Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My ‘TVB Rant’ #6: Another LAME-O decision by TVB!!!

"Gun Metal Grey" neglected at TVB Anniversary Gala, Michael Miu & Felix Wong bursts in anger at TVB - AsianFanatics Forum

Felix Wong anger continues: Don't rape the public; TVB tries to 'put out fire' - AsianFanatics Forum

Source: Asianfanatics.net


Once again, TVB makes a stupid move and successfully pisses off one of its former artists as well as legions of fans and audiences / netizens! When will TVB ever learn their lesson? (Never mind – that’s a rhetorical question….)

I can't believe there was barely any mention of GMG at the anniversary gala -- in fact, it was in the news that the cast of GMG was not even invited to the gala (the supporting cast who were there -- I.e. Nancy, Grace, Oscar) were there only because they were performing in other segments not related to the series.

After watching the show, it was obvious to me that CBML and NR dominated -- NR I can understand since it's an anniversary series, but CBML? Obviously they're playing favorites...

I can totally understand why Felix is mad and goes off on TVB – they are definitely acting stupid again by blatantly showing their favoritism through complete neglect of GMG….extremely DISRESPECTFUL to say the least!

To make things worse, TVB once again responds STUPIDLY to the situation. Talk about lame!!! TVB once again puts their stupid foot in their mouths!!! They now claim that they didn't include GMG in the anniversary gala because it's a cop series and needs to be taken seriously so they can't parody it? Must I remind them that NR is also a "serious" series (in fact, the scenes and theme are probably way more intense than GMG) and it's also about cops? Or did they "conveniently" forget that just so they could cover themselves for neglecting GMG? What kind of a BS lame excuse is that?

And for the stupid producer of the anniversary gala to ‘blame’ the GMG cast by saying that they didn’t show up to rehearsal and so that’s why they weren’t invited? Really? WHAT REHEARSAL? The GMG cast WASN’T EVEN SLATED TO PERFORM!!!! What, was TVB expecting Felix / Michael / Jessica to show up and practice standing around waiting for them to draw names for the raffle prizes? That’s SO STUPID!!!!

Oh, and then for Mr. Ho Lai Chuen to say that there was no favoritism and TVB would invite the GMG cast to the awards ceremony….come on, dude – that’s another lame response and proves that Ho Lai Chuen as well as TVB are “out of touch” with the true situation! Felix DOES NOT CARE about the awards – he is upset that both himself as well as the cast of GMG was disrespected at the anniversary gala….why even mention the awards ceremony????

I am totally with Felix on this one and kudos to him for speaking out! TVB went too far this time and they continue to add insult to injury by deflecting blame and running around in circles with their responses. Why don’t they just simply apologize and move on? Oh, I know why – because that would mean they are wrong and God forbid that they’re ever wrong….they are THE PREMIERE TV station in HK and the biggest and most powerful – they can never do anything wrong!!!!! UGH!!!!!

I could go on for longer since I’m so worked up about this issue, but I think I’m going to stop here before I say something that I’ll probably regret….so I’ll end it with a few last words for TVB: The days of the audiences being stupid and naïve are OVER!!!! So don’t you dare try to ‘play’ us by trying to pull the wool over our eyes…IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK ANYMORE!!!!!


  1. I have to say that I was flamed up several days ago. But thinking now, I think it's the same thing over and over again. People get mad, things die down, everyone moves on. It's never going to stop or change TVB. People still watch, people still purchase, and TVB's still rich (and getting richer). So what's the point anymore? I meant IF the fuss caused any permanent change, it would be good. BUT then? The whole cycle just goes around and around again. Let's just say I do support Felix. AND I've been neglecting TVB nowadays since I told you my slow rate of catching up on their stuffs SO it's not just now that I'm taking actions. It's just a matter of people willing to step further out or not. But some fans are still there. In fact, too many. SO is TVB going to change? NO... I've been disappointed in the past SO I decided to just withdraw on my own. What's the point of getting myself work up when things will not change? Hope that you will calm down too. They're not worth your anger.

  2. DTLCT: I must say that I totally agree with you -- nothing's going to change so there's no point getting all worked up anymore...the sad thing is that it's actually EXPECTED now that they will do something stupid so no use in 'hoping' that they will do the right thing.

    I think that for me, these rants give me an outlet to vent for a brief moment, then move on -- plus it's my "proof" in the event that some TVB-lover tries to pick a fight with me later on down the line (I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about)...

    Anyway, I'm actually less angry now than I was 2 days ago when the situation first happened -- not because my view has changed in terms of TVB being stupid and wrong, but because I'm at the point where I'm not going to let it affect me anymore...

  3. Good idea with keeping record. And yeah, of course it's NOT about agreeing with them, but worrying for our health with not letting it get to us. Also, good point with letting your anger out on these points, lol. It's a way to get rid of it, LOL.

  4. Lame. Totally Very Bad. Thumbsdown to TVB. I give my hat off to Felix for speaking out. Totally exemplary.

  5. Yup...and after Felix and Michael went on Cha Siu Yan's radio show to "clarify" the situation, I like and respect them even more! Hats off to Felix (and Michael)!

  6. Regarding the newer series, which I mentioned before, I do end up liking one or two a year. This "No Regrets" was definitely one of my favourites for a long, long time. I thought Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang were brilliant in it and really had chemistry. The script was great and I loved Chai Gow's saying "People don't have a lot of ten years" - I thought that was so true and apt. I could kick myself for not recording it now but hope that it would come back as a repeat in The Premium Channel. The only criticism was the actor who played the Japanese Soldier. I have seen him since the late 1980s when he was very young. He has aged very well and has a "baby face". I actually like him even though he always plays supporting roles. I thought that he wasn't suited for that role and much too kind hearted. My mother saw it and said that she wished that she had met a Japanese soldier half as nice as that during the war. It seemed so unreal. By the way, do you know this actor's name? I actually preferred him to play softer parts, sometimes as a detective, or someone's brother. All in all, that series was a 5 star for me. The best in 2010 and thank goodness they won some well deserved awards.