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News Article: Having just completed his 116th show, Jacky Cheung continues to break records

This is an awesome article about Jacky and his most recent concert show in Guangzhou...I liked the article so much that I decided to translate and post it. Hope all fellow Jacky fans out there enjoy it!


Article originally published: February 27, 2012

Source: Sohu.com

Translation: llwy12

Having just completed his 116th show, Jacky Cheung continues to break records

** Note: The below article was published in a Guangzhou newspaper, so most of the content will relate to Jacky’s concert tour in China. **

On 2/25, Jacky Cheung completed the Guangzhou [China] leg of his “1/2 Century World Tour Concert” and in the coming days, he will travel to Putian [in Fujian province] and Shenzhen, ultimately arriving here in Hangzhou on March 10th. Each show that Jacky performs brings him one step closer to breaking the Guinness World Record for number of concert shows performed by an Asian singer. Actually, the original record is currently held by Jacky himself for his 2007 ‘The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour Concert’, which at that time, had established an unprecedented record of 105 shows on one concert tour. Looking at it right now, the original ‘number’ has already been exceeded, as the Guangzhou leg of the tour was already Jacky’s 116th show.

During the Guangzhou performance, fellow singer Eason Chan made a special trip to visit his friend Jacky – the two singers even performed a song together during rehearsals. Recently, there have been rumors that due to Eason straining and overextending his vocal cords, he is in danger of losing his voice – don’t know if Eason took the opportunity during his visit to ask Jacky for his ‘secret’ to maintaining good health.

Xie Hong, a manager for the Tianjin division of Rock Records who once accompanied Jacky for more than 100 shows on his world tour, described Jacky’s regular world tour ‘routine’ in this way: “Every Thursday, after taking his daughters to school, Jacky would fly to the first city where he’s scheduled to perform. He would have rehearsals on Friday afternoon, then the actual performance that same night. The next day (Saturday), he would switch to another city, rehearse on Sunday afternoon, then perform that same night. On Monday, he would fly back to Hong Kong, pick up his daughters from school, then head home. On days that he does not need to perform, Jacky would get up at 6am every morning and work out for 2 hours; at night, he would always go to bed before 10pm.”

After completing a concert, most singers normally hold a celebration gathering, however due to the frequency of Jacky’s performances, he usually ‘omits’ the celebration party, choosing to do it only once every few months. According to Xie Hong, Jacky is willing to ‘omit’ certain formalities when needed, however there is one ‘formality’ that Jacky is firm about never omitting: rehearsals. Indeed, Jacky’s persistence when it comes to rehearsals is one area where Xie Hong admires him the most: “He’s already performed over 100 shows, yet he still insists on rehearsing prior to every single show. To be honest, I’ve already watched [the rehearsals] to the point that I don’t want to watch anymore, however Jacky never gets fed up with it – in fact, he never finds it [the rehearsals] even the least bit tedious!” Also, for his performances, Jacky refuses to use a teleprompter – he would rather set aside a certain amount of time each day to recite and memorize the lyrics to the songs. Xie Hong once suggested to Jacky that perhaps he should use a teleprompter to help him save time and energy and so that the process would be less exhausting for him, but Jacky politely turned down his offer with the response: “As soon as one starts to develop the mentality of being dependent [on something], it’s very easy to get into the habit of being lazy.”

What moves Xie Hong the most though, is Jacky’s considerate nature. During his concert tours, Jacky is very much aware that the concert sponsors [in each city] are usually the ones responsible for providing (and paying for) his meals, therefore, he never chooses any expensive dishes and most of the time, eats only simple vegetable and occasional meat dishes – if in certain cases he felt like eating fish, he would always choose the least expensive one.

As a concert sponsor, Xie Hong admits that of course he would prefer for Jacky to sing his classic hits for each show: “It saves on production costs, plus the audience reaction will definitely be excellent, so it sounds like the best route to take, right? Nope, not for Jacky. Because he feels that Chinese singers rarely incorporate stage musicals in their performances, he wanted to serve as an example for everyone.” That’s why for this concert, the stage musical segment is one of the most important parts of the performance – for the MV (music video) accompanying the musical portion, Jacky asked renowned director Andrew Lau to help him produce / direct it and actress Shu Qi to star in it. The stage musical segment tells the story of a couple as they go through various stages of their relationship – from meeting, to falling in love, marrying, and eventually, the strain on their relationship due to the passing of time (secretly, Xie Hong and the crew refer to the MV as “If You Are the Only One 3“ 《非诚勿扰3》 [TN: an actual movie starring Shu Qi and directed by Feng Shao Gang]).

Xie Hong concludes: “We see Jacky put such exhaustive, painstaking effort into his performances and at first, we didn’t understand it – but later on, we came to realize that it is a natural part of who he is as person – and that’s why he is the ‘God the Songs’!”


Chinese version:

刚刚演完第116场 张学友不断刷新吉尼斯世界纪录

记者 钱卓君 广州报道









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