Sunday, October 26, 2014

UPDATE: HKTV Official Launch Date and Series Poll

It’s official!!!

As announced on HKTV’s Facebook page, the station’s official launch will be on November 19th (the day of TVB’s anniversary).  Various HKTV artists have already confirmed that they have already filmed the promo clips for the launch (though most of them were not aware of the official launch date). 

I’m not really interested in commenting on HKTV choosing to launch their station on the same day as TVB’s anniversary because to me, it doesn’t really matter – after all, it’s just a date…what matters more is the quality of HKTV’s programs and the services they have to offer, which is more important in my opinion. 

Along with the announcement of the official launch date, HKTV has also started up the poll on their official webpage where audiences can vote for which HKTV series they would most like to see – the series that gets the most votes will be the first series aired starting on November 19th.

Here is the link to the website:  HKTV webpage

P.S.:  It’s probably no secret that I’ve been waiting to watch Borderline ever since HKTV aired the first episode on Youtube last year.  So of course, it should not come as a surprise that I already cast my vote for Borderline!

Below is a screenshot from HKTV's official webpage that shows all their series as well as the running tally of votes for each.  As of this writing, the 2 series with the most votes are The Election (starring Angelica Lee and Liu Kai Chi) and Borderline (starring Dominic Lam, Liu Kai Chi, Lawrence Chau, Leila Tong, etc.)

** NOTE:  Voting ends 11/9.  The results will be announced on 11/10.


  1. I put my vote in for The Election! It's so close to the political situation going on right now, I really want to see it.

    After seeing the synopsis for all the dramas, I can say there are some that I really want to watch, but others still seem uninteresting to me. Will wait until I see the actual products to say whether HKTV or TVB is better.

    1. @miriamfanz: I want to see The Election too, but since I already saw the first episode of Borderline, I would really prefer to finish that first if possible. But in case The Election wins (which it probably will), I'm still ok with it, since they will probably show Borderline after that anyway....

      I'm with you on your second point -- there are a few series that are not interesting to me either and I probably won't watch (like that vampire one for instance)....but I do like the fact that HKTV went for variety so there will be at least 1 series out of all the ones they made that people want to watch...

      On a separate note -- there are definitely a few series missing from the lineup that I know for sure they already filmed. Hmm....I wonder why HKTV is keeping some of the series "under wraps"...

    2. To clarify, how many opening dramas are there going to be? I was under the impression there's two because they're airing 2 hours of dramas each day?

    3. @miriamfanz:  That was my understanding initially as well, especially after seeing the schedule that HKTV had provided to its advertisers (which had showed that they would be airing The Election and Borderline simultaneously the week of 11/16, since each episode is 1 hour and that would fill their 2 hour timeslot).  But I have a feeling that might have changed slightly now….or they may decide to just air 2 episodes of one series initially and then afterwards switch back to the 2 series format.  We’ll find out soon enough....

  2. I voted for The Election coz has Uncle Chi :P ..but I also like Borderline O_O (yep, jump ship).

    1. @fangorn: LOL...what, jumped ship? Borderline has Uncle Chi too though (the difference is that he shares the lead role with Dominic and Lawrence in Borderline whereas he is the main lead in The Election. I believe).

      Ah well...I guess it doesn't really matter, since they will most likely end up showing The Election and Borderline back to back.... :-)

    2. Uncle Chi in Election is the main villain lo (I think, based on trailer) but all politicians are "gray-ish" in nature so Lee Sin Je is not all goodie-goodie IMO.

      It's been a long time since i last watched Borderline (and that first ep) so I only remembered Lawrence Chou and Dominic. Don't recall Uncle Chi. o_O

    3. @fangorn:  Yay, another Uncle Chi fan! **high five** :-)

      True…the Election definitely looks like it will be an interesting series, since the characters will likely be the type that are not completely good nor completely bad (and we know Uncle Chi can definitely pull off that type of character perfectly!).   Oh and let’s not forget Samuel Kwok and Savio Tsang (both of whom looks like will have heavy roles in this series)….I actually can’t wait, as I love the cast!

      In Borderline, Uncle Chi had that weird haircut, remember?  I still remember him in the first episode and even though we already know that Dominic is the main villain, I remember reading somewhere about Uncle Chi’s character having a dark/mysterious side as well (related to his past), so I think that role will be another “gray-ish” one as well.

      With all that said though, I still prefer Borderline over The Election, mainly because I’m not a fan of political dramas (I hate politics!)…but given the cast, I will definitely still watch! 

  3. I'm super excited about some of these. That sitcom about seniors having beef with other seniors looks way better than I anticipated

  4. Yea I also voted for Borderline but it looks like Election will win since it hit close to home with the current Occupy Central protest. Funny how both series are lead by Liu Kai Chi! :)

  5. Oh I'm glad the News series got alot of votes. When I showed the preview clips to my dad that was teh series he was most interested in mainly cause it's a topic never done before and deals with morals and how media and news and ruin people's lives.

  6. apparently malaysia gets to view it first ->

    and they're doing lots of promo with ads at mtr stations!!! i love it (check hktv's instagram/facebook)

    so excited. waited so long and going through so many hurdles!!!

    too bad no viewing for 'overseas' ppl yet (canada/america/etc.)
    I'm sure people will find ways to 'jump over the wall' or something since the internet is so advanced these days there might be streaming and download as well... but i'd rather support them so I might have to wait.

    hopefully fairchild tv (chinese tv station in canada) will make a deal with ricky wong soon!!!!