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News Article: Michael Miu gets reminder from Jamie Chik about 22nd Wedding Anniversary

Awww, this is a sweet article about Michael and Jamie! It was heartwarming to read, so I wanted to share it with all of my fellow 'TVB old-timer' friends...LOL! Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and even though I'm kind of late, I still want to wish Michael and Jamie a Happy 22nd Wedding Anniversary!!! :-)


Original article published January 14th, 2012

Source: Mingpao Weekly, Issue 2253

Translated by: llwy12

Michael Miu gets reminder from Jamie Chik about 22nd Wedding Anniversary

How many 30 years are there in a lifetime? As one of the HK entertainment industry’s model couples, actor Michael Miu (苗僑偉) and his wife [former actress] Jamie Chik (戚美珍) fell in love back in 1982 while filming the TVB series “You Only Live Twice” 《飛越十八層》-- January 9th marks the 22nd wedding anniversary for this ‘golden’ couple who has remained together through thick and think for the past 30 years [TN: they dated for 8 years before getting married in 1990]. Even though Michael is currently filming in Xiamen [China], he does not have to worry about feeling lonely, as his wife Jamie flew over to visit him on set this week. On their anniversary day, the couple celebrated the occasion by having dinner with the filming crew, with Michael giving Jamie the anniversary gift he had prepared for her -- a bouquet of flowers. This loving couple is truly the envy of those around them!

Every year for the past 22 years, Michael has always given Jamie a bouquet of flowers on their wedding anniversary – though this year was no different in that aspect, Jamie pointed out that there actually was one thing different from previous years: “In the past, every year of our wedding anniversary, we would have a celebratory dinner with a few of our close ‘couple’ friends in HK, however this year, we celebrated with a group of young friends in Xiamen. Actually, Michael is pretty good about remembering our anniversary every year – but even if he were to forget, I would surely ‘remind’ him! Like this year for example – one night, on impulse, I wrote the number ‘22’ on a piece of paper and handed it to him with the intention of ‘reminding’ him about our 22nd wedding anniversary. He took one look at the paper and asked me ‘What?’ – then he turned the paper over, looked at it, and asked me again ‘What?’ When he saw me smiling without answering, he then said: ‘Oh! Hey, I remember – you don’t need to remind me!’ See, Michael never forgets our anniversary!” Asked whether she purposefully flew to Xiamen to celebrate with Michael, Jamie replied: “In HK, I don’t have any work obligations currently and there isn’t anyone to keep me company anyway, so I figured why not go to Xiamen and take care of Michael – plus it’s a way of enjoying life!”

Even though they have already been married for 22 years, Michael and Jamie’s deep affection and love for one another is akin to that of a newlywed couple. Towards this, Jamie expressed that their relationship really isn’t much different from ordinary couples – when they were young, they would argue a lot, but after being together for so long, they grew to understand that the key to a lasting relationship involves mutually accommodating one another, being tolerant and accepting of one another, and also respect: “During our youth, when we were dating, we worked together and we also managed a business together. Now our kids [TN: daughter Phoebe is 20 and son Murphy is 18] are all grown up and continuing their schooling abroad, so all that’s left is the two of us to keep each other company. We rely on each other mutually, as we will be accompanying each other on the long road ahead and into the future.”

In their 30 years together, Michael and Jamie have never run out of things to talk about. Towards this, Jamie smiled and expressed that because she and Michael talk about everything under the sun -- even pointless, silly things – they never have to worry about growing distant from each other: “Some married couples who’ve been together for a long time end up running out of things to say to each other – after all, being together for so many years, you’ve pretty much said everything you want to say – so it’s no surprise that the relationship eventually grows distant. But Michael and I are different in that we talk about everything, even unimportant silly things – even with things like TV series and movies, we could go on and on about it! Actually, I feel that this helps to enliven and enhance our relationship as a married couple.”

Currently, Michael is rushing to complete his work in the Mainland and it is anticipated that filming will wrap prior to Chinese New Year. After that, the couple has plans for a trip to the U.S. and Canada to visit their children and will return to HK after the CNY holiday.


Chinese version:

戚美珍兩個二字提醒 苗僑偉結婚周年指定動作






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