Monday, December 22, 2014

Jacky Cheung`s new Mandarin album: 醒著做夢 (Wake Up Dreaming)

I know I haven’t posted about Jacky in a long time, but since his new Mandarin album is coming out tomorrow (well, technically today if we count HK time instead of U.S. time), I figured I’d “pre-celebrate” with this post!  

Yesterday, Jacky held a press conference marking the official release of his album in Taiwan.  The event was hosted by his good friend Mickey Huang and of course, there was a lot of funny banter between the two of them (I’m waiting for all the clips of the press con to come out, which I will post up once available).  Jacky sang the second plug from his new album (the song is called “Tears of Time”) live during the event (aww, wish I could have been there!).

Actually, Jacky already held press conferences in HK and Mainland China in the past few weeks, but the reason why I wanted to point out the Taiwan one in particular is because of the “star-studded” nature of this press con.  The organizers of the event specially invited 30 of Jacky’s friends (most of whom are A-listers in the HK entertainment industry) to record video segments congratulating him on the release of his new album.    In addition to his “buddies” such as Harlem Yu, Tony Leung Chiu Wai (little Tony), Tony Leung Ka Fai (big Tony), Nick Cheung, Eric Tsang, Eason Chan, and close friends/colleagues such as Sandra Ng, John Woo, A-Mei Chang, Karena Lam, Alan Tam, Sandy Lam, Sammi Cheng, Tang Wei, etc. etc. etc. , the biggest highlight was the “reunion” of the 4 Heavenly Kings, as Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, and Leon Lai all recorded video segments that were aired at the press conference.  I have yet to watch all the video clips, but I absolutely applaud the organizers for such a sweet gesture (Jacky is definitely well-loved in Taiwan)! 

I will post up more clips once they come out.  For the time being though, here are a few promo pics from Universal’s (Jacky’s record company) weibo that shows some of the friends who recorded video clips. 

Oh and lastly….congratulations Jacky on the release of your new album!  It was a long wait for us fans (7 years since release of his last Mandarin album, though the album itself was technically 10 years in the making), but definitely well worth it!! 

P.S.:  For those who haven’t done so already, please buy Jacky’s new album!  Thank you!!


  1. Ah I have posted on the tagboard...just want to ask is there a difference btw the TW and HK limited -edition Germany version? Anyhow, my bro is there and I have asked him to buy the HK version (hopefully) he can buy..he's not that good at buying music stuff

    1. @fangorn: I just saw your comment on the tagboard...sorry about not seeing it earlier.

      There's no difference between the HK and TW version actually -- for the regular albums, they are the same (usually the concert DVDs / CDs are the ones that have different versions).

      Oh, so your brother is going to buy from HK? I actually pre-ordered mine from Yesasia, which is what I normally do, since it's so inconvenient to buy in HK directly. You may want to tell him to go to the "legitimate" music stores that sell the original version rather than bootleg versions (it's kind of hard to tell nowadays, since there are more bootleg stores than "legit" stores). The album is also available on iTunes as well, which is another option if you want to buy from there and download / listen right away. I usually do both (buy the original album and also buy from iTunes).

      Anyway, would love to hear your opinion of Jacky's new album. Feel free to post your comments once you get a chance to listen to it.

      P.S.: There's still time to pre-order on Yesasia if you prefer that option -- there's actually a desk calendar that comes with the pre-order, though I heard that there are no pictures of Jacky in the calendar (bummer)....

    2. Well he's in HK now vacationing so I might as well..hey while u are there... XD

      I actually want to pre-order it...the calendar is not that important...

    3. My bro bought the CD (and surprise!! they have the calendar) yesterday.

      Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to You!! ^_^

    4. @fangorn: YAY! Awesome news! My CD is still on its way (those slow Yesasia folks), but I also paid for and downloaded the album from iTunes as well (because I couldn't wait to listen to the entire

      Thanks for the holiday wishes! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you (and your family) as well! :-)