Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weibo Fever #3: More Jacky Sightings (Las Vegas concert)!

I was just catching up on Weibo after being off-line for a couple days (since I was in Vegas for Jacky’s concert) and saw a bunch of postings by Florence Chan’s son Ka Ho related to Jacky’s concert in Vegas. For those who don’t know, Florence Chan is Jacky’s manager and she is responsible for arranging Jacky’s concerts, so of course she would travel with him to Las Vegas for his 3 shows there. Coincidentally, the Chans were in Vegas around the same time that I was there and Ka Ho actually sat in the section next to ours for the Sunday night show (omg, I wish that I had checked Weibo prior to going because I would have kept an eye out for Jacky and the Chans and maybe have gotten a chance to bump into them?!)

Anyway, Ka Ho posted a lot of behind the scenes stuff related to the Las Vegas leg of Jacky’s concert, so I thought I would share on my blog.

(P.S.: I tried looking for myself in some of the pictures, but no such luck – guess I just missed them…darn!).


**** Note: For all pictures, credit as listed ***

Feb. 7th @11:26: KaHo’s weibo

張學友1/2世紀演唱會Las Vegas站快開始,之前收到張先生俾我開工利是,多謝,今晚Good Show.

Translation (by me): Jacky Cheung ½ Century Tour Las Vegas leg starts soon. Earlier, I received a ‘starting work’ red envelope from Mr. Cheung, thank you! Good show tonight.

Feb 7th @7:44pm: KaHo’s Weibo

今晚入場前, 好多人排隊入場

Translation: Right before the show tonight, a lot of people are waiting in line to enter the venue.

Feb 7th @7:45pm: KaHo’s weibo


Translation: Right before the show….
(My note: this is the stage where Jacky would be performing)

Feb 7th@7:45pm: KaHo’s weibo

有Caesars Palace負責人上台

Translation: The president of Caesars Palace goes on stage.

Feb 7th @7:46pm: KaHo’s weibo


Translation: Singing “Goodbye Kiss”

Feb 7th @7:47pm: KaHo’s weibo

My note: This was during the “Private Corner” segment

Feb 7th @7:47pm: KaHo’s weibo


Translation: Encore segment – “Golden Hits” review

Feb 9th @5:48pm: KaHo’s weibo

Dancers 同張學友合照

Translation: Dancers posing for a picture with Jacky

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