Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More shows added for Jacky's HK concert!

Jacky Cheung adds 3 shows to Hong Kong concert

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Hong Kong

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily

Translation: llwy12@ http://asianfanatics.net/

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God of Songs Jacky Cheung started his career several decades ago, yet today, he is still as popular as ever !
In April of this year, Jacky will kick off the Hong Kong leg of his « ½ Century Tour » with 17 shows at the HK Coliseum. It was recently reported that the tickets for all 17 shows have been completely sold out – not even individual or corner seat tickets left ! Despite all tickets being sold, there were still many Jacky fans who were not able to get tickets and requested if more shows could be added.

After much discussion, Jacky’s concert manager Florence Chan announced yesterday that they will add 3 shows to the HK leg of the concert (4/14, 5/9, and 5/10), bringing the total count to 20 shows.

With his usual high standards and insistence on maintaining utmost quality to his performances, Jacky refused to give up his ‘rest days’ for additional shows, so after much negotiation and discussion, the team was finally able to come up with 3 days to add. Mrs Chan explains : “Jacky has a few ‘rest days’ interspersed between the 17 shows – at first we were thinking about adding the shows on these ‘rest days’, but Jacky rejected the idea because he wanted to maintain the quality of the performances, so in the end, we agreed to add the 3 shows before and after the original dates. These dates are final and no more shows will be added, so hopefully this will accomodate fans who were not able to get tickets. Plus ‘20’ is a nice round number !” Tickets will officially be available for sale to the public tomorrow (2/17 HK time).

Entering into the new year, Jacky has been repeatedly breaking records with his concert. Starting with the opening show at the Shanghai Exhibition Center at the end of last year to the just finished U.S. leg of his concert tour, Jacky has already put on 19 performances in a short 1 ½ months time. Earlier, he held 5 consecutive performances in both Shanghai and Beijing, breaking the record for number of consecutive shows by a Chinese artist in those cities. In addition, Jacky just returned from the U.S. last week, where he held 3 consecutive performances at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, becoming the first Chinese artist to do so [hold 3 consecutive shows there]. Breaking so many records in 1 month outside of his hometown, Jacky is truly the ‘pride of Hong Kong’ !

My comments:

Again, I usually don't post articles (even those translated by me), but this one was just too good to pass up! I especially love the part of the article that talks about Jacky's concert "breaking records" -- definitely very exciting to see!

Hope you enjoy this article as much as I did!!

Lastly, 15 years ago today (well, technically yesterday if you look at HK time) -- February 15th, 1996 -- Jacky Cheung and May Lo got married in England!



  1. thanks for posting your review regarding the jacky concert in vegas. i'm ang2383 from asianfanatics.

    it looks like you had a wonderful time! do you have bigger pictures for me to see? your pictures come out small when i click on them =(.

    i'm really excited to see that jacky is performing 20 shows in HK! i wish i could fly there to attend one of them. it must be amazing.

    please keep us posted on whether jacky will have a concert in the east coast/canada.

    thank you fellow jacky fan =)

  2. Wow that's a lot of shows. Good to see Jacky is still going strong.

  3. @My Space To Dream: Yay, another fellow Jacky fan! Thanks for visiting my blog -- hope to see you around!

    Sorry that the pictures are a bit small...I actually copied them from Weibo, so they are as big as I can get them. Unfortunately, I didn't take too many pictures myself when I was in Vegas because I made the mistake of not taking my camera (or phone) with me to the concert venue -- it's a long story, but pretty much I thought they were going to do purse checks like they did last time and confiscate cameras and such, so I decided not to bring any cameras, but turns out they didn't even check (dammit!)...unfortunately, it was too late already.

    I totally agree with you...my dream is to be able to watch a Jacky concert at the HK Coliseum one of these days!!

    I will continue to keep my eyes and ears open regarding the East Coast / Canada concerts. So far, I've continued to hear that rumor through many different outlets, but have not been able to obtain confirmation from any reliable source....

  4. hi there! thank you for getting back to me. =)

    i'll keep you posted as well if i see anything in newspapers or posters in chinatown.

    haha i guess a rumor is better than nothing =)