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Weibo Fever # 9: Opening Performance of "Shrimp Crazy Family" Stage Play

Here's an awesome article recapping the opening night performance of the highly anticipated stage play, "Shrimp Crazy Family" (refer to the previous few posts for details).

The article pretty much says it all, but I also wanted to share some of the behind the scenes pictures and other info from the Weibos of the various 'stars' who participated in the show (majority of them have Weibo accounts, so there is tons of stuff on it).

Here's some behind the scenes stuff that wasn't in the article (which I gathered from Weibo):

.—Even though Michael Miu and Felix Wong did not have to perform on opening night, both of them were present the entire time, primarily backstage. Felix said that he and Michael had very important roles as “阿四”, helping to ‘take care’ of the cast (getting them coffee, tea, water, food, etc.,)…basically, they were ‘busboys’…LOL!

.—The “Shrimp Crazy Family” stage play actually has no affiliation with TVB at all. It was organized by Louie Castro and Jamie Chik as a reunion of sorts for them as well as the artists they worked with back in the day.

.-- Watching / reading all the updates about the show on Weibo and on TV really brought back alot of memories for me. And seeing how 'united' all the artists were (many of the artists who weren't performing until later on still came to support or even help out the cast / crew backstage) almost brought tears to my eyes. This was how the HK entertainment industry used to be in the 80s (before it spiraled downhill in the next 2 decades) and it saddens me to think that we may never see such unity and coming together of veteran artists again. This is partly why I'm taking the time to write up blog posts about each of the performances....I hope to cherish this 'trip down memory lane' as long as I can!

Anyways, hope you enjoy the article and the pictures!

Original article published 9/22/2011

Source: Mingpao

Translated by: llwy12

Opening performance of “Shrimp Crazy Family”: Andy Lau and Eric Tsang ad-lib dialogue, make fun of Jamie Chik’s figure; Joey Yung is publicly ‘touched’ by Meg Lam

The stage production “Shrimp Crazy Family” starring Lo Hoi Pang, Meg Lam, Jamie Chik, and Louie Castro, had its debut show in HK day before yesterday. The opening performance was truly a ‘star-studded’ event, both on stage and off. The special ‘mystery’ guests for opening night were Andy Lau and Joey Yung, who, together with Dodo Cheng, Eric Tsang, Annie Liu, and Elvina Kong, made audiences laugh onstage. Off-stage, many artists came to support the show, including Liza Wang, Michael Miu [technically part of the crew], Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Chin Kar Lok, Angela Tong, etc.

‘Squinty Eyes’ Lo Hoi Pang continued his comical ways, speaking his dialogue in ‘rhyme’ and also ad-libbing all night – occasionally, he would also incorporate his famous imitation routines, pretending to be Roman Tam singing his hit song《激光中》. When Squinty Eyes’s “arch-enemy” – Meg Lam’s ‘Big Shark’ -- appeared on stage, she headed straight for Pang Gor, purposefully bumping her head repeatedly against his, causing the audiences to laugh non-stop.

Years ago, when Meg Lam was filming a show for ATV, one of the boards on the set accidentally fell on her, causing a head injury that makes it difficult for her to concentrate for long periods of time. Therefore, the script was specially written to give her time to rest backstage in between acts – indeed, while resting on a sofa backstage, she actually fell asleep. It wasn’t until Joey Yung – who played the role of a 3D song goddess – came on stage, then Meg immediately returned on stage, continuing to ‘battle’ with Lo Hoi Pang and steal his scenes. While Joey sang, Pang Gor did numerous funny routines, including purposefully breaking a table to make audiences laugh, while Meg swept her hands around Joey’s body – luckily, Joey was able to contain her laughter and finish singing her song.

When it came time for Eric Tsang and Andy Lau to come on stage, the ‘playfulness’ escalated – the two of them played the roles of Jamie’s ex-boyfriends who ‘showed up’ to fight for her affection. During the skit, there was a scene where Eric and Pang Gor were exchanging a check, however Meg suddenly ran onto the stage, accidentally tripping and falling on the floor – of course, the 2 comedians [Eric and Pang Gor] took advantage of the situation to poke fun at Meg, even saying some curse words and making audiences roar with laughter. Andy Lau appeared near the end of the show – not only did he perform a song (one of the climaxes of the night), he also ad-libbed the dialogue for his role. He pointed out that Louie Castro [who plays Jamie’s husband ‘Shrimp Boy’] cannot compare to himself and Eric: “One is tall, the other is short, one is handsome, the other is ugly”, which threw Louie off and caused him to forget some of his lines. After that, Andy and Eric ‘ganged up’ on Jamie, mocking her and making fun of her figure by saying that she had ‘sagging’ parts.

During interviews after the show, both Andy and Joey indicated that they were happy to be able to participate and had a lot of fun. Asked about being publicly ‘touched’ by Meg, Joey laughed and replied: “It felt like being searched at the airport, but doesn’t matter, as long as everyone had fun. These ‘memories’ are once in a lifetime!” Andy revealed that prior to the show, he had requested to play the part of Jamie’s ex-boyfriend, as he wanted to get the chance to have some fun with acting: “Originally, I was supposed to play a 3D song god, but I wanted to have some dialogue, so I took on the role of one of the ex-boyfriends instead.” Jamie Chik indicated that she was already anticipating that there would be a lot of ad-libbing from the artists and did not mind that Andy made fun of her figure.

Meg Lam admitted that during the performance, she wasn’t 100% alert, which resulted in her nodding off onstage: “Because of my illness, I get sleepy easily, but sometimes, upon hearing Pang Gor’s funny dialogue, I’m laughing so hard that I’m not able to sleep. I will definitely rest more the next couple days in preparation for the remaining 3 shows.”

When Pang Gor was asked about ‘cursing’ onstage during the performance, he refused to admit it, instead saying: “When did I curse? I was following the script exactly!”


Chinese version:

華仔志偉爆肚 踩阿戚身材












Some additional pictures from Weibo:

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