Wednesday, May 9, 2012

News Article: Jacky Cheung wraps up Mainland China leg of his ½ Century Concert Tour

The COUNTDOWN to Jacky's 1/2 Century Concert Tour Finale has officially begun!! (Well, in my book at least...LOL).

The Mainland China leg of the tour was just completed this past weekend (on 5/6) and on the 12th, Jacky will be in Malaysia for his final show there, which officially completes the "Overseas" (outside of HK / China) leg of his tour.  The GRAND FINALE is scheduled to take place at the end of this month in HK (see sidebar for actual dates).

As a devoted fan, I'm definitely a bit saddened that Jacky's concert will be over soon (since that means we won't get the chance to watch the show again here in the U.S.....*sniffs*).  However, looking at it in a more positive light -- all good things must eventually come to an end, right?  Plus, as a devoted fan, I care alot about Jacky's well-being -- he's already 50 years old and having to perform 145 shows (the number is technically double that, since Jacky does formal rehearsals for every show) is very draining physically (as well as mentally and emotionally) from that perspective, I'm fine with the concert ending so that Jacky can get the much needed rest that he deserves (as well as more time to spend with his family).

Since the "countdown" has already begun, expect to see more posts from now until the end of the month about final shows of Jacky's concert (I'm sure there will be alot of stuff about it on Weibo and such, as there was last April when Jacky held 20 shows in HK). 

Note:  I might not be able to translate and post every single thing that comes out about the remaining shows(since I work full-time and have time constraints like most people...LOL), but I will try my best to at least post up the 'major stuff' (i.e. the 'milestones' and such) as currently and quickly as I can.

So's the article about the Mainland China finale show....


Jacky Cheung wraps up Mainland China leg of his ½ Century Concert Tour

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After 89 successful shows in Mainland China, Jacky Cheung wrapped up the Mainland leg of his ½ Century Concert Tour by holding his final show the day before yesterday at the Beijing Gongren Stadium. This week, he will complete the overseas leg of his tour with final shows in Malaysia and starting next Friday (May 18th), he will return to Hong Kong for the ‘grand finale’ – the final 9 shows of his entire concert tour – which will take place at the Asia Expo World Arena. At the end of his tour, Jacky will have completed a total of 145 shows over a span of 1 ½ years, which breaks his previous record of 105 shows [2007’s Year of Jacky Cheung Concert Tour] as well as the record for all HK singers.

After the Beijing show, concert organizer Florence Chan held a celebratory gathering for all the workers and behind-the-scenes crew to commemorate the milestone. Normally, Jacky rarely attends celebratory events such as this, however since the Beijing show was his very last one in the Mainland, plus his concert tour is reaching its final ‘countdown’ stage, Jacky decided to attend the event so he could specially thank the workers as well as the concert sponsors in the Mainland. After hugging each of the workers who had helped out with his concert in the Mainland, Jacky went up on the stage and said to them: “Being able to achieve results such as today’s is truly a miracle! I had no intentions of breaking any records or exceeding previous achievements, but being able to have all this now is a result of the efforts and hard work of everyone here. All of the success that the concert was able to achieve was due in large part to your contributions!” Jacky then sang his classic hit ‘Blessing’《祝福》as a means of gratitude to all those who assisted with his concert, which moved many of the workers and crew to tears!

Asked about his plans after his concert tour is over, Jacky frankly stated that he hoped to rest and spend more time with his daughters: “There was a period of time where I felt that with my youngest daughter especially, my place in her heart was not even equal to that of the nanny! So after the tour, I will focus my efforts on being a ‘nanny’ and take care of my daughters at home. In the future, my goal is to focus more on projects that I greatly enjoy, such as putting together another stageplay (musical), rather than working purely for the purpose of earning money.”

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