Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TVB Anniversary Awards: My Predictions for Top 5 TV King

Below are my predictions on who will get into Top 5 for TV King.

Note that this is who I THINK will get into top 5, not who I WANT to get into top 5. In other words, the below predictions are NOT based on my personal preferences, but rather who has the highest chances based on all the information that has been out there so far. Just wanted to make it clear so that people don't get confused.

Top 5 predictions for TV King (in no particular order): Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Wayne Lai, Steven Ma, Kevin Cheng


Moses: Well, he IS one of TVB's favorites so of course he will get in -- plus TVB went to great lengths to 'rig' the ratings for his series CBML, which tells me that they are trying to increase his chances. Also, Moses won both TV King as well as Favorite Male Character back in 2007 for his HOG role and has pretty much been in the running for both awards since then, though the focus hasn't been on him those 2 years because there were other 'hype' that overshadowed it (the Raymond vs Ha Yu thing in 2008 and the overwhelming success of Wayne Lai / Rosy Business in 2009).

Plus, based on TVB's actions so far, looks like Moses is 'back on top' again this year. In fact, in today’s Lighting Ceremony, Moses got the ‘prime spot’ during the group picture, standing right next to Dodo Cheng -- those familiar with TVB’s Lighting Ceremony knows that this means he is the hot favorite this year, as the closer one stands to Sir Run Run Shaw in the front row, the more ‘important’ he/she is to TVB. (Of course, Dodo and Liza Wang always occupy the space to the left and right of Mr. Shaw – it’s the people who surround them that are of the most interest).

What I think: Personally, Moses' performance in CBML was not that good – it was way too OTT (over the top) and is very similar to all the other comedic roles he's had -- nothing different, nothing special, no 'wow' factor. Oh, and his performance in the other series from earlier this year (ITEOTB)? It was a total joke! (ok, I admit some bias here because he was paired with Myolie in ITEOTB and I can't stand her). Regardless, the point is that I wouldn't be surprised if TVB gives the award to him purely based on the 'success' of CBML…if TVB gave him the award because he truly deserved it based on his acting, then that’s one thing, but if they give it to him because he is their favorite and his series was highly rated, then that’s totally wrong.

> Raymond: Of course Raymond will get into the Top 5 -- he's TVB's favorite 'biological son' and has been heavily promoted the past 2 years (2 concerts, 2 movies, 3 series, endless public events, etc.) He has pretty much been everywhere this year (I see an article about him in the news like every single week almost). Also, his series MOL -- which paired him with Tavia again -- was highly rated (the second highest rated series this year so far, beaten out only by CBML) -- so according to TVB's standards, I guess that automatically 'qualifies' him to be in contention for the award. In addition, it's important to note that 'rumor' has it back in 2008, TVB was planning to give the TV King award to Raymond, but because of the overwhelming audience support for Ha Yu (as well as TVB's notorious 'snub' of him in 2007), they had no choice but to give it to Ha Yu. TVB has been 'itching' to give the award to Raymond since then, but of course, since he didn't have any series nominated in 2009, they couldn't do it. This year, he's got 2 series in the running, though the other (GTL) was not well-received at all....

What I think: I feel that Raymond's performances in both his series weren't that great this year – maybe because he has way too much on his plate (tv series, movies, music -- he's pretty much been working non-stop), plus all his injuries this year....it's definitely affecting his performance. He needs to give it a rest and take care of his health first or else his career will be VERY short-lived -- but I guess that won't happen as long as he is under TVB's management. I know I'm putting my neck out there when I say this, but I don't think Raymond deserves to get the award this year for the reasons I outlined above. However, I don't think he needs to worry, since it's pretty much a given that TVB will reward him at the JSG awards end of this year....

Also, I had suggested a theory earlier on in another forum that TVB has decided to ‘switch gears’ now and instead of promoting Raymond for TV King, they are going with Moses instead (for obvious reasons – Raymond’s performance in MOL was so-so and his other series tanked, so it would be harder to justify giving him TV King). I’m actually beginning to believe this theory more after reading about today’s Lighting Ceremony and seeing the placements in the group picture – as stated above, Moses got the prime ‘Male Lead’ spot (along with Wayne)….Raymond was relegated to ‘second banana’ as he was standing next to Charmaine, who was next to Moses.

> Wayne: Last year's TV King will definitely be in the running this year, no matter what, even if he only has 1 series in contention this year. At this point, in terms of nominations, it really doesn't matter how his series "No Regrets" will do in the ratings because he's pretty much already guaranteed a spot on the top 5 list merely due to the fact that he has a series this year and he got the award last year -- it's like he's automatically entered into the contest. Wayne is known for his meticulous, brilliant acting in the entertainment circles and none of the contenders can 'beat' him so to speak in this arena, so of course there's really not a question of how 'good' his acting will be in "No Regrets" -- rather, the question is whether his performance in that series will 'beat out' the other contenders for the award -- or to put it more bluntly, whether TVB will give him the award over the 'favorites' that they are trying to push.

As for how TVB is treating him this year – well, they DID put him right next to Liza Wang during the group picture at the Lighting Ceremony, which is another ‘prime spot’ and shows that he is being pushed as the ‘other favorite’ (keep in mind that Moses is in the same position, but except on the other side right next to Liza Wang).

What I think: I will be quite happy if they give the award to Wayne, as I am confident that his performance in "No Regrets" will definitely be of high quality and he will probably be the one who most deserves it. Now, I'm sure people are going to say that it's unfair to give it to the same person or that his acting is at a different level than the other nominees so it's unfair to 'compare' because he has an obvious advantage with his experience and tenure, etc. etc. -- my response to this: yeah, whatever. People can make all the excuses they want, but the truth is that the acting of the other so-called nominees are just not up to par with Wayne's -- instead of whining about Wayne getting the award, they should see him as an example of how true acting SHOULD be done, learn from him, and bring their own acting up to his level so they can fairly compete.

Also, from TVB’s perspective, looks like the competition this year is really between Moses and Wayne (based on their positions for the group picture) – if that’s the case, I would rather they give it to Wayne.

> Steven: I guess technically Steven has 2 series in contention (AWT and GW), but honestly, AWT was aired so early in the year that no one is going to remember the series come awards time -- so I only considered GW for the purposes of this analysis. Steven's performance in GW was actually very good and had the same high quality that his previous roles had. Perhaps it may not be his 'representative work' and there was more 'hype' over Fala Chen's performance than his, but regardless, still a better job than most of the other nominees (except probably Wayne, though can’t really compare in terms of series since Wayne’s series just started airing today ). Plus GW did pretty well in terms of ratings and was well-received by audiences. Like Wayne back in his supporting actor days, Steven has always been one of those actors who is very underrated and often 'overlooked' by TVB -- which I don't understand since he definitely falls into the 'good-looking' category, which seems to be one of the 'pre-requisites' for those whom the management choose to promote. I can only conclude that TVB management doesn't really favor him because of his straightforward and direct personality, as I have seen several instances in which he 'spoke out' on issues that painted TVB in an unfavorable light (which they hate). Therefore, even though he will most likely get into the top 5, I consider him a 'dark horse' when it comes to winning the award.

Also, I noticed that in the Lighting Ceremony group picture, his placement was right next to Susanna Kwan (the second male on the left – so it’s Liza, then Wayne, then Sheren, then Louise Lee, then Susanna, then Steven)

What I think: I've always enjoyed Steven's performances, even if I hated the series itself (i.e.: Perish in the Name of Love -- I hated that series and almost every character in it except for his). There is a certain 'natural' quality to Steven's acting that makes his performances easily endearing to audiences. I would actually really like to see him win the award partly because he did a good job in GW, but also because he has always been consistently good in his other series, but rarely ever gets recognized by TVB. I think it's about time that he got rewarded for his many years of hard work. One thing I will say for sure -- if Steven does win it, I think I will probably cry tears of joy -- not because I'm a fan, but because someone who worked so hard and is more deserving of the award than some of the other nominees will finally get recognized for his efforts. (Sidenote: The ONLY other time that I cried when an artist won the TV King/Queen award was back in 2003 when Roger Kwok won it for the first time -- that was definitely a very emotional moment).

> Kevin: People may be wondering why I threw him into the top 5 prediction when he only has one series in the running this year, FOS, in which he was overshadowed by Kenneth Ma's excellent performance. I agree that with a lackluster performance and not much 'hype' this year, of course there is no justification for Kevin to make it in the top 5. However, let's not forget that he is Virginia Lok's favorite and it's pretty much guaranteed that she will try to get him into the Top 5 somehow, even if he has ZERO chance at winning the award this year -- it's pretty much so that TVB can 1) save face, since they have always touted Kevin as an 'awesome actor' (gag!) and 2) continued justification for why they gave him the TV King award back in 2006.

What I think: Ok, everyone knows how I feel about Kevin's acting ('he can't act' is an understatement). And he absolutely does NOT deserve any nomination this year -- but seeing how TVB likes to heavily (and shamelessly) promote their favorites, they definitely wouldn't leave Kevin out. Oh, and by the way, for those who say I'm biased against TVB -- I am just going to say that I would love nothing more than for me to be wrong this time around and someone else gets the spot other than Kevin.

So who do I WANT to get into Top 5? There’s actually no point in talking about it because I know it will NEVER happen.


  1. "As for how TVB is treating him this year – well, they DID put him right next to Liza Wang during the group picture at the Lighting Ceremony, which is another ‘prime spot’ and shows that he is being pushed as the ‘other favorite’ (keep in mind that Moses is in the same position, but except on the other side right next to Liza Wang)." - I was getting confused here, one is Dodo and one is Liza, right? So had to point, LOL. OR maybe I missed it somehow. Sorry but just want to get it clear up.

    What's AWT? LOL! I told you I haven't watched TVB series for a while now so I was scratching my head. Yes, even if it is Steven.

    Words were going around that they were trying to get the Charray momentum going this year BUT I guess that failed.

    I guess you're saving the TV Queen for next time?

    Once again, thanks for your patient with me and catch you later!

  2. You know what? Never mind. I figured what AWT is already. Darn, I even watched it. AND I don't remember. Maybe because I didn't want to remember.

  3. haha...glad you figured out what AWT is, since you know how long it takes me to get to commenting and stuff...lol!

    I'm actually planning to do my next post on the Lighting Ceremony along with the group picture (yea, finally a visual...lol) so the positions will be more clear in that post.

    I'm not sure about the Charray momentum thing, but definitely the promotion of Raymond was intended (though as mentioned above, they've probably shifted gears to Moses now).

    I'm actually not sure if I'm going to do TV Queen because for some reason, not as 'passionate' about that category as I am with TV King -- at least not this year (not sure why though)...if it were last year, then probably I would have written about it...

  4. No probs. Was just wondering. I actually saw the picture already but the wording was a bit confusing so I thought if there was a mistake BUT I guess it was just me, lol.

    See you in the next post then - whichever one you plan to do.

  5. My take is that initially TVB wanted to push Raymond for TV King as his time is due, but his performance is disappointing in MOL and the mainland collaboration series is full with weak script and female leads. Then with the thriving ratings for CBML TVB just has to push Moses up as a backup plan. TVB also has to please audience so Wayne need to be propped up too and so is Felix. The last placement is a wildcard depending on 1)who's due for it[a more experienced artiste with a good role and acting] or 2)who's more marketable and might bring profits to TVB for next year[youngster with fans and a somewhat decent role and acting] or 3)who is loved most by top executive[artiste who had won TV King by pure luck and without role or acting consideration].

    Currently TVB is actively pushing Moses, Wayne and Raymond on every news regarding the awards. I think Moses and Wayne have better opportunity since TVB has shifted Raymond's promotion to movies with the movies of Raymond+Charlene Choi and Raymond+Miriam.

  6. zzXyz: Completely agree with you! I personally hope that the last placement will be Felix, only because he would be most deserving of the spot, though he doesn't stand a chance at winning. Plus it would give GMG more recognition, as it IS an anniversary series after all....(and also because I don't think it has much of a chance in the other categories either -- I have a feeling most of the categories will be dominated by NR and CBML).

    I'm curious to see if TVB changes its strategy once NR finishes airing (as it has been getting very good feedback so far) and after GMG finally starts airing in a week or so.

  7. lol I actually included Felix in my prediction:

    1. Moses (of course confirmed)
    2. Wayne (confirmed)
    3. Raymond Lam (confirmed)
    4. Felix (out of respect and a comeback gift)
    5. Wildcard
    a) Steven Ma(He's good. It's about time since the others in his generation mostly got it and he's consistent and stable, but he has no breakthrough yet although he's good in GW. I'm talking about Chai 9 or Laughing Gor type of breakthrough where TVB has to conform to netizens power)
    b) Bosco(Bosco isn't consistent yet in his acting and not yet Best Actor status, but he is loved by advertisers and overseas casinos and although not as much as Raymond, he can also contribute a lot of $$$$$ to TVB. He's actually quite decent in GTL and EMYM. He's not going to win anyway, not before prince Fung.)
    c) Kevin (Errrr just because?? Kevin's always at the top rank and highly favourited. It doesn't matter if this year he got overshadowed by his supporting actor. He has the most classic unbelievable win in TVB haha)

  8. I like how the news said Ngo Ka Nin will win Supporting actor. He deserves it :)

  9. zzXyz: Haha...I actually included Felix in my "who I want to be in top 5" prediction too! Though he is not going to win, this is the way I see it: if his buddy Michael was able to get into top 5 the year he made his comeback, then Felix should be able to do so as well!

    Regarding your wildcard choices -- well, since I included Steven in prediction already, I would have to say that if I had to pick between Bosco and Kevin this year, I would have to pick Bosco (keep in mind that I'm not a fan of either one and am not too keen on either one's acting). I agree that Bosco is not Best Actor material yet (look at the uproar that occurred when he made it into top 5 last year), but he is definitely more marketable -- also, I've actually enjoyed a few of his roles whereas I haven't liked a single role of Kevin's.

    Agreed regarding Pierre Ngo -- he definitely deserves it...though I must admit that for me, it's a tossup between him and Evergreen Mak (another supporting actor I like alot).