Sunday, August 30, 2015

TVB series recommendations from the years 1988 and 1989

This is part 5 in a multi-part series of posts about TVB series from the 80s era that I recommend.  Please read this Introductory post for details about how this came about:  TVB series recommendations from the years 1980 and 1981.

** Note:  I used Wikipedia in conjunction with TVB’s website and a few other sources to gather the information for each series.  Note that the cast lists are not all-inclusive and the English song titles are rough translations.**

Below is my list of recommendations from 1988 and 1989. 

This rounds out my list of TVB series recommendations from the 80s era.  I'm actually thinking about doing the 90s era as well, since there are also alot of good series from the early part of that era (in fact, a few of my all-time favorite TVB series are actually from the years 1990 and 1991, so I definitely don't want to pass up the opportunity to list those!).  Most likely, I will probably just do the first half of the 90s era (like maybe up to 1994 or so), as the series from the later half of that era I'm pretty sure most people are already familiar with, so less need for recommendation in my opinion.

Anyway....back to 1988 and 1989:


  1. In 1989 list, Looking Back In Anger is definitely the most stunning drama at that time airing, my all time favourite, even I'm rewatching now :D Waiting TVB to release its DVD format...
    War of The Dragon is 1987's production but looked like this drama was warehoused series?! Another stellar contemporary drama by Wai Ka Fai, also I notice The Final Verdict in 1988, we could find really good drama easily in this period :)

    Withered In The Wind, IMO the best period drama beside The Bund, produced by famous Wong Tin Lam. Too bad Withered is underrated drama, maybe its airing slot (early January) was disadvantage to gain good rating? Wong Wan Choi portrayed Catholic priest who breaks celibacy oath as he has twin sons, Eddie Cheung & Wilson Lam and both of them have different destiny, adopted by warlord Elliot Yue and a midwife. A rich young man Eddie Cheung v an idealistic teacher Wilson Lam while Kitty Lai is entangled with both these leading men...Two thumb ups for the cast, storyline, opening song and ending!

    1. @jadul80:  Both Wai Ka Fai and Wong Tin Lam are “legends” in their own right and unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll get the same caliber producer (or, in WKF’s case, producer/scriptwriter) in HK television again.  It’s sad that many current generation audiences never got a chance to experience both these producers’ series – they sure are missing out on a lot.

      In my opinion, LBIA wasn’t just stunning at the time of airing, it’s the most stunning drama period.  As I always say, LBIA is TVB’s best series to come out of the 80s era and is definitely one of the best HK series of all time.  I mean, how often does a TV series come along that has such a huge impact on HK society (not sure if you were around when that series aired but those who were will probably remember the ‘lucky star’ craze that came about solely because of this series).   I never get tired of re-watching LBIA either, which is why I’m super-annoyed at TVB for not releasing the series on DVD (not sure if they even will based on their pattern in recent years)….they need to stop releasing DVDs on all those new series that nobody gives a care about and instead go back to releasing the ‘classics’, especially now that there is plenty of market for it with all the gripes about how bad the current series are.

      Yes, War of the Dragon aired in 1989 (all the series listed are based on air dates, not production date) and I agree that it, along with Final Verdict, were stellar dramas (in fact, most of WKF’s productions were stellar).  Too bad not all television audiences back then knew how to ‘appreciate’ WKF’s production style,  which is why, outside of LBIA (which is still one of TVB’s highest rated series to date), most of his other series were poorly-rated (probably because the content was ‘too heavy’ for TVB’s predominately housewife audience).  I know it’s hard to believe, but In comparisons to WKF’s other series, LBIA is actually considered the most ‘tame’ in terms of content…

    2. I agree that Withered in the Wind was hugely underrated, especially with its stellar cast and gripping story.  Not sure if it had much to do with the timeslot though – my guess is probably because of the content, since this was the 80s and audiences were still relatively conservative.  I think if the series would’ve aired in a different era (like maybe current era?), the reaction to it might be different.