Sunday, July 25, 2010

"The Voice 2" -- More Thoughts (Episode 12)

I’ve been blogging a lot about “The Voice 2” recently because that’s pretty much one of the few shows I’ve been watching recently (since most of the series on TV have either not been too interesting or I haven’t had time to watch).

Anyway, at this point, I am thinking about giving up on watching “The Voice 2” as well because I’ve been very disappointed with the judging the last couple episodes. Ever since Teresa Carpio left, the judging has really gone downhill – they’ve been eliminating people who are truly good singers and “keeping” people who really suck….

I just finished watching episode 12 (the 2nd half of the V1 versus V2 competition) and I must say that I absolutely disagreed with who the judges ended up eliminating. Out of the 3 competitors who scored lowest (Vivian Chan, Justin Lee, and Ng Yip Kwan), the 2 who obviously sang really poorly were Vivian and Ng Yip Kwan – Vivian was totally off-key with the song and even the judges said that her performance wasn’t up to par. And Ah Kwan’s performance was absolutely horrible -- not only that, but his attitude was bad as well…he looked absolutely arrogant when the judges commented on his performance being less than standard. And it seemed to me (both in the clips showing their practice session as well as actual performance) that he does not take the competition seriously and is just “playing” and so never even tries to do well. Out of the 3, Justin actually sang the best – not perfect, but at least he was steady and sounded good -- and he didn’t make my hairs stand up on my skin when he sang (unlike the other two)…..he just lacked some confidence and seemed a little nervous, but at least he didn’t go off-key. To my surprise, the person that the judges ended up eliminating was – Justin…

My question is – why did they eliminate Justin when it was obvious that Vivian and Ng Yip Kwan sang the worst? I absolutely don’t get it – and the comments that they gave him weren’t that bad either – it seems like overall their criticism of Vivian and Ah Kwan was more negative – yet they kept the 2 of them in the competition and got rid of the person who sang the best out of the 3 (and whom they did not give much negative criticism to). This is not the first time this happened – they did the same thing the last few times as well – the people they eliminated sang pretty well, yet the ones that they kept were really bad.

I’m not sure what is going on with the judges this season – it’s like the scores that they give are completely opposite from the comments / criticism they give. For instance, the last few episodes, there were a few contestants that they criticized to the point that it seemed like they thought their performances sucked, yet they ended up giving those contestants high scores. And the opposite as well – a few contestants whom they praised as doing a great job, they ended up giving low scores….

I can’t wait to see whether Teresa Carpio will actually return to “The Voice” as a judge – if she does, then I think things will definitely turn around in terms of the judging. But if she doesn’t come back, then I don’t know what is going to happen because to be honest, the V2 contestants have not been performing well at all and the caliber is definitely lower. I guess we will have to wait and see….


  1. Yikes, it seems like the show's getting worse and worse. Those people who sings well but got eliminated didn't give them money! (JUST KIDDING, I'm so out of line here BUT it makes me wonder why with the criticisms/scores as you brought up.)

    I think they're keeping those 'terrible ones' to build the hype up OR it might be more entertaining to see when they get eliminated? I don't know. It's crazy. But you know what? Sometimes those who got eliminated OR seem to not win will get attention from record companies more than the ones who did? I don't know. I noticed it several times in the past so who knows?

  2. Actually, you have some really good points -- I definitely think that TVB is trying to "build hype" as is a "show" after all....

    And regarding the money thing -- it's actually very possible...especially with TVB.

    Some of the contestants who were eliminated from V1 last season did move on to other things and some even got record deals....that's why I think sometimes TVB actually does it on purpose...sort of like that "theory" out there about the MHK pageants -- like how in the past decades, they purposefully let the ones who are not talented (in acting) to win the crown because they know that the winners won't have time to act in as many series as the ones who didn't win (since the winner has certain obligations to society and other responsiblities) -- they rig it so that the talented ones don't win so that they can sign with TVB and get "promoted" in series....not sure how true this theory is, but it's very plausible -- and with the looks of how V2 is going right now, I'm starting to lean toward that theory more and more...