Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Article on the Biography Channel special – “HK’s The Four Heavenly Kings: Jacky Cheung”《香港四大天王﹕ 張學友》

Omg, a Jacky documentary? Well, not really, but it's as close as we're going to can bet your bottom dollar that I will be hunting all over the Internet for this program when it airs next month!

Meanwhile though....we will just have to settle for the below article....

My thoughts on the article:

.>> I'm glad that Jacky talks about his battle with alcoholism because even though that particular period in his life and career (late 1980s) was the lowest point for him, he was able to overcome it and become the "God of Songs" that we have today. His story truly serves as an inspiration for others -- it proves that entertainers are human just like everyone one else and will encounter the same types of problems.

.>> Every time I hear the part about how Jacky's friends and family (especially his then girlfriend / now wife May Lo) supported him and helped him through the most difficult time in his life, I can't help but feel warm inside. This is one of the reasons why I admire Jacky and May so much as a couple -- throughout their relationship, they truly demonstrated that it's not necessarily about how long they've been together, but rather the experiences -- good and bad -- they encountered together as a couple. Regardless though, 26 years (11 years dating, 15 years married) is still a LONG time, especially for a celebrity couple. Anyway, I wish them continued happiness forever!!   :o)

.>> The part about Jacky taking up his brother's gambling debts was not a 'rumor' -- it truly did occur (and not just once either). But glad that Jacky made the right choice in publicly declaring at that time that he was no longer going to pay for his brother's debts and stopped the brother from using his name for his own benefit.

.>> LOL at the part about "Snow Wolf Lake"! Ah, brings back memories of another great King and Queen collaboration (Jacky and Sandy)!

Jacky Cheung to be the subject of new Biography Channel program

Article published: Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Source: Oriental Daily, Ming Pao

Translated by: llwy12

Picture credits as listed

God of Songs Jacky Cheung has experienced his fair share of peaks and valleys in his long career as a HK entertainer. In the new program《The Four Heavenly Kings: Jacky Cheung》airing on the Biography Channel next month, Jacky explains in detail the various highs and lows he has experienced in his career. He recounts how, back in the 1980s, due to pressures with a stagnant career, he started drinking heavily, which gave rise to a lot of negative publicity and almost ended his career permanently. In the interview, Jacky candidly admits his one-time struggle with alcoholism: “I had a pretty good grasp on my career – whether it was recording albums or doing concerts, I was able to handle it fine – but only the drinking part I had no control over. I hate that type of feeling!” Fortunately, with the support of good friends such as record producer Michael Au as well as then girlfriend May Lo, Jacky was able to overcome his drinking problems and restart his career, ultimately achieving the tremendous success he has today.

With regard to rumors that surfaced back in 1993 of Jacky taking up his older brother’s huge gambling debts, Jacky admits that gambling runs in the family: “My dad likes to gamble, so both my brother and I grew up with the same interests – in fact, in my youth, I was an even bigger gambler than my brother! However, later on, I realized that it’s impossible to make a living off gambling and it wasn’t reliable for me, so I stopped.”

Discussing Jacky’s successful 1997 on-stage musical《Snow Wolf Lake》-- which he starred in and artistically directed – co-star Kit Chan reveals a few behind-the-scenes ‘secrets’ and funny moments that had occurred during the production, including Jacky’s “smelly” performances. Laughing, Kit playfully expressed that she felt sorry for the production’s female star, pop Queen Sandy Lam: “During a few performances, Jacky started to sweat heavily due to the various dance segments, and by the middle segment of the show, we started to smell ‘odors’ coming from his body – by the end of the show, some of us didn’t even want to go near him! And to think, during the very last scene, poor Sandy had to lie there, embraced by Jacky, with her head very close to his underarm….I ‘heard’ that it was not a very pleasant experience!”


  1. That's a neat little piece on the Jacky documentary! Though, honestly, I wish they would air more documentaries of artists. Or at least tributes.

    As for Jacky battling alcoholism and gambling (commonly known as the two evils that go hand in hand), good for him (Didn't Ada Choi's mother also have some problem with gambling?)

    Well, I never thought I would say this but...Jacky smells! Lol. As for Sandy, poor her! She might've been dying in Jacky's stench. Poor Sandy! But talking about Sandy, she recently made an appearance back in Macau at the opening for the Madonna exhibition in Asia. I found a link of the video here:

    Courtesy of a group of Sandy Lam fans, of course. It feels really strange seeing her again because she's still got a lot of sex appeal (my mom even said that).

  2. @TAQ: I agree -- the documentary will definitely be a great one!

    Actually, they will be doing more documentaries of artists -- the next one up will be Andy Lau (since it IS the 4 Kings special after all). We'll see if they do other ones after they finish the 4 Kings series.

    Yes, Ada's mother did have a problem with gambling, to the point that Ada nearly broke off ties with her -- though it seems that she has overcome her gambling addiction and reconciled with Ada now.

    Haha -- yup, the part about Jacky's sweat is funny! LOL!

    With regard to Sandy -- well, we will be able to see more of her, as she will be doing a concert in HK this year (can't remember which month though -- I'll need to go look it up).

  3. Oh that's good news about the up-and-coming documentaries. But yeah, that's what I was wondering, if they were going to do more than just a 4 Kings series. You know, it would be very good to see some shows done on people like Jenny Tseng and Roman Tam, because they had a lot to do with Cantopop in the first place.

    Yup. It's good to see mother and daughter reunited back together again. Especially before Ada gave birth to her daughter earlier this year too.

    Lol. Jacky sweat. But still, I don't think it would've been very comfortable locked in that position...

    As for Sandy, I did remember her saying something about an upcoming concert in HK, though I'm unsure of the looks like around late-ish September for her HK fans. Still, I'm sure it'll be a great show!