Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TVB Anniversary Awards 2012: Recap of the Winners + My Thoughts

TVB’s annual Anniversary Awards show took place much later than usual this year, which isn’t too surprising given the fact that TVB had to wait until their 2 anniversary series finished airing so that both programs could be included in the awards ceremony.

This year’s awards show was also different from previous years because of the new ‘rules’ that TVB set in efforts to attract more audiences to watch and participate in the show.  Instead of having TVB executives and producers determine the winners for all award categories, TVB chose instead to have the 3 biggest award categories – Best Actor (TV King), Best Actress (TV Queen), and Best Series – be determined 100% by audience vote (what they call the OVPP system).  Since I already stated my opinion multiple times about the OVPP thing and why I don’t feel that it’s a good idea, I’m not going to rehash that ‘argument’ here.  But I will say that TVB pretty much used the whole OVPP thing as a ‘gimmick’ in efforts to ‘change up’ the awards show and also get more audiences to watch as well as participate (which seemed to have worked, since the latest update is that the ratings for the show shot through the roof:  ratings averaged 36 points, peaking at 41 points….even higher ratings than TVB’s series!!).

Unlike last year’s award ceremony, which I had no interest in watching whatsoever (though I still ended up watching and writing up a recap post on it), I was actually interested this year because there were quite a few artists and series nominated that I actually like…plus I was curious to see how the whole OVPP thing would turn out (and whether the Miss HK voting fiasco would repeat itself or not).

Overall, I felt that the results were satisfactory and I wasn’t too surprised with who ended up winning (well, except for in 1-2 categories that is).  The awards were pretty evenly distributed this time around and the people whom I expected to win did (for the most part). 

Of course, the biggest surprise for me was the presentation of the “Outstanding Artist” awards to the 5 ‘veteran’ artists – even though I already knew that TVB was going to have this ‘new’ award this year (it was announced a few weeks ago), I had no clue what the criteria would be or who the nominees were, since TVB didn’t release any details about it.  Prior to the awards show, there was widespread speculation in the Media that this award was created as a ‘consolation prize’ to calm the backlash that erupted over the blatant omission of certain artists from the nominations list (i.e. Ben Wong, Raymond Cho, Linda Chung, etc.) – in fact, I even saw some Media outlet ‘claim’ that they had the ‘official list of winners’ from TVB and those 3 names (Ben, Raymond, Linda, etc.) were on it as the ‘winners’ of this award!  Obviously, that ‘report’ turned out to be BOGUS (again, be careful what you read in the Media and don’t believe everything you read / hear!).  The purpose of the “Outstanding Artist” award turned out to be completely different – it wasn’t a ‘consolation prize’ for those not nominated, but rather a ‘professionalism’ award to recognize those veteran artists who’ve worked hard for years and show professionalism both at work and outside of it.  Sure, people can say that this was pretty much a ‘pork’ award, but hey, the way I see it, at least TVB made the effort to recognize those artists (even if they probably only did so because of the external ‘pressure’ from HKTV and not wanting to lose those artists to competitors).  In any case, I’ll talk more about the winners for this award below and my feelings about it.

The other overall comment I had is that I was a bit disappointed with the lack of ‘meaningful’ presenters this year.  Every year, the ‘highlight’ of the anniversary awards show for me isn’t necessarily the nominees or the award winners (since I’ve lost confidence in TVB’s awards in the past decade, so I could really care less who won) – rather, I tune in to watch the awards mainly because of the presenters, since most years, TVB manages to invite artists / entertainment industry people whom we haven’t seen in a long time to present for them.  Also, the ‘speeches’ that the presenters give are usually the most interesting (and usually the funniest) part of the entire show.  I’ll talk a little bit about some of the presenters who were at the ceremony, but outside of those few, there really wasn’t much ‘excitement’ in this area this year.

Ok, so with all that said, here’s the list of the winners, my thoughts / opinion on their wins, and comments about the actual show itself.


Lifetime Achievement Award:  Liza Wang
(Award presented by TVB’s Deputy Chairman Norman Leung)

.-- Even though I absolutely can’t stand Liza Wang, I’m actually ok with TVB giving her this award because she truly has contributed a lot to the industry and so for that, she does deserve to be recognized.  Plus I would much rather they give Liza this award than to keep giving her a spot in the Top 5 for TV Queen just to please her (which they didn’t do this year – thank God!).  I mean, seriously, must she get nominated for TV Queen each time she participates in a series?  How about saving that spot for the younger ones fadans who actually ‘need’ the TV Queen award more than she does?

.-- Anyway, I honestly didn’t pay much attention to Liza’s acceptance speech because, well, frankly I really didn’t care much – just wanted them to get the segment over with and move on.

.-- One comment about this segment of the awards ceremony:  Um, in the future, can TVB please not have Norman Leung speak?  I mean, ok fine, have him present the award if needed, but gosh, please don’t let the man open his mouth!   Not only does he speak incredibly SLOW, he’s also very incoherent (honestly, Sir Run Run Show is 104 years old and he probably speaks more clearly than Norman Leung!).  Also, most people probably didn’t notice, but Mr. Leung got some information wrong in his speech (when he was recounting some of the series that Liza participated in) – my mom and I were literally sitting there scratching our heads and wondering:  Huh?  I don’t hear Norman Leung giving long speeches too often, so I’m not sure if he speaks that way normally or if he was just really nervous that night (though I had the same feeling about his speech last year too – CRINGEWORTHY!). Argh!

Most Improved Female Artist:  Mandy Wong
(Award presented by Lawrence Cheng, Chin Kar Lok, and Janice Man)

.—First, a word about the presenters:  it actually did make sense for TVB to invite Lawrence and Chin Kar Lok to present this particular award (which is pretty much the ‘Best Newcomer’ award) because 1) Lawrence is currently one of the ‘main instructors’ for TVB’s newly revamped Acting Classes (he’s responsible for cultivating TVB’s new batch of ‘talents’, hence the connection to the newcomer award) and 2) Chin Kar Lok was one of the first winners of the ‘Most Improved’ award (as Lawrence reminded us during his ‘speech’) back in the 90s when the Anniversary Awards first started (back when they had the award separated into ‘drama’ and ‘non-drama’ categories) – so as the ‘big brother’, it was most appropriate for him to present the award to his ‘juniors’.  As for Janice Man – well, she’s a ‘newcomer’ to the film industry (and music too, right?) so that made sense too – though honestly, she didn’t really say much, since Lawrence and Kar Lok did most of the talking, so she probably didn’t really need to be there…

.— In terms of the winner….of course, the ‘expected’ winner in this category was Mandy, so no surprise there.  Actually, she is long overdue for this award already, as she actually should have already gotten it last year, but since she didn’t, then it only makes sense for her to get it this year. 

.—I definitely agree with Mandy winning this award because this year truly was ‘her year’ – not only was she in a lot of series this year, she also performed well in all of them…in some cases, even ‘stealing the show’ from the leads.  TVB definitely made a wise choice by giving this award to Mandy instead of the others who were nominated….in fact, I would venture to say that if TVB had pulled an ‘upset’ and given the award to someone else, all hell would have broken loose.

Most Improved Male Artist:  Oscar Leung
(Award presented by Lawrence Cheng, Chin Kar Lok, and Janice Man)

.—This was probably the only other category I actually ‘cared’ about going into the awards show because I really really wanted Oscar Leung to win.  Oscar pulled off excellent performances in pretty much every series he participated in this year and truly did deserve to win -- so yes, I am definitely glad he did win!  I actually don’t remember if Oscar was nominated last year or not but to me, he has always been a pretty solid actor, even back around the time that he started – seeing such promising young actors like Oscar do well makes me very happy because it reinstates some of the hope in the TV industry that I had lost years ago!

.—I will admit that  I was a little worried in the beginning whether TVB would choose to give the award to Him Law instead of Oscar….now don’t get me wrong – Him is a good actor too and certainly deserving of the Most Improved award as well (though to be honest, both Him and Oscar are sort of past the ‘newbie’ stage already….but hey, getting that award is better than getting nothing, right?) – but this year, Oscar definitely ‘stood out’ more in terms of his acting, as he had a wider range of roles that required more versatile acting versus Him’s roles this year pretty much being the same from one series to another.  Definitely very happy for Oscar!!

.—Lastly – I liked Oscar’s acceptance speech….it was touching to hear him thank all the people who had helped ‘teach’ him and give him advice over the years….and definitely very ‘sweet’ of him to thank his girlfriend Tina, who has stuck with him through thick and thin for the past 10 years.  Good for him!

Best Host of a Variety Program:  Luisa Maria Leitao (“Telling Maria”)
(Award presented by Mak Ling Ling and Lee Sing Chak)

.—This was not a surprise at all, as everyone was pretty much expecting Luisa to take this award.  Out of all the nominees, she was definitely the best one – not to mention her popularity soared big time this year due to her interview program being so well received.  I have no problems with Luisa winning at all – in fact, I’m very happy that she is also finally getting the recognition she should have gotten a long time ago (she’s been in the industry for 30 years).  Lastly – she also gave one of the most moving speeches of the night (especially the last part of her speech when she thanked her ex-boyfriend for all the support he had given her and helping to promote the program).

Outstanding Artist Award:  Chin Kar Lok, Benz Hui, Sunny Chan, Lee Sing Cheong, Dodo Cheng
(Award presented by Eric Tsang)

.—As I said earlier, I was pleasantly surprised with this award because I had no clue whatsoever that TVB would choose to ‘recognize’ its veteran artists (though it makes sense now given the volatile situation with additional stations vying for licenses).

.—First, let’s talk about Eric Tsang presenting this award.  Definitely a very appropriate choice given Eric’s tenure and status in the industry – plus he’s one of the few artists currently at TVB who was actually around when these veteran artists were still active and knows them very well (of course, he has collaborated with most of them in some way or another as well).  Eric’s ‘speech’ introducing each of the artists was very touching (and ‘humorous’ in the case of Chin Kar Lok) – good job in this area!

As for the winners of the award – all of them were definitely well-deserved.  I liked how TVB did the ‘surprise’ element with this award, as none of the 5 artists knew that they were going to get this award until their names were called to go on stage.

.—Chin Kar Lok – to be honest, I may not be too fond of Kar Lok as an actor, but I definitely admire and respect him as a person.  I remember the first time I knew of him was back in the mid-90s when he ‘replaced’ Jordan Chan as one of the co-hosts of Super Trio (he went on to host for many years alongside Eric Tsang and Jerry Lamb).  I’ve seen him in many hosting gigs since then and also I’ve seen him in series too – but his biggest contribution I feel is his role as action choreographer for movies, which is really his strength (plus it’s something that he’s been doing for years and recently won an award for).  So yes, totally deserving of this award because of his contributions to the industry but also his good overall attitude as well.

.—Benz Hui  -- I was absolutely ecstatic that Benz FINALLY got recognition – not just for his contributions to the TV (and movie) industry, but also for his great attitude and personality off-screen as well!   As Eric stated in his introduction, Benz was one of the graduates of TVB’s very first Acting Class (back in 1971-72) and he has pretty much worked for TVB since that time (40 years!!).  I myself grew up watching Benz in series after series (he was especially active back in the 80s) and over the years, he has become one of my favorite ‘green leaf’ actors of all time!  As an actor, he is brilliantly talented (he can do comical, serious, villain, grassroots, etc. – absolutely versatile!).  As a person – well, the introduction that TVB put together about Benz described him perfectly in my opinion – he definitely brings joy and laughter to everyone, no matter where he goes, as he has a truly infectious sense of humor that just endears him to everyone. 

From my recollection, in the 40 years that Benz has worked for TVB, he hasn’t gotten a single award (though as he said, from day one, he has never thought about getting any awards), so for him to get one now is definitely long overdue.  No wonder Benz was so touched (he almost cried, though he was able to hold it in and use his trademark sense of humor to lighten the mood) – I mean, I was almost in tears too (tears of joy that is) seeing one of my favorite artists finally get ‘rewarded’ after so many years!  Absolutely well-deserved!!

.—Sunny Chan – I was equally surprised when Sunny’s name was called because despite his great acting talent (obviously he’s one of my favorite actors as well), he has never been ‘recognized’ by TVB for any type of award (even though he did get nominated a few times, but was never in ‘serious’ contention).  I’ve liked Sunny as an actor since he started in the 90s – which is why for the past decade (ever since Sunny returned to TVB after a brief stint at ATV), I’ve been ticked off at TVB for giving him such lame roles in equally lame series and for ‘warehousing’ majority of his series.  To be honest, he can give any of the TV Kings from the past decade a run for their money in the area of acting, yet he is so under-promoted and under-utilized that it’s ridiculous – especially since he is a lead actor and has been since the 90s!  As a person, I have the utmost respect and admiration for Sunny, especially in the last few years after I found out how great of a father he is and all the sacrifices that he was willing to make for his autistic son – definitely a man of honor who absolutely deserves to be rewarded!

I’m so glad that TVB finally ‘woke up’ and recognized how much talent Sunny has as an actor (maybe, just maybe, I’ll stop being pissed at them now for ‘neglecting’ Sunny all these years)!   And I absolutely enjoyed Sunny’s acceptance speech (haha…Eric Tsang was spot on when he said that Sunny will ‘talk your ear off’ if he got the chance…but hey, that’s part of what makes him so endearing!) – you could totally tell that Sunny was overjoyed at getting the award (he was like a big kid who just got a big present…LOL!).  Great job, Sunny!

.—Lee Sing Cheong – I was pleasantly surprised that Lee Sing Cheong got an award because he has also been with TVB for decades and never got much recognition up until now!  He’s another actor I grew up watching (I started watching him in series when he actually still had hair…hehe!) and needless to say, he’s definitely another one of my favorites.  Lee Sing Cheong has always been a very versatile, talented actor who can take pretty much any type of role and run with it – he can be a ruthless villain one minute, a benevolent father the next minute, or a comedic sidekick the next minute.  He is tremendously underrated as an actor and absolutely deserves more recognition than he has ever gotten – which is why I was so happy to see him get this award.  It was obvious from his acceptance speech that he didn’t know about the award either (since TVB told him to attend the awards ceremony because they were going to have him present an award – though they never told him who he would be presenting to…turns out that was just an ‘excuse’ to get him to attend so they could ‘surprise’ him with the award).  Lee Sing Cheong was very moved by the gesture and even though he didn’t cry, other artists did shed a few tears because they were so happy for him (Myolie gave him a standing ovation and Fala was wiping tears from her eyes) – though it was very emotional for me as well, it was at the same time very heartwarming to see.  Congratulations and absolutely well-deserved!!

.—Dodo Cheng – the 5th Outstanding Artist award went to Dodo Cheng, which absolutely makes sense in my opinion because in all the years that she has been in the industry, Dodo is pretty much the ‘epitome’ of professionalism (if anyone needs examples of this, let me know!).  I loved her as an actress back in the 70s/80s (when she was with TVB) and even when she went into movies, I still enjoyed her works.  For me personally, I feel it’s a pity that she stopped acting and decided to do hosting full time instead because she’s an absolutely talented actress (though of course, she’s a great host as well – one of the best there is in the industry).  Definitely well-deserved and a natural choice to win this award! (And I loved how Dodo didn’t miss a beat – right after her speech, she continued right into her duties of wrapping up the segment for a commercial!)

Favorite Female TV Character:  Kate Tsui (as ‘Pat Chan’ in Highs and Lows)
(Award presented by Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng)

.—There was no top 5 this year – pretty much all 10 nominees in the category were ‘finalists’, which I felt was kind of weird.  They should have at least narrowed it down to Top 5 like they did previous years – at least make the award more ‘important’ (especially since the award already has a ‘negative’ stigma of being a ‘consolation prize’).  I don’t know about others, but for me, the way they did this award, I really wasn’t too excited about the award itself – when they announced the winner, it was pretty much like: ‘oh ok – next?’

.—I actually have no comment about Kate winning because this year, I actually have not paid a whole lot of attention to the performances of the females – just like last year and the year before, none of the performances from the ladies stood out much to me, so as long as whoever wins in this category makes sense and doesn’t create backlash, then I’m fine with it.

Favorite Male TV Character:  Kenneth Ma (as ‘Cheung Yat Kin’ in The Hippocratic Crush)
(Award presented by Ng Man Tat and Benz Hui)

.—Compared to the Female Fav character award, the Male one was definitely much more ‘exciting’, probably because the male performances were definitely better this year and majority of the characters / artists nominated I felt deserved to win.

.—Again, no Top 5 for this category, which was a bit weird, but ok fine (though it would have made things more interesting to narrow the list and only pick one person from it). 

.—Of course, since I loved the series The Hippocratic Crush and loved Kenneth’s character in it, I’m absolutely fine with him winning – though as I said earlier, I would have been fine with any of the others winning as well (yes, even Raymond – his ‘Happy Sir’ character truly was a departure from the types of characters he used to play and in my opinion, it’s one of the more decent roles he’s had in the past couple years). 

.—Kenneth definitely gave a great speech – I loved how he was so honest in saying that people seem to not want the Favorite Male Character award because the person who receives it usually won’t get TV King, but he’s totally fine with it and doesn’t mind getting that award every year if no one wants it!  Haha…silly Kenneth!  One thing I like about Kenneth is that he is one of the few artists who actually thanks all the behind-the-scenes people in his speeches (i.e. the scriptwriters, costume, hair and makeup, etc.) – I respect him for that, especially since the behind-the-scenes people usually never get any type of recognition whatsoever.

.—The highlight of this segment for me was definitely the presenters – Tat Gor and Uncle Benz!  TVB made a great choice putting these 2 ‘funny men’ together – their ‘banter’ back and forth was absolutely hilarious!!   I already talked about Benz earlier, so not too much more comment there…but I was absolutely thrilled to see Tat Gor again!  Since he moved his career to Mainland, I had not seen any of Tat Gor’s works in recent years, so I was definitely starting to miss him – especially since he’s one of my favorite comedic actors (though he’s also very versatile and can do a variety of other roles as well).  Based on his presentation speech, he has not lost his comedic timing one bit!   Love it!

Best Supporting Actress:  Nancy Wu (Gloves Come Off)
(Award presented by Mandy Wong)

.—TVB did this award differently this year by first announcing the Top 2 artists in this category (basically the 2 artists who received the most number of votes).  Both artists were invited to the front of the stage and allowed to give a brief ‘acceptance’ speech – then they were given the envelope with the name of the winner and the person who doesn’t get the award is responsible for presenting the award to the winner.

.—Honestly, I didn’t like the way they did this because it was too awkward – especially since they didn’t set aside enough time for it.  The whole segment was so rushed, I sort of got ticked off at how ‘messy ‘ it was.

.—The top 2 finalists in this category were Nancy Wu and Mandy Wong.  Of course, I’m not surprised about Nancy, since she was the ‘hot favorite’ going into the awards and pretty much the one expected to win.  But I WAS surprised about Mandy getting the second highest number of votes – I honestly thought the ‘battle’ for Supporting Actress was between Nancy and Elena Kong (whom I felt was the only one out of the rest of the nominees who had a real chance at beating Nancy)…ah well, I guess it doesn’t make a difference now…

.—Anyway, absolutely fine with Nancy winning this award – in fact, she actually should have gotten this award a long time ago…glad TVB finally ‘recognized’ her, but really wish they would have done so earlier!

Best Supporting Actor:  Koo Ming Wah (Divas in Distress)
(Award presented by Power Chan)

.—Same format as the Supporting Actress award, except that this segment ran more smoothly – less awkward and the timing was a lot better.

.—The 2 finalists were (obviously) Power Chan and Koo Ming Wah.  To be honest, I love both actors, so it’s really hard for me to choose who I would have wanted to win – I’m pretty much ok with either one winning, though as I said before, I really wished this category would have been a tie so that both of them could win! 

.-- One thing I will say is that I was thrilled to see these 2 great actors FINALLY getting the recognition they deserve – it was definitely a very emotional moment for me seeing the 2 of them up there and seeing how much support both of them were getting from everyone (especially Power Chan, since I’ve been following his career since the 80s and pretty much grew up watching him). 

.—I absolutely loved Power’s ‘thank you’ speech, even though it was only 2 sentences!  It was so sweet of him to tell his wife and daughter how much he loved them (and kudos to the other artists for applauding when he made his ‘declaration’).  Awww, Power is such a good man!  Love him and continue to support him!

.—Koo Ming Wah gave a great speech as well – he was very emotional and thanked pretty much everyone – from TVB to the series producers and behind the scenes staff to his family to the fans who supported him.  I’m very happy for him, as he definitely deserved the award for his performance (though as I said earlier, Power was also equally deserving).

Best Variety Program:  Map of Happiness
(Award presented by Chung King Fai and Jerry Lamb)

.—I will be honest and say that I was surprised that Map of Happiness won because I absolutely thought that Telling Maria had this award in the bag.  Not sure what happened here because the result was totally unexpected in my opinion….but I’m not really going to complain because I did watch Map of Happiness and it WAS a pretty good program…one of the better ones that TVB has made over the years.

.—About the presenting:  Hahaha….at first I wasn’t sure why they had Jerry Lamb present with King Sir, but as soon as Jerry opened his mouth, I instantly remembered:   one of Jerry’s ‘hidden talents’ is that he is able to do an absolutely ‘dead-on’ impersonation of King Sir.  Omg, his impersonation was SO good (and it was funny to hear all the artists chuckling in the background…LOL!)

Best Informational Program:  Pilgrimage of Hope
(Award presented by Chung King Fai and Jerry Lamb)

.—Not much comment about this category, since I didn’t watch this program at all (though I do know some stuff about it based on reading up on it).

Best Actress (TV Queen):  Tavia Yeung (Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles)
(Award presented by Miriam Yeung)            

.—Top 5 in this category:  Tavia Yeung (Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles), Michelle Yim (The Confidant), Charmaine Sheh (When Heaven Burns), Linda Chung (Witness Insecurity), Kate Tsui (Highs and Lows)    

.—My honest opinion:  Doesn’t matter to me, since, like I said earlier, I wasn’t too impressed overall with the performances from the females this year.  I’m fine with the Top 5, since those were the same artists I expected to get into the ‘final’ list anyway.  Plus none of those who got into Top 5 are my favorites anyway…though if I had really had to pick based on performance, I probably would have picked Charmaine because she had the most impactful and difficult performance out of the 5.

.—My only other comment – not sure if I liked Tavia’s speech…I actually felt she was doing fine until she mentioned the part about Liza Wang – not sure what the point was of that?

Best Actor (TV King):  Wayne Lai (The Confidant)
(Award presented by Deanie Ip)                     

.—Top 5 in this category:  Damian Lau (Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles), Moses Chan (The Last Steep Ascent), Raymond Lam (Highs and Lows), Wayne Lai (The Confidant), Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush)

.—I will say that I was surprised Wayne won because with the whole OVPP thing, I was thinking for sure that Raymond Lam had the award in the bag due to his large fan base.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m happy that Wayne won and from an acting standpoint, his skills are unquestionable – but is he really more ‘popular’ than Raymond to the point that he would receive more votes than him (this is assuming that TVB didn’t mess with the results that is)?  I’ve actually been thinking about this question the past few days and it’s actually starting to make more sense to me now….Wayne’s fan base isn’t really as small as we think – over the past 4-5 years, he has gained a lot of fans, especially after he became leading actor status – not only do the ‘housewives’ (and other audiences) love him, he also has a lot of support from his colleagues and others whom he’s worked with.  I mean, why else has TVB been promoting him so much and treating him so well when he’s not even a ‘biological son’ of theirs (and he’s still not as far as I know)?  It’s because Wayne is a ‘cash cow’ for TVB due to his overwhelming popularity with their main demographic – the ‘housewife’ audiences (and for those who think that the ‘housewife’ audiences don’t know how to use a computer or mobile app to vote – well, there is such a thing as having their kids do it for them, right?).  Of course, no complaints here, since I adore Wayne – it’s just that I wasn’t expecting him to win this time around…but he did and I’m very happy for him!

.—Wayne actually gave a very good speech – he was very calm, composed, coherent, and was able to thank everyone he wanted to thank with making it seem rushed or awkward….of course, I shouldn’t be surprised because Wayne has always been a very well-spoken person.  And with this being his third TV King win, he has ‘experience’ enough now to keep his composure during these types of events and not break down.

.—Lastly, a word about the presenter:  Deanie was very elegant as usual but also funny in her own unique way.  I liked how she was able to make a comment about each of the top 5 nominees – then when she got to Kenneth, she asked “Who is Kenneth Ma?” (obviously she doesn’t watch much TV…haha).  That part was funny!

Best Series:  When Heaven Burns
(Award presented by Ng See Yuen)

.—Top 3:  The Hippocratic Crush, The Confidant, When Heaven Burns

.-- A lot of people were surprised that WHB won Best Series, considering it was the 2nd lowest rated series of the year and it didn’t appeal to majority of TVB’s audience demographic:  the housewives.  Back when the series aired, there were complaints galore about the ‘cannabalism’ theme (which turned out to be over-exaggerated) and the ‘differentness’ of the series that caused majority of housewives not to understand what the series was about or what they were watching.  It wasn’t until after the series aired that people really started picking up on this series (primary reason was because of the addictive sub-themesong, which spread like wildfire, and also the ending of the series, which was very well-done and a definite departure from TVB’s standard fare).  I actually find it kind of ironic that audiences only started liking the series after it aired – to the point that TVB parted from tradition and specially placed all episodes of the series on MyTV for an entire week so that netizens who missed the series when it aired on TV could watch in its entirety!   With netizens literally ‘adoring’ this series and even dubbing it as a ‘godly’ series, it’s not surprising in the least that majority of the audiences would vote for WHB as the Best Series.

.-- The part that WAS surprising – that TVB actually allowed WHB to win!  Given that majority of the main cast already left TVB (Charmaine, Bowie, etc.) and most of the behind-the-scenes people are gone too (scriptwriter Chow Yuk Ming already left TVB a few months back and producer Jonathan Chik will be leaving at the end of this month), plus the ratings were pathetically low, I didn’t think that TVB would allow it to get anything!

.—Lastly…about Ng See Yuen presenting…again, another surprise because he’s the President of the HK Film Workers Association and recently took the lead in holding a press conference urging the government to issue additional free-to-air licenses to other TV stations (and thereby ‘opposing’ TVB’s firm stance on the issue).  The press conference just occurred last week (so still ‘fresh’ in a sense), so it felt a bit weird (to me at least) that TVB would turn around and invite him to present one of the night’s biggest awards.


  1. Haha, also first to comment, see how supportive I am of your site, llwy12:P Thank you for another well written article. I don't have much to say as I practically agree with everything you wrote:) Just wanna say how impressed I am with the inclusion of the outstanding artist awards as I feel that is the highlight of the whole award ceremony.

    Heehee, just wanna answer some of your questions with my theories. When Tavia mentioned Liza, it gave me the impression that if you want to win this award, you need to sign a management contract with TVB. She probably was hesitant to sign at that time & Liza advised her to sign. Thus she got promoted & hence this award.

    My mistake. I forgot that those housewives will get their children to vote for them just to win the car, lol. Many people said TVB rigged the result to give Wayne the award. I don't think TVB needs to do that as Raymond is still their biological son. Although Raymond has a lot of fans, it doesn't mean all of them can vote or will vote. I think you need to be of 18 yrs of age, right? Probably Raymond has a lot of underage fans (teenagers), lol. Wayne appeals to the mass public whereas Ray probably appeals to the young one so Wayne winning is not such a surprise.

    As for WHB winning the best drama, I think it is bcos those who voted are voting against the govt as you know the political msgs in the drama. This group of ppl is diff from Raymond's fans as they are probably mostly youth or middle class who are dissatisfied with the govt. After voting for Wayne, the housewives probably can't be bothered with this category as they usually watch whatever TVB feeds them & they are already in for the car draw, lol.

    1. @BOGAEfan: LOL! As always, thanks for your support! Definitely very much appreciated!! ;o)

      One thing I forgot to mention in my post is that this is the first time in probably 10 years or so that I actually felt the TVB Anniversary Awards was ‘worth watching’ – not only because of the Outstanding Artists segment, but also because in majority of the categories, the artists I expected and wanted to win did win. It’s almost as though the people who run TVB have been ‘asleep’ for the past decade and finally ‘woke up’ this year. But at the end of the day, I do have to give Ricky Wong and CTI (HKTV) some credit – if it wasn’t for all the ‘pressure’ they’ve been putting on TVB, I highly doubt that the lame management over there (at TVB) would ‘wake up’ and realize that they need to start treating their artists better and recognize people who deserve the recognition (so yes, thank you Mr. Wong).

      Haha…thanks for your ‘theories’! With your knowledge of TVB, your guess is definitely as good as mine…LOL!

      About Tavia’s speech – yea, I get that part, but I guess I don’t understand why she would choose to mention that, especially since it puts TVB in a negative light and just further ‘fuels’ the Media’s constant insistence that artists get awards in exchange for contracts. I mean, sure, we all know that happens, but I’m just surprised that Tavia would come right out and say it….

      Yup…I’ve heard a lot of ‘feedback’ about Wayne’s win as well…I guess a lot of people either forgot the housewives have kids (or didn’t think about that piece) or they underestimated the ‘power’ of housewives. Ah well – there’s no way to please everyone….no matter who wins, there’s always going to be ‘displeasure’ from the fans of the other artists….at the end of the day, it’s just a ‘game’ – no point in taking it so seriously…

      Hahaha….love your theory about WHB winning Best Series! And you’re probably right too, especially with the ‘hostility’ against the current HK government as of late….

      Lastly…about the transparency issue (which is currently a ‘hot topic’ amongst netizens) – even though I don’t have any problems with those who won the ‘audience vote’ awards, I still think that TVB should reveal the vote counts for each of the categories – not just for their own sake but for the sake of the artists who won so that people can stop ‘questioning’ their wins. By refusing to reveal the vote counts, yet still ‘insisting’ that the process was ‘fair and just’, it just makes TVB look lame because given their track record (of ‘rigging’ the awards), no one is going to believe them….but of course, this IS TVB that we’re talking about – they could care less of the artists get ‘backlash’ over their wins….

    2. Yea I agree they should've revealed the vote counts for at least the top 3 for each category! I think they thought it'd take too long because as usual the camera people were already doing the circling thing at almost every category! It's actually very annoying.

    3. @sport3888: I know...that's one of the biggest things that I hate about the awards ceremonies -- the constant 'circling' and 'rushing' of the acceptance speeches. I mean, for some of these artists, this might be the only chance they have to give such a speech, so why rush them? And even with the presenters, they did the same thing -- it's like the presenter barely opens his/her mouth to speak and already the camera person is 'circling' goodness, why invite presenters if they're going to do that? Just have the MCs read off the nominees in each category and just reveal the winners point in wasting the presenters' time!

      Oh and I do agree with some of the audience's complaints about this year's ceremony being more disorganized than in the past. On the one hand, the camera people were circling like every other minute and rushing people through their speeches, but then at the same time, with some of the segments, there was so much time left that the MCs (Jerry and Amigo) had to small talk or make the nominees say something just to kill time....

  2. I'm very surprised and happy that Sunny Chan got an award! Hopefully TVB will finally wake up and give him good roles! Not crappy, dorky ones!

    Actually I thought Sunny's most favorite actor was ChowYunFat? Why did Eric Tsang say Alex ManCiLeung?

    Sunny Chan was my childhood favorite actor and until this day I still love the guy and his actor. His cheerful and optimistic personality is also very lovable!

    Eric was also spot on in the intro about teaching newcomers because Sunny like the other veterans who won also doesn't mind teaching new actors/actresses! I remember the main thing he taught both Charmaine Sheh and Melissa Ng was how to get out of character by thinking of the other actor's poor qualities.

    You know I find it "amusing" how through Sunny's clip they only showed two series and mainly "Threshold of an Era". Hmm maybe they're also embarrassed of the series they've given him since his return! The only good series they gave him since his return was War and Destiny which he gained alot of praise and The Green Grass of Home!

    1. @sport3888: Actually, I think Eric was joking when he mentioned the part about Sunny's 'idol' being Alex Man -- he was playing off that whole piece about how some audiences complained that Sunny's acting in "Wax and Wane" was a bit OTT (you know, the parts when Sunny's character seemed to be yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs) -- his "style" of arguing and such was remiscent of Alex Man....

      Yup, Sunny is one of my favorites as well -- always has been since the 90s and continues to be even now (interestingly, I seem to take a liking to HKAPA actors/actresses -- probably because I'm the type who values acting talent over the superficial 'fluff' and other surface stuff)....

      Yea, I agree with you...War and Destiny was one of his best roles since his return...but unfortunately, that series was warehoused as well (if I remember correctly, the series still hasn't aired in HK yet...and it's from 2006!). Seeing how much I can't stand Myolie and Ron, I pretty much only watched WAD because of Sunny and Leila (and some of the supporting cast such as Lau Dan, Angelina Lo, Eric Li, Ellesmere Choy, etc.)...otherwise, I definitely would not have bothered with the series at all.

      As for why they mainly showed clipos of "Threshold of an Era"...well, my 'theory' is that they didn't show any other post-2000 series that Sunny was in because they DON'T HAVE the clips to show, since they 'warehoused' majority of the series he made since he returned (he's not the 'warehouse king' for nothing...LOL). If they showed clips from the warehoused series, HK audiences would probably be scratching their heads, since many of them probably haven't seen those series (plus TVB might be bringing unnecessary scrutiny to themselves) for why they didn't show clips from the series Sunny was in back in the 90s (especially since those were his most 'famous' works)....I can only attribute that to 'laziness' on the part of the TVB staffers who put the clips together....

  3. Hi,

    I just stumbled upon your blog while surfing the net looking for HK entertainment news. I have not followed much of what's happening for some years. So,obviously I don't follow the Anniversary Awards.

    But I saw photos of Lee Sing Cheong winning some award at last year's Awards. Really good for him! As I don't read very much Chinese, I didn't know what was the award for, until I read it here in English. Like you, I have watched him since the time he still had hair! Lol

    1. @Vonvon: Welcome and thanks for commenting!! :-)

      Glad to hear that you were able to find some helpful information here. Though sorry to say that my blog isn't an HK entertainment news website, so unfortunately, some of the stuff I post may not necessarily be 'up to date' information (I basically post on a whim, depending on my mood and whether I have time...LOL). But hopefully there's enough interesting information that will at least give people who visit some of what they may be looking for.

      LOL! Glad to meet another person who is familiar with some of the older 'veterans' such as Lee Sing Cheong! Many of these veteran artists don't get much recognition nowadays, especially those who are older and still playing 'green leaf' roles in current series....very few people seem to 'care' about the 'elder' artists and 'green leaf' veterans, so I try to 'highlight' as many of them as I possibly can, since it's obvious that I do 'care' about them.

      Anyway, glad you enjoyed the above post on the Anniversary Awards. I will most likely be doing a recap of this year's awards as well (though this year is probably the year I care the least about, since there's no one in particular I'm rooting for this year compared to last year). Hopefully you get a chance to come back and visit next month for that post.

      See you around!

    2. @LL, thank you for the reply. You are very kind with comment.

      I don't really care much for current news. I really like what you are doing highlighting those green leaf actors/actresses. As I have mentioned, I grew up on a 'diet' of TVB dramas, that's how I learn to speak Cantonese without accent. I am from Malaysia by the way.
      So, yes, I am very familiar with those old timers, though I have to admit that I did take them for granted and not knowing most of their names.

      Managed to browse through your blog quickly... Boy, you surely can write! Love your reviews of past series... Kind of a bit nostalgic for me. :)

      Rest assured, I'll be lurking around here...

    3. @LL

      By the way, since you wrote about Lee Sing Cheung so warmly, I found some segments of last year's Anniversary Awards on YouTube and I really love it so much. Eric Tsang really did a good job giving him the tribute he definitely deserved. And from his acceptance speech, I think he is really a nice person in real life,very humble, IMO. And he must be a good husband too, profusely thanking his wife for her support.

      Also couldn't help but adding this... Lol
      He was quite good-looking when he had a head full of hair, but even with his receding hairline or whatever that is left (LOL!), I do think that he looks kinda sexy, hahaha!

      Ok, I should stop now or I'll be gossiping more...

    4. @Vonvon: You are very welcome! I’m always happy to meet a fellow TVB ‘old-timer’ (especially since it seems like there are so few of us out there nowadays…LOL), so I’m definitely ecstatic that you were able to find my blog. I grew up watching TVB as well and even though I’m from HK, I’ve lived in the U.S. practically my entire life, which of course means that my first language was English, so I also learned most of my Cantonese from watching TVB dramas growing up (though of course it helps that we speak Cantonese at home as well). Glad to hear that you are also familiar with the ‘older’ artists and series because to me, it means that there is another person out there who actually appreciates the work these artists do!

      Oh and thank you for the kind compliments about my writing and my blog in general. My opinions overall probably don’t mean much in the larger scheme of things and much of what I write probably doesn’t get seen/read by too many people, but I’m fine with that, since my intention isn’t to get the most readers, but rather, to share my love of HK entertainment with others who have the same appreciation for it and, in my own way, ‘pay tribute’ to those artists whom I grew up watching.

      Yay! Happy to hear that you will be ‘lurking’ around here more often…LOL! Looking forward to some good discussions about ‘old-time’ TVB…

    5. @Vonvon: Haha! I actually agree with you about Lee Sing Cheong – well, the first part at least about him being a nice person and good husband in real life. I also agree that TVB did do him justice with the intro and the award last year (though I still do feel that they should have done it a long time ago instead of waiting until they are in the ‘hot seat’ to take action).

      As for the second piece about LSC being ‘good-looking’ or ‘sexy’…haha…maybe not to me, but I still respect your opinion. Since I’ve always been the type who values acting talent over looks, I’m probably the worst person to talk to about an artist’s physical attributes and whether they ‘look good’ or not because I generally don’t pay a whole lot of attention to that stuff….LOL….