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Jacky Cheung discusses life and death with his daughters

Awww, this is such a sweet article! When I read it a couple days ago, I knew that I just had to translate it and post it!

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P.S.:  A quick note:  Guess where Jacky went on his trip to the U.S.?  He was right here in Los Angeles!!  He took his daughters to Disneyland and Universal Studios (among other places) and was also spotted (not surprisingly) at LAX International Airport.  Obviously, I could kick myself for not knowing ahead of time!  LOL!


Article originally published August 15, 2011

Translated by: llwy12

Jacky Cheung discusses life and death with his daughters

Having just turned 50, God of Songs Jacky Cheung just crossed an important age milestone in his life. Well aware of the limitations of human life, Jacky does not mind discussing his age and is not afraid of growing old. It’s no surprise then, that Jacky doesn’t feel that talking to his 11 year old and 6 year old daughters about death is taboo: “It’s better to let them understand and accept reality early on – some day, I will eventually leave them, so they need to learn to be independent and take care of themselves.” Jacky’s attitude is very open and candid, calmly confronting the task of teaching his daughters about the realities of life, including the difficult subject of coping with death. However, his calm demeanor seems to have the opposite effect on his youngest daughter Zia (張瑤萱), as she starts to cry upon hearing her Dad talk about leaving them.

Keeps himself healthy for the sake of his daughters

“I’m actually very much looking forward to old age, as I’m curious to know how I will be like when I grow old!” Jacky Cheung turned 50 back on July 10th – despite this year’s birthday being a ‘half century’ milestone in his life, Jacky did not feel the need to celebrate in any special manner and also did not feel any sadness towards growing old: “There’s no need to face old age with a heavy heart, as each milestone has its own distinctness and meaning – some people may feel very old at 80, while others may feel very active.” Jacky bluntly admits that he doesn’t dare to say that he is perfectly healthy and active, but he strives to be as healthy as possible for the sake of his daughters: “I try my best to maintain good health so that I can be with my daughters longer.”

World Tour concert will extend through next year; will most likely break 100 show record for the third time

For his birthday, Jacky’s daughter gave him a card that she personally made herself – on the card, she wrote: “Love you, love you, love you the most”. Such sweet words from a daughter who obviously adores him, however Jacky plays down the moment: “Whether that is truly the case or not, it really doesn’t matter.” Nevertheless, it is obvious that for this benevolent father, the joy of having his daughters is already enough to make him happy.

Currently in the middle of a World Tour concert, Jacky specially requested from his management company to give him 1 month off for summer vacation so that he could be with his daughters. During his time off, he accompanied his daughters on a trip to the U.S. for vacation, as his eldest daughter Zoe (張瑤華) was interested in taking summer classes there; originally, she was excited about taking classes related to criminal investigation – smiling, Jacky ‘complained’: “Who knew that she would end up losing interest in it?”

Prior to his birthday on July 10th, Jacky had already completed 60 shows of his World Tour concert and it is estimated that he will continue to perform up until his birthday next year – at this rate, he will very likely exceed 100 consecutive shows for the 3rd time in his career, and also break his previous record of 105 shows [for his 2007 “The Year of Jacky Cheung” World Tour]. However, Jacky reveals that his intention is not to break records: “Actually, those numbers have no meaning for me. My only wish is to allow more people to experience a new and fresh performance this time around.” He does admit that when he broke records the first time, he did have a ‘that’s awesome!’ feeling, but the second time, he started to feel that ‘breaking records’ is superficial and no longer felt the excited for the moment.

After his 2007 World Tour, Jacky initially thought that it was a good time to stop and perhaps retire: “But after 4 years, I discovered that I still had the energy and strength physically to continue performing – since I still had the ability, I figured I’d go ahead and do it.”

Jacky’s ½ Century Tour will resume again on 8/18 in Taiwan – he will perform for 4 days straight at the Taipei Coliseum. No matter how challenging the singing or dance moves may be, Jacky Cheung is ready to show his Taiwan fans that at 50 years old, he still has the charm and charisma to put on an awesome show!


Chinese version:

張學友笑談生死 幼齡女兒嚇哭



保持身體健康 想多陪女兒


巡演到明年 可望3度破百





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