Friday, February 16, 2018

The BIG day: Jacky Cheung "A Classic Tour" - Las Vegas stop!!

Ok, well, not quite the BIG day yet, as there are still a few hours until midnight so technically right now it's still the day BEFORE the big day, lol.  But hey, the fact that I'm here at the MGM hotel in Las Vegas and perhaps Jacky is in the same building as well already makes me super happy, lol.  I am SO looking forward to his concert tomorrow night -- can't wait!!

Here are a few pics that I took (sorry for the bad photography skills -- taking pictures is definitely not a strength of mine!).  One thing I noticed this time around -- there wasn't as much promo for his concert here as there was in past years, which I guess isn't too surprising given the organizer of the concert this time is different and I'm sure does not have as much pull (and definitely not as much experience) as the previous organizer.  I remember when it was at Caesar's Palace, Jacky's concert banners actually covered an entire half section of one side of the building, plus there were large posters all over the place).  This time around, there was only a medium-sized banner out in front of MGM hotel and also a bunch of smaller posters in front of all the Asian-themed restaurants in the hotel.  I didn't go into the MGM Garden Arena area yet (passed by it but didn't go in) so not sure if there are any big posters there or not -- I hope there are though!

In any case, I'm EXCITED to be here and totally ready to be BLOWN AWAY by yet another magnificent Jacky performance.  I'll definitely be doing a recap some time after the concert (might not be right after though -- maybe the next day) so be sure to watch for that post!

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures! :-)


  1. I'm so very jealous. Bet you had a wonderful time. Maybe I should commission you to get ticket for me next time, lol. They sold out almost instantly!

    1. @jjwong: was beyond awesome!!! I don’t mind actually, though also depends on how many tickets, lol. But yea, feel free to reach out to me next time he does a concert here (though unfortunately we’re not sure if he will have another one here, at least not in the near future....)

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