Friday, October 6, 2017

Jacky Cheung concert news!!

FINALLY!  The organizers of Jacky’s concert (his record company Universal) have officially announced tour dates outside of Mainland China!  Jacky’s concert tour will be stopping in Malaysia in January, Singapore in February, and Australia in March – I will update specific date information in the sidebar once I get access to my computer.   

Since Jacky’s concert started in October 2016, the tour has mainly been in HK and throughout Mainland China, with a brief stop in Taiwan and Singapore in early 2017. Sounds like 2018 will be the year Jacky finally takes his concert tour abroad and expand to other countries.  Last year, Universal had confirmed that Jacky will for sure be performing in the U.S. and Canada (which have been usual stops for him in previous concert tours), however they were still trying to work out a bunch of stuff so no idea when that would be.  So far, there has still been no word on U.S. and Canada tour dates, but I am holding out hope it will be announced soon….perhaps in April or May 2018, since those slots haven’t been filled yet?  Or possibly in the summer of 2018, when his daughters are off from school so he can travel a little farther out, since he wouldn’t have to chaperone his daughters to school like he normally does.  Either way, whenever he comes to the U.S. for his concert, I . WILL . BE . WAITING!!!!


  1. Oh hell ya! Asia!! Maybr I need to pish back my trips and synch by concert's schedule, lol. The tickets are so hard to find. And near impossible to buy via online for me. I remember the sites wasn't compatible with my droid, ie, firefox and chrome... -_-;

    1. @jjwong: LOL…so true! One thing I’m surprised about though is how early the tickets are going on sale. The tickets for the Australia leg in March are going on sale this month – that’s 5 months early!

      I’m not sure about the Mainland China ones, as those websites probably won’t be compatible, but the other ones should be. Do you have access to this link?

      This is the official concert website where all tour dates and links to where to buy tickets are posted. I tried clicking on the Australia one and I was able to access the “buy tickets” site no problem (though of course I didn’t click too much farther since I’m not in Australia, lol). I can’t really speak for the other ones I guess, but the U.S. one in previous tours was pretty easy to purchase tickets – we went through Ticketmaster (which was a site I was already familiar with so I knew it was legit) and basically just chose the seat we wanted, paid, and they send the tickets (I always opt for the electronic version so I can print out right away and keep it safe somewhere – I don’t trust the post office or courier or whatever they use to send the paper tickets, lol). The only thing is the timing though…I remember when I bought the tickets for Jacky’s previous 2 concerts, I would keep track of the date tickets went on sale and as soon as midnight hit, I was on the site so I could get the best tickets possible before they sold out. Of course, they will always set aside a large number of tickets for internal use (for organizers and their friends and family) so unfortunately it’s impossible to get “the best seat in the house” but I sure hope to come close, lol!