Monday, May 2, 2011

POLL RESULTS: Which of TVB’s 5 Tigers was (is) your favorite?

First of all, to all those who voted in this poll, thank you! I created this poll as a way of commemorating some of the most memorable HK entertainment events of the 80s and 90s.

For the first topic, I decided to do a poll on the 5 Tigers (Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Kent Tong) primarily because as individuals, they were the most definitive artists of the 80s, starring in many of the most popular and classic series of that era – as a ‘group’, they have been able to maintain a special brotherly friendship that has been able to endure almost 3 decades – definitely not an easy feat to be sure.

Each Tiger is definitely talented in his own right and even though each of them have taken different paths in life, I am sure that each of them have long-time, dedicated fans who continue to support them whether they are still active in the industry or not. So what are the 5 Tigers doing now? Well, just as a brief summary:

Andy is still active in HK as a singer and actor in film and has won many awards in both disciplines; Tony is active as a film actor and not only is he a multiple award winner, he can also be considered an ‘international’ film star with his award wins in several international film festivals; Michael made his return from the business world back to the TV world a couple years ago and is still active as a TV actor, though he is also back into the eyeglasses business again as well; Felix is ‘semi-retired’ and lives a leisurely life doing the things he enjoys (including playing soccer, tending his garden, acting as ‘chauffeur’ for his wife and daughter, and performing in mainland China), though he does still film TV series and/or movies whenever he feels like it; and Kent is a successful businessman in China who still occasionally participates in mainland TV series.

So back to the poll – for me personally, it was VERY hard to vote for just 1 of the Tigers as a ‘favorite’ because as a HK entertainment fanatic growing up in the 80s, I of course was a huge fan of the 5 Tigers and saw pretty much every single series these 5 were in (and continued to follow news about them going into the next 2 decades). I guess you could say that I like all 5 Tigers to some extent, so for me to pick a favorite is definitely not an easy task. If I were asked this question in the 1980s, I would probably choose either Tony or Michael, just because they filmed the most series in that era and also starred in many of the most popular ones (and yes, I will admit that I did have a little bit of a ‘crush’ on both of them back then because I was so mesmerized by the characters they played in the majority of their series). But after thinking long and hard, I actually voted for Felix this time around – I guess part of it is because I finished watching “Gun Metal Grey” a few months ago and was thoroughly impressed by his performance (it’s been many years, but he definitely still has the acting skill in him!).  But really, the main reason I chose Felix is because I’ve gotten to know him a little better these past few years since he has become more active and I really admire his work ethic as well as his personality. And he actually has a great sense of humor that, even though I knew he had since the 80s, I never really learned to appreciate until the past year or so.

Ok, now that I’ve done my ‘intro’ and given the reason behind my vote, here are the official results of the poll:

Out of a total of 15 people who voted...
  • Michael = 1 vote
  • Felix = 5 votes
  • Andy = 6 votes
  • Tony = 3 votes
  • Kent = 0 votes
So the winner of the poll is……ANDY LAU (with FELIX WONG coming in a close second)! Congratulations!

Thank you to all those who voted – if you would like to share who you voted for and the reason behind it, feel free to leave a comment on this post.

Please stay tuned for the next 80s/90s poll, which will be posted within the next few days.


  1. And yet another "win" for Andy. Should call him the Awards King! Although he's not my favorite Tiger nor Heavenly King, I think he's extremely likeable so it's no surprise that he got the most votes.

    I feel like I'm repeating myself here but I voted for Felix and I'm sure you know the reasons why.

    Speaking of crushes... I STILL have one on Tony. LOL.

  2. @retrotvb: Yup, I wasn't surprised either that Andy came out the winner -- and to be honest, it was a hard choice anyway since I like all 5 of the Tigers, so I would have been ok with any of them winning (hehe).

    LOL..absolutely! Felix is THE MAN!!!

    Hahaha...who DOESN'T have a crush on Tony? And those eyes of his don't help the cause either! LOL!

  3. I swear I thought Tony would win because he came into it with more votes at first? I guess can't say for sure until the end? DARN! I voted for Tony though but it was a hard struggle for me between Tony and Felix - though I like Andy and Michael as well.

  4. @DTLCT: Hi there! You are actually correct - not only was Tony ahead at one point, Andy was actually trailing! Also, Felix was tied with Tony at one point -- I guess Andy's fans came on closer to the end.

  5. Like retrotvb pointed out, Andy has always been the one for awards, huh? I mean his repeat wins at various music awards shows alone really shouts "propaganda" at us. Still, I don't hate Andy - definitely one heck of an actor.

    And I think I already commented that I voted for Felix the cat :D Great work ethic and horribly handsome (even my mom admits this). As for Michael, he's just really cool - he's got more of a stage presence than anything, though I must say he's gotten better looking as he's aged.

    Damn you, Tony "Bedroom Eyes" Leung! I guess women like Carina and Margie couldn't even resist. Though I admit I like his eyebrows too (yes, I'm very 80's orientated. Eyebrows were big then).

    I feel sorry for Kent though, he got no votes. But that's no reflection on his acting skills, of course! I think it might have been due to the bad rep he received after the whole Barbara Yung thing...though I don't think he actually had anything to do with it, personally.

  6. @The Archival Queen: I like Andy as an actor too, but on the music front, not as much. But I'm not holding the award thing against him though -- he's known for working hard and even though he may not be the best, at least by virtue of effort, he gets an "A"!!

    Haha...agree with you regarding Felix and Michael! I actually think that the other Tigers aged pretty well too (except for Kent that is...hehe!)

    I never noticed Tony's eyebrows -- too obsessed with his eyes to notice...haha!

    I know...I feel sorry for Kent as well...I definitely support him too -- well, at least he's living a happy life now (so how many kids does he have now? 6? I think I've lost count already!)