Monday, July 19, 2010

Thoughts on "The Voice 2" -- episode 11

I just finished watching the V1 versus V2 episode as well and I must say that I agree with you....I've said this before, but I definitely like the V1 contestants better than V2. And it's not just about the technical skills -- sure, the V1 contestants have had a year to mature, so of course they will be "better" than the V2 contestants in terms of skill -- I'm talking primarily about attitude and overall feel. The V1 contestants had better attitudes for one (which is why they were more receptive of the judges' feedbacks/suggestions and therefore able to improve so much from when they started) and they have more of that "potential singer" feel....the V2 contestants on the other hand are more arrogant in terms of attitudes and to be honest, none of them give me that "rising star" feel.

Also, I've said this before but I'll say it again -- if I hear Shadow screaming like a lunatic one more time, I am seriously going to turn off the TV....the more I hear her sing, the more I dislike her. I really hope she gets eliminated soon because I can't stand her. And I totally agree with what Danny Summer said after her performance -- basically that singing "rock" doesn't necessarily mean you have to yell and scream like crazy.....I'm glad Danny said this because he is actually a long-time "rocker" himself, so he of course knows a thing or two about rock and therefore, his feedback would have more of an impact than if someone else were to say it. I doubt that Shadow is going to take his feedback to heart though because the impression she has given me so far is that she is very arrogant and doesn't care what the judges think (that's probably why she still can't sing well and relies on her yelling and screaming each episode to cover up her lack of skill).

Vivian is another one whom I can't stand....but since she didn't perform in this past week's episode, I will save my comments about her for next week.

And after watching the preview of the coming week's episode, I am not looking forward to it at all because it looks like they are going to bring the kid who got eliminated (the boy named Harddie) back on the show again to perform -- not sure if it's just for entertainment purposes or as part of the actual competition....if it is for competition purposes (like as in he will be scored for his performance), my question is -- why would TVB do that other than for commercial value? I mean, he was eliminated long ago for one, and two, it was already determined that he can't sing and is not ready to be in such a "grown up" what's the point??? Plus the V2 team is already "behind" in terms of the scoring and will need to work really hard to overtake the V1 team as it is, so why would they want to put someone in the competition who doesn't even belong there and could potentially bring them down? I mean, this isn't a's supposed to be a serious singing competition -- well, I guess that goes to show how "seriously" TVB is taking this....


  1. Sounds painful to watch it...

    Good luck! Thanks for the update all the same.

  2. No problem! I cheated a little with this post though, since I already had it typed up and posted in AF as a comment.

    Oh well...let's see what happens next week.