Thursday, November 2, 2017

News article: Fox Asia series “Trading Floor” (香港華爾街)

Fox Asia recently announced that post-production for their highly anticipated series Hong Kong Wall Street has been completed and season 1 is scheduled to air first quarter 2018. Season 1 will only be 5 episodes and will have a movie-like quality. The way HK audiences can watch is very similar to Netflix – subscription basis via an app.

I'll post up more information once I have more time but for now, those who can read Chinese can check out this article from HK01, which is an interview with the series' star Francis Ng. I'm actually looking forward to this series, as there are so many veterans in it, plus so many big HK movie stars.

Anyway, more to come so stay tuned….

HK01 article


  1. The teaser trailers for Trading Floor and Staind are out:

    Trading Floor


    I love mysteries and thrillers so I am excited for Staind but anyways, both look very interesting.

    1. @ch1kusoo: Thanks for posting the trailers! :-) I watched both already when I read the articles but appreciate you posting them anyway so they're both in one place and easily accessible.

      My one complaint about the trailers is that they are way too short...barely 30 seconds, definitely leaves alot to be desired. I'm looking forward to Trading Floor but haven't made up my mind about Stained yet...on the one hand, I love the cast (Kara Hui, Anthony Wong, Tse Kwan Ho -- 3 top notch award-winning actors!!), but not too keen on the genre for one and two, this one is produced/directed by Patrick Kong, whom I'm not fond of, as I didn't like any of his silly rom-com movies. But perhaps I will still watch this for the cast and the acting, which is guaranteed to be stellar given the artists involved.