Tuesday, March 15, 2016

BREAKING NEWS:  Jacky’s concert tour confirmed!!!!

Finally!  Jacky attended Filmart yesterday to promote his new movie Heaven in the Dark (which premieres in HK on 3/24).  During one of the interview sessions, he confirmed that his concert tour will kick off in October as originally scheduled (refuting recent rumors that his concert was being put on hold due to legal disputes with his former concert manager Florence Chan).  The first few stops will be in Mainland China (not HK as previously rumored).  As for when the HK shows will take place, Jacky said the earliest would be in December.

The official announcement from Universal hasn’t come out yet (they issued a statement today refuting rumors but didn’t go into detail about the concert itself), but according to Jacky, Universal will be making a formal announcement with more details very soon.

As I’ve done in the past, I will be posting up information about Jacky’s concert dates and venues as the information comes out, so definitely stay tuned!  Also, I will be amending this post later on with a few links to news articles/clips where Jacky talks about his concert.

Lastly, in related news, in addition to preparing for his concert, Jacky has been busy the past few weeks promoting his new movie Heaven in the Dark.  Since my last post a few weeks ago, there have been tons more promo material released about the movie, including another trailer, a few behind-the-scenes production clips, and more than 2 dozen interviews with various media outlets.  I’m working on getting all the info together so I can post it up on my blog, but it will take some time, since there is so much stuff out there now.  Those interested please check back later this week.  Thanks!

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  1. Please do tell if there is any updates (final dates) for HK concerts. Im thinking of going over there to watch ~~