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Jacky Cheung receives special award at RTHK Top Ten Gold Song Awards ceremony

As most of you know by now, it’s been at least a decade if not more since I’ve watched any type of HK music award show – back in the 80s and 90s, I used to follow the HK music scene quite ‘religiously’ and watched pretty much every single music award show out there (at that time, the main ones were TVB’s JSG awards, CRHK’s Chik Chak awards, Metro’s Hit Radio award, RTHK’s Top Ten Gold Songs).  However, with the ‘deterioration’ of the HK music industry over the past decade or so, I basically lost interest in the music scene completely – even though right now I still keep myself as up to date as possible in terms of news related to the music industry (only because of my interest in HK entertainment in general), when it comes to award shows, I don’t waste my time anymore.  Nowadays, I only watch segments of award shows pertaining to artists I like or grew up listening to / watching (which, honestly speaking, is few and far between).

This past year (2012) has actually been a ‘boring’ year in terms of music -- there were very few new songs that I actually liked, so pretty much all year, any time I had to listen to music was spent listening to old songs and also TV themesongs.  Therefore, it goes without saying that I had no interest whatsoever in watching any of the music award ceremonies this year.  With that said however, the one exception was of course RTHK’s Top Ten Gold Song Awards ceremony (十大中文金曲頒獎音樂會), since the organizers of that awards show announced a couple weeks back that they would be presenting a special award this year in honor of the show’s 35th anniversary – this special “35th Anniversary Gold Song Honorary Award” would be presented to the artist who has received the most ‘Top Ten Gold Songs’ in the past 35 years (note that it’s not the most number of overall ‘awards’, but rather the most number of songs honored with a ‘gold song’ award).  The recipient of this special award was none other than HK’s ‘God of Songs’ Jacky Cheung (yay!!), who had accumulated a total of 23.3 ‘golden songs’ spanning a time period of late 80s to early 2000s (when Jacky announced that he would no longer compete for awards).  The awesome part is that Jacky personally attended the ceremony to accept the award and also gave a very inspirational acceptance speech to encourage his ‘juniors’ to continue to make good music – but of course, for us Jacky fans, the best part was when Jacky performed 4 of his classic hits right after his acceptance speech (he performed 離開以後, 每天愛你多一些, 只想一生跟你走, and 愛是永恆)….boy, those people sitting in the audience sure were lucky to be able to see Jacky singing live!! 

I was able to locate a pretty comprehensive clip on Youtube  that covers almost the entire Jacky segment – including the intro at the beginning where they showed clips from past award ceremonies (omg, totally enjoyed re-living all those ‘award’ moments) as well as Jacky coming on stage to accept the award and give his speech.  If I find any other clips, I’ll be sure to update this post, but for now, this is one of the better clips I’ve been able to locate.  In addition to sharing the video clip, I thought it would be nice to also post the list of 23.3 ‘golden songs’ that helped Jacky earn this honor (as gathered from Weibo sources, RTHK website, and other sources).

Congrats Jacky on the absolutely well-deserved award!  Definitely very proud of you!!   :0)


Youtube video link to RTHK Top Ten Gold Song Awards ceremony – Jacky segment only:

List of Jacky’s songs that won Top Ten Gold Song Award in the past 35 years:

8th Annual Awards (1985):  情已 (‘Love is Over’)

9th Annual Awards (1986):  月半(‘Half Moon’)

10th Annual Awards (1987): 太陽星 (‘Sun and the Stars’)

12th Annual Awards (1989):  Linda

13th Annual Awards (1990):  夕陽醉(‘Drunken at Sunset’)

14th Annual Awards (1991):  每天愛你多一些 (‘Love You a Little More Each Day’) and  一顆不變(‘An Unchanging Heart’)

15th Annual Awards (1992):   暗戀(‘Have a Crush on You’) and  還是覺得你最 (‘Still Feel That You Are the Best’)

16th Annual Awards (1993):   只想一生跟你(‘Want to Follow You for My Entire Life’),  等你回(‘Waiting for You to Return’),  and 你是我今生唯一的傳奇 (‘You are the Only Miracle in My Life’)

17th Annual Awards (1994):  餓狼傳 (‘Born to Be Wild’) and  來來回 (‘Back and Forth’)

18th Annual Awards (1995):  離開以 (‘After Leaving You’), 這個冬天不太 (‘This Winter is Not Too Cold’)

19th Annual Awards (1996):  妳的名字 我的姓氏 (‘Your Name, My Surname’)

20th Annual Awards (1997):  不老的傳 (‘A Legend That Never Ages’) and 愛是永恆 (‘Love is Eternity’)

21st Annual Awards (1998):  頭髮亂(‘Messy Hair’) and  甲乙丙丁 (‘Strangers Passing By’) [collaboration with Andy Hui and Ronald Cheng]

22nd Annual Awards (1999):  有個(‘There’s Someone’)

23rd Annual Awards (2000):   一生一火 (‘One Spark Throughout Life’)

24th Annual Awards (2001):  有病呻 (‘Having Illness Moans’)

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