trying something new (see how long-winded I am? LOL)….basically, I'm planning on starting a new series of posts dedicated to updating readers on various HK entertainment-related stuff that either I found interesting or I know it's stuff that a few of us have been "following" (i.e. HKTV, Fox Asia, OCTB season 2, etc.). Think of it as a "newsreel" of sorts with short (hopefully no more than 1-2 sentences) tidbits on some of the current "happenings" in the entertainment industry. The plan is to do this on a weekly basis (haven't decided which day of the week yet) and it will be stuff that I read about that week (or the day I'm writing up the post). Whenever possible, I will try to include a link to the news source where I got the information, but don't expect this to be a regular occurrence, as I read from (and watch) a multitude of different sources and sometimes it may have been something I read in passing so a link just isn't available (however I will still try to at least reference the news source if I remember).

Just to clarify though -- I still intend to write up my usual long (wordy) blog posts and do full/partial translations of certain articles whenever I can but with my schedule, this will likely happen less frequently than I would like. And on that note, I would actually like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone whom I may have promised at one point or another to translate a particular article or write about a particular topic but never delivered on it – definitely wasn't intentional on my part and hopefully I will be less of a flake in this area in the future (or I just need to be more careful about not over-promising, lol).

Lastly, a big THANK YOU to those who continue to follow my blog and actually read my lengthy posts. I may not be good at expressing it but I definitely appreciate all of you and am grateful for the continued support!


  1. Will look out for your new blogs on the HK entertainment scene. Keep up the good work, 小賢!

  2. I just want to say Thanks and give a like. I can't read Chinese but I really do have a big interest of the HK Entertainment news. Now with your input I will know more about it.

    1. @Anonymous: Thank you to both! :-)

      Yea, there are definitely so many things that go on in the entertainment industry (big and small) but not all of it is covered by mainstream media and having to filter through numerous discussion forums and fan sites can be a real pain. I may not necessarily include everything going on out there either, as everyone’s interests are different and there are some artists I’m truly not interested in, but hopefully I can at least relay some info that might be of interest to people — well, those who follow my blog at least, lol.