Monday, September 19, 2011

Follow up post to Weibo Fever #7: "The Shrimp Family" Stage Production

Here's an article about the stage play that I mentioned a couple posts earlier (Weibo Fever #7) that will actually be starting up in HK tomorrow.

The article is hilarious, so I figured I would share it here as well.

Hope you enjoy it!


Article originally published on 9/19/2011

Source: Mingpao

Translated by: llwy12

Michael Miu collaborates with Jamie Chik again after more than 2 decades; will portray her ‘ex’-boyfriend in stage production of “Shrimp Crazy Family”

Long-running TVB variety show E.Y.T.[Enjoy Yourself Tonight] (歡樂今宵), which ran from November 1967 to October 1994, is a classic in HK television history. One of the classic skits from the show, “Shrimp Crazy Family” (蝦仔爹哋), will be turned into a stage play for charity, complete with musical numbers as well as dancing.

Yesterday, the cast of the stage version of “Shrimp Crazy Family” gathered for one of the final dress rehearsals. True to its comedic roots, there has been many a funny moment in almost every one of the rehearsals for “Shrimp Crazy Family” and yesterday was no exception. When some of the other cast members – including (veteran comic actor) Lo Hoi Pang, Jamie Chik, Michael Miu, and Felix Wong -- arrived late for yesterday’s rehearsal, veteran actress Meg Lam, who reprises her role as ‘Big Shark’ (大白鯊), for the stage version, jokingly ‘accused’ the 4 of being ‘big shots’ who purposefully made a ‘little actress’ like her wait for them. This garnered quite a few laughs from those present, both cast and crew alike.

Jamie Chik [who reprises her role as Ah Zhan, the wife of Louie Castro’s character ‘Shrimp Boy’] expressed that so far, the general public’s reaction to the stage version is quite good and all 4 shows are sold out – some audiences even asked if they will be doing a tour of the production in the U.S.! Michael Miu expressed that in the stage production, Felix Wong, Eric Tsang, Nat Chan, and himself will play the fictional role of Jamie’s ex-boyfriend – he revealed that each actor’s portrayal of the character will be markedly different. He jokingly stated: “I will be incorporating many of the same ‘tricks’ that helped me win Jamie’s heart 25 years ago. At the time, the only person I viewed as a ‘rival’ was Louie Castro!” Upon hearing this, Meg Lam immediately ‘revealed’ that due to the fact that the couple [Michael and Jamie] has not worked together in over 20 years, their performances were a bit awkward – even Jamie admitted that every time she looked at Michael, she couldn’t help bursting into laughter and therefore would forget her lines. Laughing, Michael responded: “Yea, she would ‘glare’ at me the same way that she does at home!”

As for Felix Wong, who has not participated in a stage play in over 20 years, he expressed that he has been very busy lately – in addition to rehearsing for the production, he has also taken over the administrative duties on the Celebrity Soccer Team that his fellow teammate, the late Wan Zhi Keung, used to oversee. Asked if he had time to accept other job offers, Felix replied: “Of course! Being able to make ‘real money’ is important. In fact, I have already accepted a high level, grand production film and will also be going back to the Mainland to shoot a series at the end of September – it’s a series that will be set in the post-modern era. I accepted the series with the one condition that they cannot ask me to shave my head.”

In related news, Miss HK contestant (didn’t make it to the finals) Janey Yan was invited to participate in the “Shrimp Crazy Family” production by her mother’s good friend, Jamie Chik. Earlier, there were rumors that Janey was one of the women involved in the situation with Him Law, to which she responded that she had nothing to do with the situation and emphasized that she and Him are only friends.

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