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TVB Series “Inbound Troubles” (老表,你好嘢!) Songs List

Just finished watching the series “Inbound Troubles” recently and I must say that I actually quite liked the series – totally unexpected for me considering I wasn’t too fond of the cast or the storyline in the beginning.  But after giving the series a chance, it turned out to be a pretty enjoyable series overall – one that kept me laughing from beginning to end while at the same time making me teary-eyed at certain points.

Since I might end up doing a review on this series later on (depends on my mood..LOL), I won’t go into too much detail right now.  However one important aspect of the series that I did want to talk about with this post is the ‘music’ component, since this was one aspect that made the series so hugely enjoyable for me.   The series actually incorporated a pretty good mix of songs throughout its 20 episode run – majority of the songs were ‘classics’ from the 80s and 90s era, however there were also a few newer songs interspersed throughout as well.   Not only did all the songs match perfectly with the storyline in each episode,  majority of the songs were also performed by the actors/actresses in the series themselves (which wasn’t surprising considering half the main cast consisted of professional singers) which was very refreshing to see.  At certain points, I felt like I was watching a musical more than an actual comedy TV series (though of course it’s not that I’m complaining, since I love musicals!!). 

Here I must give kudos to whomever it was (or were) that chose the songs to utilize in this series because they truly did a great job – all the songs were very relevant to the storyline and as an audience watching the series, the songs really did help draw me into the series more emotionally….though of course, it also helped that I was familiar with practically every song that came up in the series, since, as I mentioned earlier, majority of the songs were ‘classics’ from the 80s/90s era and so I grew up listening to all of those songs.  Oh and yes, the ‘Jacky Cheung’ theme that they did for quite a few of the songs definitely helped as well…LOL! 

In any case, here’s a recap of the songs that were sung (either partially or fully) in this series, including the official theme song and sub-theme song.  Note that this is purely a list of the songs that came up in each of the episodes and is meant for reference only (which is why I didn’t include any direct links to the songs).  Also, as much as I could, I tried to list out the song names in Chinese as well as English (loosely translated by me), the name of the original singer for the songs and also some background information as well, though of course this is not a ‘detailed’ list by any means.

Lastly, I went back and re-watched parts of certain episodes, however it’s highly possible that I missed a song or two somewhere, so please feel free to let me know if a particular song is missing.


TVB series  Inbound Troubles (老表,你好嘢!

Theme song:  (‘Everyone’) –  王菀 (Ivana Wong) and 王祖(Wong Cho Lam)

Episode 1:    (‘Someone’) -- 蘇永(William So)
** Sung by Wong Cho Lam’s character ‘Choi Sum’ during the singing competition tryouts scene

Episode 4哥歌 (‘Brother’s Song’) --王菀 (Ivana Wong)
** Sung by Ivana’s character ‘Ching Ching’ while she is at Meng Lo’s house (this was the song that she wrote for her brother, Roger’s character Ka Yee).

Episode 7舞女 (‘Prostitute’) --陳小雲 (Chan Siu Wan)
** Taiwanese song that Choi Sum sang during the karaoke scene with his dad

Episode 8愛不疚 (‘Love Without Regrets’) -- (Raymond Lam)
* *Background song played while Bob’s character ‘Siu San’ was walking dejectedly in the rain

Episode 9

李香蘭 (‘Lee Heung Lan’) -- 張學友 (Jacky Cheung)
** Sung by Corinna Chamberlain’s character during practice session at Meng Lo’s (Mimi Chu) place

餓狼傳說 (‘Born to be Wild’) -- 張學友 (Jacky Cheung)
** Sung by the ‘scalper’ during the scene where Ka Yee tries to buy ‘God of Song’ tickets

頭髮亂了 (‘Messed Up Hair’) -- 張學友 (Jacky Cheung)
** The dance song that the ‘Oh Baby’ group sang at the charity dinner for the kids
祝福 (‘Blessing’) -- 張學友 (Jacky Cheung)
** Farewell song that the ‘Oh Baby’ group sang at the charity dinner and also during the bus ride when the group sees the kids off

Episode 11: 

媽媽 I Love You (‘Ma Ma I Love You’) --瑪俐亞 (Maria Cordero)  [sub-theme song for 1987  movie The Truth starring Andy Lau and Deannie Ip]
** The ‘demo’ song that  Mimi Chu’s character Meng Lo sings during one of the practice sessions with ‘Oh Baby’

你的名字我的姓氏 (‘Your Name, My Surname’) -- 張學友 (Jacky Cheung)
** Sung by Ivana’s character Ching Ching (along with Oh Baby group) during the first round of the singing competition

Episode 13:    我真的受傷了 (‘I Am Truly Hurt’) --張學友 (Jacky Cheung) [Written by Ivana Wong – there’s also a version she sings as well]
** Sung by Choi Sum and Ching Ching (with Oh Baby group) during the second round of the singing competition

Episode 14:  對不起我愛 (‘Sorry, I Love You) --黎明 (Leon Lai)
** The doctor ‘Chan Zhi Mei’ sings a few lines of this song when he’s trying to pursue Joey Meng’s character Yik Suet Fei

Episode 15吻別 (‘Kiss Goodbye’) -- 張學友 (Jacky Cheung)
** Sung by Choi Sum during Oh Baby practice session at Meng Lo’s house

Episode 17: 

傻癡癡 (‘Crazily Foolish’) -- 黎明 (Leon Lai) [Theme song for 1993 TVB series Romance Beyond starring Frankie Lam and Athena Chu]
** The song Choi Sum sings at the hospital when declaring his love for Ching Ching

星晴 (‘Clear Stars’) -- 周杰倫 (Jay Chou)
** Ending credits song (starts up during the last scene when Louis Cheung’s ‘Chiu Chiu’ sees Choi Sum and Ching Ching holding hands

Episode 18:  一段情 (‘A Relationship’) -- 鍾鎮濤 (Kenny Bee) and 彭健新 (Bennet Pang)
* *Sung by Oh Baby and Meng Lo at the hospital to encourage Yat Kit (Wong Gwong Leung) after his surgery

Episode 20: 

友誼之光 (‘The Light of Friendship’) -- 瑪俐亞 (Maria Cordero) [Theme song to the 1987 movie Prison on Fire (監獄風) starring Chow Yun Fat]
** Sung by Meng Lo (Mimi Chu) and Yat Kit (Wong Gwong Leung)  during their charity outreach at the prison (note the reference to the movie itself with the ‘cameo’ of Wong Gwong Leung’s character ‘Sa Biu’)

但願人長久 (‘If Only We Never Part’) -- 鄧麗君 (Teresa Teng)
** Sung by Ching Ching (Ivana Wong) during the last singing competition; also the ending segment for the series finale


  1. what is the name of the song that when the girl (fiancee) cuts her hair?

    1. @Anonymous: Hmmm....looks like I missed that one. I'll have to go back and re-watch that segment...I'll let you know what I find out.

    2. @Anonymous: I went back and re-watched that're referring to the few lines of the Mandarin song that was sung, right? I actually don't recognize the song at all, so I have no clue what it's called. Sorry I wasn't much help...

    3. its ok i found it its called 短发 by Gigi Leung. Thanks anyway!

  2. Happy CNY to you llwy12! All the best to your friends and family too. First catch-up comment!

    Anyway, it's funny how you mention that about this series and not liking it too - I felt the same way. But this was kind of like a dark horse for me - in fact, I didn't even watch some episodes and then it started to grow on me. Everybody did a pretty good job, considering the somewhat weak script/storyline. I found returning ATV actress, Joey Meng to be quite delightful on screen.

    But back to the main point, you're right abut this pretty eclectic song list. It was refreshing to hear some old classics sung again and incorporated quite well into a TV series (even better than some awards shows - LOL). I kinda wish they would make a mention of old songs every now and then.

    1. @The Archival Queen: Thanks for stopping by! Hope you and your family had a great CNY holiday as well! :0)

      Yup, definitely very surprised that I ended up liking this series, since when I first heard about it, I totally had no intention to watch it. When I first saw the cast list, I wasn’t excited at all because as much as I love Roger, I haven’t been too keen on most of the series he’s been in lately and many of the roles were nothing to shout about – plus after that disastrous ancient comedy that he was in last year (that Diamonds and Hearts one), I was really dreading another ‘comedic’ role for Roger (not that I’m opposed to Roger doing comedy, as he’s great at it, but I just needed a break from those types of roles --obviously I miss the ‘serious’ roles that Roger had in the past). Luckily, the way his role in Inbound Troubles was written, it was a good balance of serious and comedic, so wasn’t bad at all – and of course, he delivered the goods in terms of the acting, as usual (plus no matter what, I still love Roger as an actor and person so that definitely helps…LOL).

      As for Joey, I was pleasantly surprised with her performance too because my impression of her had pretty much stopped at the ‘young schoolgirl’ phase and so it was different for me to see her in a more ‘mature’ role. Even though I did watch some ATV series and also went through that ‘ATV phase’ at one point in time, I never really ‘followed’ ATV as religiously as I did TVB, so I’m not as familiar with many of the ‘homegrown’ ATV artists as others may be. I’ve seen some of Joey’s past series, but not enough to really comment on how her acting is….one things’s for sure though – this series definitely got me more interested in Joey and made me want to go back and watch some of her earlier ATV works.

      As I mentioned in the post, given the cast and storyline, I know I would not have liked this series as much if the music / song component didn’t play as heavy a role as it did – to me, that was really the crux of what made the series so enjoyable. Of course the other reason is because I haven’t heard so many ‘classic’ songs being used in 1 series in such a long time, so the ‘sentimentality’ piece definitely played a huge part – the nostalgia of hearing all those old songs that I grew up listening to being used in the series was enough to make the series emotionally satisfying for me…LOL.

  3. in episode 4 at about 34min, a younger chu mimi sings in a cabaret,,,what is that song?

  4. in episode 5 (not 4 as in earlier post) at about 34min, a younger chu mimi sings in a cabaret,,,what is that nice song?

    1. @Anonymous: that's the one she sings when she meets Yat Kit right? It's the same song as in episode 18: 一段情 (‘A Relationship’) --originally sung by 鍾鎮濤 (Kenny Bee) and 彭健新 (Bennet Pang)

    2. thank you much for the info! god bless you! it is a beautiful song!

  5. Hi, in episode 14, would you be able to tell me the name of the children's song during the thunderstorm? Thanks!

  6. @babybun: Hmmm, I don't recall that particular scene....let me see if I can find that episode and re-watch it. Once I find out, I'll let you know.

  7. In the last episode, may I know what is the piano piece at the part where they found the phone with the video clip?

  8. Hello ... May I know the name of the Inbound Troubles ending theme song at the end of most episodes? Thanks!

  9. what is the song that is playing when Angela is getting a haircut. ep. 3

    1. @Anonymous: Sorry took so long for me to respond. Just got around to cleaning up the comments in this thread.

      The song in episode 3 when Angela's character is getting a haircut is called 短髮 (translated as "Short Hair") sung by Gigi Leung.

  10. Hello, wondering if you know the background song that played in ep 16 when ka-yee almost fell from the window while saving the little girl?

    1. @Anonymous: Sorry, but I have no clue, as it sounds like classical music, which I'm not familiar with at all. The melody does sound nice though....

  11. Does anyone know the song title in episode 8 when bob gets a massage by one of the massage girls? Sorry I don't know her name. But she sings a nice song, sounds classic.

    1. @Anonymous: Are you sure it's episode 8? I ran through that entire episode again but couldn't find the scene you were talking about.

      Oh, wait...I think you're talking about the sequel Come On, Cousin? That's a whole different series altogether. If you're interested in knowing the songs for the sequel, check out the below thread in Asianfanatics:
      [If you're referring to Come On Cousin rather than Inbound Troubles, then I think the 'massage' song you are looking for is 痴心換情深 (Infatuation in Exchange for Passion), which is sung by Vivian Chow.]

  12. Thanks all for sharing.. im looking for it ^^

  13. Thanks all for sharing.. Im looking for it!