Sunday, June 27, 2010

Taiwan’s “Golden Melody Awards 2009” – Jacky’s live performance of 吻別

Just found this when I was watching some clips on YT and absolutely love it! I knew that Jacky attended the “Golden Melody Awards’ ceremony last year because I saw the clips of him presenting the Best Album award to Eason Chan. However, I didn’t know about this particular segment of the show though – since this was the award show’s 20th anniversary, they had a special segment where they chose the song that everyone loves the most from the 1st to the 9th award ceremony (第一至第九屆金曲獎我的最愛歌曲). Of course, Jacky’s classic “Goodbye Kiss” (吻別) won first place (for Mandarin-language song) along with Taiwanese singing sensation Jody Jiang Hui's “家後” (for Taiwanese-language song). Jacky got to perform the song live during that segment.

I absolutely love this clip! Though this song is more than 17 years old, it was such a huge hit that even now, it sounds just as good. And I must praise Jacky’s singing skills once again, as his performance was AWESOME!!! I mean, his rendition of the song so many years later sounds even better (if that’s even possible) than back when the song was released back in the early 90s – he sings it with such exquisiteness and grace that one can’t help but be mesmerized by his performance. As 陶子 kept mentioning during the introduction to the segment, Jacky is indeed the GOD OF SONG!!!!

The other thing that makes this performance so "special" is the fact that Jacky hasn't performed at a Golden Melody award show in a long time -- basically since the late 90s (though he has attended a few times after that as a presenter) the audiences definitely got a special treat (I would have LOVED to be in THAT audience)!!

Oh, and Jacky looked SOOOOO HANDSOME in this clip – it’s basically his “Private Corner” look (the glasses give him that “mature fatherly figure” look). I actually love this look on him because it fits him so well – it’s definitely my all time favorite Jacky “look.”

Anyway, enough said – hope you enjoy this clip as much as I did!


Source: Youtube


  1. I thought you were exaggerating when you said that he sang it even better than years ago (since we all know you're so obsessed with Jacky) BUT you weren't lying. That was AWESOME on so many levels!

    And did you notice that some people in the audience were singing along? (Or at least just mouth the words along with Jacky?)

  2. Hahaha! :-) You know me -- no matter how much I love Jacky, I'm still very logical when it comes to these things and will admit when my idol has flaws -- BUT luckily he doesn't have very many (heehee...).

    Anyway, I was just as blown away with his performance as I was at his concert -- perhaps because it's been awhile since I (and so many other people) have seen him sing live like that, so we were all looking forward to it tremendously! I heard someone say once that anyone who gets to see and hear Jacky performing live is a VERY lucky person -- I must say that I ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!!! Watching this clip brought back memories of Jacky's concert 3 years ago where I got to go watch him sing live -- and after watching this clip, I had the exact same feeling that I had back then...basically, that if I were to die that instant, I would have no regrets!!

    Yes, I definitely noticed the others singing along -- it's such a classic song that of course everyone knows it (plus it helps that they plastered the lyrics on the big!). But I just felt that was such a nice gesture because it proves how big the song is and how much of a "legend" Jacky truly is.

    One last thing: I am so looking forward to Jacky's concert now -- I've heard him sing 'revamped' versions of several of his classic hits already and I absolutely fell in love with those versions! Plus Jacky's singing is at such a whole different level now that to hear him sing live is such a wonderful treat!!!

    The interesting thing too is that if Jacky were in the audience and it were someone else singing, he would be singing along as well -- except the difference is that he wouldn't need the lyrics there because he would already know how to sing the song (I've seen him sing along to other artists' songs all the time)...

  3. I forgot what I was going to say, BUT I totally agree with lots of things you say and wouldn't want to repeat it. You said it all (and well).

    AND when is that Mandarin album coming? (Back to waiting mode...)

  4. Thank you!! :o)

    Still waiting as well...I predict that it will be in September -- once I get info, will make sure I post it!

  5. We could definitely count on you with Jacky news! I guess several more months won't kill.