Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jacky's Cantonese Albums -- Some Recommendations

A friend had asked me to recommend some Jacky albums (Cantonese), so I put together the below list. Figured I would post the list here as well (partly because there is some commentary that I wrote about the album and so why waste it?).

One thing that I have to make clear though is that the below is just a few of Jacky's most famous albums, but is by no names all of them. I love all of Jacky's albums and there are many great songs in every single one of his albums -- however with 96 albums and 1500+ songs, it's way too many to list (it was actually kind of difficult for me to even come up with this list because there are too many of his songs that I like and the list only scratches the surface -- plus it leaves alot of his albums out).

Ok, enough said...here's the list....


Cantonese Album recommendations

>> 愛你多一些精選 (Love You More Collection– Greatest Hits) / Release date: 1991

01. 一顆不變心
02. 每天愛你多一些
03. 李香蘭
04. Cry!
05. 忘情冷雨夜
06. 太陽星晨
07. 夕陽醉了
08. 再度重遇你 (可喜也可悲)
09. 衹願一生愛一人
10. Linda
11. 親親
12. 再愛上你

** Note: All the songs on this album are fantastic! These are all of his most popular songs from the late 80s / early 90s. Track 2 is of course the song that launched him into stardom – “Loving You More Each Day”. But the reason why I like this album is because every single song is good – for diehard Jacky fans, this is THE ALBUM to buy: it’s well worth the money!


>> 真情流露 (True Love Expression) / Release Date: 1992

02. 愛得比妳深
03. 分手總要在雨天
04. Honey B
05. 暗戀妳
06. 明日世界終結時
07. 真情流露
08. 歲月流情
09. 紅葉舞秋山
10. 相思風雨中 (張學友、湯寶如)
11. 不要再問
12. 偷閒加油站II

** Note: All the songs on this album are classics as well. Track #10 is one of his famous duets with Karen Tong (one of my personal favorites, though it’s hard to choose because he had so many great duets). Tracks 1 & 12 you may recognize if you are into American music – it’s a remake of BoyzIIMen song “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” (hearing Jacky sing the Chinese version acapella is excellent!)


>> 愛・火・花 (Love Sparks) / Release Date: 1992

01. 愛、火、花
02. 還是覺得你最好
03. 日出時讓戀愛終結
04. 還我情真
05. 你是我今生唯一傳奇
06. 幸福宣言
07. 夜了……又破曉
08. 生命的插曲
09. 長流不息 (張學友、黎瑞恩合唱)
10. 獨尋醉

** Note: Another one of his classic albums. I especially recommend Tracks 1, 2, 5, 7, 9…..though all the tracks are quite good.


>> 愛與交響曲 (Love & Symphony) / Release Date: 1996

01. 剎那愛
02. 任性
03. 歲月流情
04. 生命的插曲
05. 過敏世界
06. 妳的名字 我的姓氏
07. 莫等待 / 相識非偶然 / 大丈夫
08. 我哭了
09. 擁有
10. 祝福

** Note: This is one of Jacky’s more obscure albums that not everyone knows about necessarily. But there are some great songs in it that are also classics and worth recommending. For this album, Jacky collaborated with the HK Philharmonic Orchestra, so the music sounds really nice. My recommendation is definitely Track 6 – Your Name, My Surname….this is an award-winning song that is absolutely beautiful (especially the lyrics). This song has even great meaning because it was a “hit” in 1996, which was the year that he married his long-time girlfriend May Lo – so it was sort of a dedication to his wife as well as symbolic of their marriage. It’s one of my all-time favorites of his!


>> 不老的傅説 (The Undying Legend) / Release Date: 1997

01. 不老的傳說
02. 愛是永恆
03. 一些感覺
04. 葬月
05. 怎麼捨得你
06. 花花嘉年華
07. 冷靜
08. 甚麼是戀愛
09. 原來只要共你活一天
10. 抱雪

** Note: Another great album! The significance of this album is that it was released the same year he did his record-breaking / award-winning musical stageshow, Snow Wolf Lake. Many of the songs were actually used in the musical, though he also released a special Snow Wolf Lake album that same year as well. All the songs on here are beautiful, but I especially like Track 2 “Love Is Eternal” (which is another one of his greatest hits, by the way).


>> Life is Like a Dream / Release Date: 2004

01. 勇敢的故事
02. 想劈酒
03. 燥狂
04. Life is like a dream
05. 慢條斯理
06. 她
07. 給朋友
08. 寧願做錯
09. 講妳知
10. 搖搖

** Note: All true Jacky fans have to own this album because it’s Jacky’s most personal album to date. Jacky wrote every single song on this album and also each song has special meaning, as it touches every aspect of his life. Tracks 2 and 3 are sort of representative of his “young and wild” days back in the early/mid 80s as well as the lowest point in his life that occurred in the late 80s when his career was almost shattered and how he turned his life around. Track 7 (For Friends) is dedicated to his close friends who died the previous year (his sister-in-law Anita Mui, his good friend Leslie Cheung, and a few others). Track 9 (Tell You) was written for his wife May – the lyrics to this song are absolutely beautiful and touching. Track 10 (Cuddling Yiu) was written for his eldest daughter (the name of the song is his daughter’s Chinese name) – it’s a cute lullaby song.


  1. hi, was just wondering if you know what album 張學友 - 怎麼捨得你 is from? other than the jacky cheung 15 years of music album, did it come from any other album? thanks/1

  2. @janers: That song is from his famous musical Snow Wolf Lake (the Cantonese version from 1997)...it was also part of the album Snow Wolf Lake album that was released that year.