Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Jacky concert - Confirmation of additional Las Vegas show!!

The below picture says it all!  Those who didn’t get tickets for the 2/17 show, make sure to put 1/4/18 on your calendar as that is when the tickets for the added show on 2/18 goes on sale!


  1. :( Can't be in Vegas around that timeframe. I'm so jealous at Vegas people. They always get him and take him for granted. One time, long ago, there were people (Asians and gamblers) wanted to pawn his tickets off because it clashed with their gambling time. I didn't know until after the fact. I'm like, ugh, pulling hair.

    Anyways, Happy New Year!

    1. @jjwong: Happy New Year! :-)

      Aww, sorry you can’t go. Yea, the timeframe isn’t that good due to Chinese New Year. Good thing my family understands (plus we don’t really celebrate CNY anyway, lol).

      Oh, I definitely understand what you mean! Not sure if you read the recap I did on Jacky’s previous concert (the ½ Century one, which I also went to when he performed in Las Vegas, though that time it was at Caesar’s Palace). I was so ticked off at the rude people I saw there – people with their heads down looking at their phones the entire time, others who would keep getting up and leaving then coming back in…someone even brought their infant (who couldn’t be more than 1 year old) to the concert and the baby was crying like the ENTIRE TIME! These were all people who sat in the rows in front of me -- I had gotten the highest tier tickets so my guess is that those were people who probably had gotten free tickets or whatnot due to being friends / relatives / family of business sponsors because no true fan of Jacky’s would disrespect him in that way! I kept thinking to myself that there were so many fans (and even non-fans) who would’ve loved to attend but couldn’t get tickets, yet these stupid people got to go and make total fools out of themselves (not to mention disrespecting Jacky and all his fans). I’m pretty sure I’ll see the same types of people this time around too but I’ll try not to get as worked up, lol.