Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jacky’s new Mandarin single: {{ 三分拍 }}

I am soo excited!!! Jacky’s new Mandarin single 三分拍 has just been released to various radio stations in HK! I actually just found out about this ‘hot off the press’ news while “stalking” on Weibo last night and so couldn’t wait to get the information out to everyone as soon as possible!

I just finished listening to the song not too long ago and even though I’m still trying to get used to the lyrics and the music, I definitely like the song so far. My opinion of the song is that it is a very ‘playful’ piece that may not sound like a traditional love ballad in terms of music or lyrics, but still tells a love story at heart. Jacky has definitely taken his music to the next level with this song, as it has the same sophisticated and classical, yet light-hearted, ‘feel-good’ nature as his new Cantonese album “Private Corner” did. This is another song that absolutely won’t go ‘mainstream’ and may not even become popular, but that’s okay because that really is not the intent of the song – by now, after 25 years in the HK music industry, Jacky’s purpose in making music is not to sell albums or earn a lot of money and it’s definitely not to gain popularity or create any particular image because frankly, he is already a very established singer with awesome skills (in other words, he does not need to ‘prove’ anything). Rather, the main intent is to make high quality music that Jacky also enjoys and give his fans a truly excellent listening experience.

Note: I’m actually not quite sure how to translate the name of the song into English…since the song is supposed to ‘mimic’ a waltz, I know that 三分拍 refers to the “triple meter” (or ¾ beat) melody that waltz music is usually in. So I guess the best literal translation of the song title is ‘Three Quarter Beat’ then? Well, that’s the translation I’ll be using for the purposes of my blog post. If something more ‘official’ comes out, then I’ll update based on that.

Here’s a brief description of the song that pretty much summarizes it, courtesy of Baidu:


Translation: 三分拍 is a song that flows to the rhythm of a Waltz, incorporating a light, quick, and elegant ‘triple meter’ melody typical of waltz music. When one listens to the song, they cannot help but feel like getting up and dancing. The artistic concept behind the lyrics is to utilize the idea of a couple dancing the waltz to describe the feelings and relationship between a man and a woman. The subtlety of love is similar to dancing as a pair – it’s absolutely necessary for the 2 people to be mutually compatible and coordinate closely with each other…whether the tempo is fast or slow, the steps in front or in back, it is necessary to accommodate the other in order for the dance to be completed in harmony and perfectly. It also emphasizes that in a two-person dance, if one partner is missing, it is impossible for the other to finish the dance alone.

Here are the lyrics to the song (Courtesy of Youtube and KKbox):




1 23 45 6向左向右向後迷失方向的我沒醒來



1 23 45 6向左向右向後迷戀你的方向不醒來


  1. Hello, Im from sister just told me that Jacky will have concerts in HK next April...Im not a Jacky Friends' it possible for me to buy his concert tickets?

  2. hi fangorn: sorry for the late response! Sure, you can buy his concert tickets without being a Jacky Friend club member -- only thing is, for the HK concerts, you must have a credit card from particular banks in order to purchase tickets. You could try searching the below website to see if tickets are available.

    I'm actually in the U.S., so I'll be attending the Las Vegas concert -- those tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster.

  3. Wufei07:
    How about Toronto? Any concert there? What is the way to buy the tickets?

  4. Also, is there any release date for his new Mandarin album?

  5. Hi Wufei07 -- haven't seen the Canada schedule come out yet (latest that has been released so far is HK in April)...however I will keep an eye on it and post the remaining schedule once I find out.

    As for his new Mandarin album, rumor has it that it will be released the same day his concert starts (tomorrow)....but this rumor has yet to be confirmed....

  6. llwy12, thanks for the reply and info. Unfortunately, Im not from that region therefore dont have those cards :(

  7. Is Jacky going to have a concert in Toronto or Atlantic City at all? It seems strange that he's not having a concert in those cities.

  8. @Anonymous: It remains to be seen, as so far, I have not seen the schedule come out for East Coast or Canada. I have heard a rumor that he won't be going to Atlantic City or Canada this year, so that's why he's did 3 shows in Vegas, however this "rumor" has not been confirmed, so I would not take it as fact. I'll continue to monitor and advise as soon as I hear anything.