Thursday, December 25, 2014

Follow up post: Jacky Cheung's new Mandarin album "Wake Up Dreaming"

As stated in my previous post, Jacky's new Mandarin album was officially released yesterday 12/23/14.  I'm actually waiting for my "official" copy to get here, but I've already listened to all 10 songs on the album, as I also bought the entire album on iTunes as well (which is what I normally do in addition to getting the physical album itself).

Meanwhile, as promised in my previous post, here is the link to part of the Taiwan press conference (this is only the segment with the videos from 30 of Jacky's friends.  The rest of the press conference is actually worth watching as well, especially the part right after the airing of the video clips where Jacky gives his thoughts on the video -- his response was in his usual humble, low-key style and was very touching.

I hope you guys enjoy watching the video -- I surely did!!  Of course, as an unofficial member of the Jacky - Harlem True Love Fan Club (just kidding....I actually made that up), I loved Harlem's video the most -- hahaha!  (Those of you who love Jacky and Harlem's friendship and chemistry as much as I do will totally understand why).  Harlem's video was so funny -- he actually made it so professional-looking (keep your eyes out for the "Harlem Music" copyright at the end of his video...LOL).  And I got such a kick out of Harlem trying to make up a new title for Jacky (sorry Harlem -- as much as I adore you, the title of "Song Buddha" doesn't fly with me...let's stick with "God of Songs", ok?).   The best part of course was Harlem claiming that Jacky's new song "The Rest of Time" shows his (Jacky's) love for him (Harlem) because he used Harlem's name in the title (two of the Chinese characters in the song actually do sound like his name)....Jacky's reaction was even funnier (he basically "rejected" Harlem's love and called him a "san ba" (loosely translated as 'nosy meddler').   LOL...poor Harlem (it was all in good fun of course, since Jacky and Harlem are such close buddies -- they love poking fun at each other and calling each other names like little boys...haha!).

The other highlight is of course the "reunion" of the 4 Heavenly Kings (Jacky even commented on this and said that if he were to record a video and include it in the clip, it will truly be all 4 of them together).  Plus there's all the other big names from the Taiwan and HK entertainment industries whom I didn't even list -- loved most of their speeches too: big Tony Leung's speech was very moving, little Tony Leung was cute, Eason Chan was being his weird self, Eric Tsang was actually serious for once (I liked what he said though), Nick Cheung was funny as hell (yes Nick, your "brother" was definitely laughing at your poor Mandarin...heehee), Sean Lau stuck to his "man of few words" style (his clip was obviously the shortest...LOL), Karena Lam's was the most unique.  Out of the 3 Kings, Andy Lau's speech was the most moving while Leon Lai's was the most eloquent (of course).

Ok, I'll stop spoiling it for you guys and let you watch the video yourselves....



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